7 features I want to see in Samsung’s Galaxy S7

galaxy s7 render

I’ve been a pretty big Samsung guy for a while now. First I had the Galaxy S III which I absolutely loved. To me that was the first phone that really took it to Apple’s iPhone. I then handed that phone to my dad when I fell in love with the gorgeous big screened Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy S5, despite underwhelming critical reviews, had me intrigued with its addition of waterproofing. I did not buy one for myself, but I did end up purchasing one as a birthday present for my girlfriend at the time. Now I carry around a Galaxy Note 4 as my daily driver.

I’ve had the Galaxy Note 4 since this past July. My Galaxy Note 3 took an unfortunate spill into my kitchen sink, and I was left using an ancient HTC EVO 4G. I wasn’t sure which direction to go with for my new phone, but I absolutely loved the productivity-driven Galaxy Note series, and I knew the Galaxy Note 5 was right around the corner. I explored the recent Galaxy S6 to see how the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 would be, and many of the directions Samsung decided to go with scared me away. I just loved Samsung staples like a removable battery and microSD card slot too much to give it up. So I finally decided to compromise and stick with the Note series by purchasing last year’s model for cheap.

Samsung definitely upset me and a lot of longtime Samsung device owners with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. There is no question that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 are Samsung’s most beautiful phones to date, but I just wish they were able to design a beautiful product while giving us the features we have come to expect. So in anticipation of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge being revealed February 21 at MWC 2016, here are seven features I would like to see in Samsung’s next flagship!

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[Deal] AT&T hosting BOGO promotion with Samsung’s high-end phones


Samsung’s next two flagships are on the way, and that means carriers and retailers want to burn through existing inventory of last year’s devices. First up to start dumping Samsung phones is AT&T with a new promotion that includes the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Active, and even the Galaxy Note 5.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 may signal launch of Samsung Pay in UK, Spain


Samsung Pay has only rolled out to a couple countries so far, the U.S. and Korea. Samsung clearly wants to see that list expand, but making that happen has proven to be a long, slow process. A couple new markets appear to be ready with a launch just over the horizon as signs point to Samsung Pay coming to the U.K. and Spain markets in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Read more