Featured Android App Review: KIDO’Z Play Mode-Safe For Kids [Education & Security]

As parents, we know our kids want to use our devices, but how can we let them use them safely? A new app called KIDO’Z Play Mode is the perfect solution. It allows you to give your tablet or phone to your child knowing that they will only have access to the apps that you approve of. Only you will have control if and when this special interface is removed.

When using the app for the first time, you will need to set up an account. During this process, you will also be able to set configurations for each child in the house. You can even include their pictures for an avatar. With the account you will also set up a password that will be used to get into the settings or to exit the app. For the settings, you can control what apps are visible to your child and even set time limits. Time limits are essential because we all know that if we let them play all day they will.  Your account is also accessible via your desktop browser, which will give you more control. You can do things like select what web pages they can visit and add videos as well. KIDO’Z gives you complete control of every aspect, which will give you piece of mind when you hand your child your tablet or phone.

As I mentioned, you have full control of what apps are visible, but KIDO’Z also threw in some extras. They included a More Apps section, which is their own app store for kid safe apps that you can download. There is also the KIDO’Z Browser which is preset with 1,000 or so pages that are kid safe and will engage your child. Then there is KIDO’Z TV and KIDO’Z Games. KIDO’Z TV is a series of videos by category like Sesame Street, animals, movies (just quick scenes), learning, and so on. KIDO’Z Games are online flash based games, and unfortunately most of the newer devices won’t have flash to access any of these. You can also chose to have any of these applications show up on the main screen or not.

The interface your child will see is as simple as can be. It’s iOS like, in that there are no folders or widgets, just a simple display of icons for them to choose. When they are finished with a particular app, the KIDO’Z interface will return. There is no way your child can go back to the main screens of the device unless they know the password. The interface actually resembles the Nabi tablet interface, which is clean and simple to use.

KIDO’Z is absolutely free and for those of you looking for something simple to keep you kids locked into their own apps and/or if you want to limit their time, it’s the perfect app. Easy to setup and easy to use. That’s two combinations I love. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Multi kids accounts
  • offline mode
  • Ads blocker
  • Apps blocker
  • Available in 17 languages



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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • EK Sumon

    KIDO’Z is a nice and necessary apps according to your description. Now-a-days it is very common that children are using the phone or other devices of their parents. They are accessing files, using apps, playing games, watching videos and so on. So often parents become tensed about their children’s activity on that device. They are tensed because their child can do whatever they want in that devices. They can play games all the day, watch adult videos using internet even they can access secrete files of their parents. So normally they remains tensed during the period.

    In this circumstance, if parents can control their children’s access on their personal devices, then their tension will be minimized. KIDO’Z is an apps offering this facility. It is really useful apps.

    But one thing I want to know that is this apps is available for both android and IOS ?

    And if possible then please provide the download link of this nice application.

  • Eldad B
  • Lisa Morris Stockman

    Kidoz wont let us do anything even after purchasing pro version. cant open video or games. does nothing