Samsung offering two new accessory bundles with a smartphone purchase and Samsung Pay activation


If you’re thinking about buying a new Samsung phone over the holidays, Samsung is offering two new pricey bundles to tempt you. Both bundles are valued at about $349, and all you’ll have to do is buy a 2015 Samsung flagship and activate Samsung Pay.

Both bundles include a wireless charging pad and a fast charging battery pack, but one bundle includes a Swarovski crystal case for your phone and the other includes a Samsung Level On pair of headphones. That’s a pretty solid set of accessories to go with a new phone.

If you’re curious about the eligible phones, you can buy a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge or its Plus variant, or a Galaxy Note 5. Once you buy the phone, you’ll have to activate a valid card on Samsung Pay, which will also net a $50 cash back rebate, too. Then you’ll just have to register with Samsung and they’ll get your accessory bundle set up.

Also, for anyone coming from an iPhone, you can trade in an old Apple smartphone for $100 in Play Store credit. Samsung’s really not pulling any punches to sell some phones over the holidays.

source: Samsung Promotions

  • Doug Demagistris

    When’s this valid through?

    • Zp15

      November 22nd

  • Zp15

    You didn’t mention that you have to purchase the device in full, which is probably a deal breaker for some.

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