MediaTek hoping to shake up wearables market with new MT2511 chip


As much as major manufacturers push the boundaries of chip design for smartphones, we are starting to see the same type of movement in the field of chips for wearable devices. At MWC 2016 this week, MediaTek has announced their latest entry that they hope wearable manufacturers will adopt in their devices. The MT2511 is described as the company’s “first bio-sensing analog front-end (AFE) chip designed for health and fitness devices.” To help set it apart, MediaTek says they included the ability to collect bio signal information via electric signals in the body via electrocardiography (ECG) to join the more traditional photoplethysmography (PPG) method. PPG uses the green LED lights to detect blood flow just under the skin that you are probably familiar with from many devices currently on the market. Read more

MediaTek’s new Helio P20 processor announced at MWC 2016


In Barcelona, MediaTek announced the latest addition to their family of Helio processors, the new Helio P20. The Helio P20 is the successor to the Helio P10 and offers 25 percent better power efficiency, can run at up to 2.3GHz speed on ARM Cortex A53 cores manufactured using a 16nm production process, and uses a Mali T800 high-end GPU to power graphics and video demands. Read more

ZOPO Speed 8 to launch at MWC 2016


If you think the maturing Chinese smartphone market and emerging markets like India have the side effect of lots of manufacturers surfacing that you may not be familiar with, you are probably right. Although in the case of ZOPO, they have been around for a while, but as a small player in the market. They appear to be hopeful that may change this year as they have a new flagship device set to launch in a very big way at MWC 2016. Read more

New Mediatek Helio X20 scores pop up on GeekBench


Although many flagship devices planned for 2016 appear to be on track to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor to provide the computing power, we have seen rumors that other manufacturers are trying to figure out how to get into the high-end chip game. One of those is Mediatek which has primarily played in the budget and mid-range markets. However, with their line of Helio chips the company is trying to compete at the higher end. The forthcoming Helio X20 should be able to at least get Mediatek a place on the field, especially in light of some new scores that have surfaced on GeekBench. Read more

In-house chips may be on the way to LG, Sony devices


LG has been steadily improving its position in the mobile device market thanks to a string of successful smartphone launches over the past couple years. Meanwhile, Sony, while producing devices that tend to be well received, struggles to translate that into sales success. Although they seem to be on divergent paths, the two companies have something in common – they are both mentioned in rumors of a move by smartphone manufacturers to transition to in-house production of processors used in their devices. Read more