Google partners with WePay to extend Wallet support to 200,000 online stores


Around 200,000 online stores will now be able to support Google Wallet as a payment method. Google has partnered with payment processor WePay, putting the former’s Instant Buy feature in the online stores. Instant Buy allows Google Wallet users to make purchases with just two clicks whether they are on the web or a mobile device. It removes the process of inputting payment information repeatedly. Everything is secure in a Google Wallet account and can be used from site to site.

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Google Wallet surprising some users with $5 credit treats


Several Google Wallet users have started to report that they are finding $5 “treats” in the app when they open it. The surprises consist of gift cards to various vendors for “being a loyal Wallet user.” It is not clear how Google is selecting the users to receive the gifts as some indicate they have not been using Wallet and others are heavy users, even participating in a current promo to get a gift when you buy a gift.
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Google offering $5 Google Wallet promo with purchase of select gift cards

Google_Wallet_LogoThroughout the holiday season, Google is offering $5 in promotional credit if you make a gift card purchase with Google Wallet. If you purchase any gift cards online through Regal Cinemas, Sephora, Staples, Toys “R” Us, or Whole Foods, you’ll get a free $5 gift card back. It’s not much, but hey, free money is never a bad thing.

These gift cards have to be purchased online, and it has to be done with a Wallet account by January 31st, but if you meet those conditions that $5 credit is yours to spend however you choose.

source: Google

“Buy with Google” deals offer savings for Google Wallet users


Since Apple finally decided to get into the mobile payments space, competition has been heating up to get consumers to switch away from traditional debit and credit cards. In an effort to entice buyers to set up and make more use of their Google Wallet accounts, Google has launched a special “Buy with Google” promotion just in time for the holiday shopping season. Special deals are being offered to users who make a purchase using a vendor’s Android app and selecting “Buy with Google” to access their Google Wallet account when they checkout.
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Google will give you and your friend $5 when you introduce them to Wallet


Google has just launched a new promotion for all Wallet users in the US. The search engine giant is offering to give both you and a friend $5 each in your Wallet Balance when you introduce your pal to the service. All you have to do is send a sum of money, which could be as little as “a penny,” to a buddy who doesn’t have a Google Wallet Balance yet, then when they claim the funds, you’ll each receive $5 free credit within 3 working days.

Hit the break for the full list of terms and conditions.

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Google Play Services version 6.5 updates Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit [Updated with APK Download]


An update is rolling out now to Google Play Services, bringing new features to a slew of the company’s products. Maps, Drive, Wallet, and Fit are all involved in the version 6.5 update. On top of all of this, developers are being handed more control over the APIs utilized by an app.

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Support for online purchases with Google Wallet shutting down on March 2, 2015


If you use Google Wallet to buy and sell items online, start searching for another option. Google will be shutting down the Google Wallet for Digital Goods API on March 2, 2015. So everything will work just fine right up until that date. Support will be pulled immediately and Google is not going to offer another solution. Merchants using the Digital Goods API should remove the code from their site and pickup a new service to handle online transactions.

Source: Google Support

[APK Download] Material Design heads to Google Wallet in overhaul


There is another application from Google getting overhauled. The Material Design overhaul has been brought to Google Wallet. The functionality of the app is pretty much the same, but, as expected, it has a completely different look. And there is no question that Google Wallet looks great with Material Design. The one feature change is the addition to control your Google Wallet card. There are ways to lock or cancel it from within the app. The changes are so dramatic that Google is moving jumping ahead to version 7 with this update when the last update was version 2.

Via: Android Police [APK Download Link]