Motorola Moto X Style versus Samsung Galaxy S6


The Motorola Moto X Style is truly an innovative flagship device for the company, and will possibly be one of the more respected handsets among the flagships that have and will release this year. Many were concerned what the Lenovo acquisition would mean for Motorola’s devices, but it seems to have been a smooth transition with Lenovo not wanting to interfere with Motorola’s big push for the pure Android experience.

The Moto X Style offers the pure Android experience with few modifications, and the device stacks up very well against the OnePlus Two, but just how well does it compete with what is arguable one of the biggest flagships of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy S6?

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Gear A with Samsung Pay capabilities to come alongside Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus may not be the only new devices debuting on August 13. According to a new report, Samsung is preparing to launch ‘Orbis’, the device that will be marketed as the Gear A smartwatch. The report states the new smartwatch will make a great addition to the official launch of Samsung Pay, which is also likely to make its debut at the upcoming event.

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Galaxy-Sync is a program for keeping your Microsoft Outlook data synced across mobile devices

samsung galaxy syncA new app called Galaxy-Sync that handles syncing Outlook data onto your mobile devices has been announced as one of the most secure ways to keep your Outlook info synced up. It’s unique in that it works by syncing everything locally as a security measure, so your data is never transmitted wirelessly or into any cloud servers where it’s more vulnerable to being breached or attacked. It’s pretty odd to see lack of wireless as a feature in 2015, but in this situation, it makes sense. Read more

How to perform a software update via Samsung Kies


If you’re a Samsung smartphone or tablet owner, I’m pretty sure you’ve been notified at some point or another that there’s a software update available for your device through ‘Kies’. Many users discard the notification and wait for the over-the-air (OTA) update to roll out simply because they’re unsure what to do. But the funny thing is that performing a software update through Samsung Kies is extremely simple.

We are going to show you how to install a software update via Samsung Kies.

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Invites sent out for August 13 event hosted by Samsung


Next month, Samsung will take to New York City for an event that introduces the world to its “latest mobile innovations.” Earlier today, we received the invite for an event being held on August 13 where Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 5 and perhaps the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The image for the invite (seen above) does not give any clear idea of what is to come from Samsung, but the curves could indicate a shift in design language.

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Samsung refining marketing strategy for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5


According to new reports coming out of Korea, Samsung is refining their marketing strategy relative to the release of a couple new smartphones taking place in August. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are both large screen smartphones slated for release in mid-August. Samsung is in the process of finalizing how they plan to market two flagship-class smartphones simultaneously and determining what resources will be applied. Read more