1.5GHz Snapdragons shipping from Qualcomm in Q4


It seems that Qualcomm is finally ready to ship its fastest dual-core Snapdragon processor to date in Q4 of this year. The QSD8672 chip runs at 1.5GHz per core, and will be used in smartphones, tablets, and low-end notebooks.  Mark Frankel, vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, said that while devices featuring the new chip will likely not hit the market until early next year, aggressive manufacturers could aim for a Christmas release.

The new chip is a follow up to the 1.2GHz MSM8660, but boasts some changes.  The new 8672 features individual voltage scaling, meaning each CPU can be clocked independently from the other, as well as support for 1080p video playback.  Many high-end devices currently utilize Snapdragon cores, including the Evo, HD2 and Nexus One.

[via ComputerWorld]

  • marax

    Hum, HD2 is an Android device ??
    Strange I didn’t have the same information … ;-)

  • Tyler Cunningham

    Haha oops, meant to just say “devices”, thanks for noticing :)