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Radiant Particles: One of the Coolest Live Wallpapers I Have Ever Used [Video]

Live wallpapers are a dime a dozen these days and many of them simply just fall flat. I am usually not even a big fan of them, especially not the “particle” ones that all do pretty much the exact same thing. That was until I tried Radiant Particles, the particle live wallpaper that actually kicks ass.

The $1.59 paid version of this live wallpaper allows you to customize up to 50,000 tiny particles, altering their shape, color, movement and touch-response actions. Tap or swipe your screen and watch the particles swirl behind your touch and then slowly dissipate on their own. There is even an auto motion feature that makes the particles move by themselves without requiring your touch interaction. If you are ready to turn the live wallpaper off to save on battery, just double tap the screen and freeze all particle movement.

The free version is definitely a good place to start to see if this is an app that you will like. You won’t get all the cool options but you do get a choice of either blue or orange particles with a black background and either version works on both tablets and smartphones. I am pretty confident that once you check out the free version you will want to unlock all the possibilities of the paid version so you can tweak it to your liking. Jump past the break for a short demo video and download links, you wont want to miss out on this one!

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Google Play Store (Free)


Google Play Store (Paid)

  • Bob

    Looks baller. What launcher is this?

  • 6o_o9

    Agreed looks great, what theme are you using? that half circle launcher thing was cool as well what is it?

  • Maltyhotline

    I like it!
    I also like your stunning launcher! Any chance of a review on it?

  • Stacy Bruce

    Guys, the launcher is actually Nova Prime but what I think you like is the gesture controlled navigation buttons. I have actually removed the bottom nav bar all together with a function built in AOKP ROMs (there is also a mod that will do this) and LMT is the app that adds the gesture controlled nav buttons. Maybe I will do a story about this… Is that what you guys want?

  • Bob

    yes please.