[Sponsored] BESTEK’s Smart Plug is a new, affordable way to automate your home

Automating your house and buying smart electronics can be a headache at times, and honestly, it can get pretty expensive. BESTEK wants to make that experience a little bit better, though.

Their newly announced Smart Plug is a WiFi-enabled smart outlet that’s simple to use, and best of all, isn’t ridiculously expensive.

The Smart Plug can be connected directly to a wall outlet and then controlled remotely via Google Assistant or Alexa, and it can even be automated with BESTEK’s own app or IFTTT. It’s a great option for something like a lamp that doesn’t have a smart light bulb, or some holiday lighting that you don’t want on all the time. Plus, it’s equipped with two USB ports so you don’t have to sacrifice your phone charger to use it.

There are no hidden subscription fees, either. Connect everything, set it up on your phone, and you’re in business, all for the low price of $15.99. Check it out below!

Buy it now: BESTEKAmazon