‘Tiny Death Star’ 8-bit Star Wars game released to Google Play

Star Wars Game

If you’re into Nimblebit’s “Tiny Towers” game, then you’ll certainly love it with a taste of everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise.

The “Tiny Death Star” game, made by the folks over at Nimblebit in the same vein as their hit, “Tiny Towers,” challenges players to build a Death Star (which surprisingly has convenience stores and restaurants built in) in order to raise enough revenue to complete the Death Star and take over the galaxy. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s a comical spin-off of the Star Wars series, and promises to be highly addictive. NPCs will come in and out of the Death Star even while you’re not playing (real time component built in) and purchase merchandise from your virtual shops, and buy apartments, etc.

The game also builds in random mini-games in which you’ll have to search for spies or tend to bounty hunters, adding to the Star Wars theme of the game. Hit the break for a video, screens, and a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Google Glass ‘XE11’ update release notes posted by Google

google glass

If you want to know all the details regarding Glass’ XE11 update, Google has just posted everything on their support site.

Here are some of the highlights:

Personalized search results have been updated, so that you can program “Home” and “Work” to the exact addresses. Directions will now be much more convenient. You can also search your Google Calendar, and see everything that’s coming up on your schedule.

There’s also an updated “swipe to setup” screen. If your device is new, you’ll see this right away but otherwise you’ll have to do a factory reset if you’re really that interested.

When you’re connected to Glass, you’ll also see a shortcut to Screencast in your notifications drawer on your phone.

Long press is also gone. To search, now you can just tap the touchpad three times while the display is off, or say “Ok Glass/Google” from the home screen.

Source: Google Support


Google releases the official Hangouts v2 with SMS/MMS support to Google Play


Following up on their release of the new KitKat keyboard to Google Play earlier today, Google has also made the new Hangouts v2 available. The big news with this update is the incorporation of SMS/MMS messaging into the Hangouts platform. Some other improvements include support for a full set of built-in emojis, the ability to view animated GIFs, location sharing, and the ability to set a “mood” indicator ala Google+ for others to see. Read more

Verizon readying MotoMaker launch for November 11th, releases details on other upcoming devices

Motomaker MotoX

Verizon appears to be ready to launch MotoMaker on November 11th, joining Sprint on the same day as another source for customized Moto X devices. Although several sources indicate the 11th will be the day for Verizon to join the customization service, there is no word on what pricing may be. Verizon did drop the price of the Moto X on contract to $99 recently. If they follow AT&T’s model, which has had exclusive rights to MotoMaker customizations since the Moto X launch, there will be no difference in pricing between a custom device compared to a pre-fab unit.

If the Moto X is not the device you were looking for from Verizon during the upcoming holiday season, it appears Verizon will be releasing some other choices in the near future. A white version of the LG G2 appears to be set for a November 14th launch. The HTC One Max is expected on November 21st and white versions of the DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI are expected sometime around November 22nd. This should give buyers plenty of new choices as they get ready to hit the holiday shopping season.

source: Droid Life

ASUS demos new TransKeyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard with built-in tablet stand

asus transkeyboard

ASUS makes some of the best keyboard docking stations around, which is pretty clear looking at the success of their Transformer tablets. Their next move is to introduce a Bluetooth keyboard that’s mostly universal for all Android tablets, and they’re calling it the TransKeyboard.

Not only does this keyboard have a fancy name, but it comes with an incredibly unique folding cover. The cover bends and contorts to create a stand for any device, and it’s pretty firmly held in place thanks to some magnets in the folds. It supposedly fits any device up to 10 inches, which should include just about every Android phone and tablet on the market right now. It’s tough to explain, but the video ASUS uploaded to their YouTube channel late last night gives a great demonstration of the device. It’s also completely wireless and comes with a rechargeable battery that fortunately uses a standard MicroUSB plug.

Aside from the minute-long promo video, there’s no word on a release date or pricing. Hopefully ASUS will fill us in soon. In the meantime, check out the video below to see it in action.

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Samsung launches “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app to promote device

Gs3 Experience

Samsung has been nothing short of brilliant in the marketing department. Their efforts have clearly paid off as they’re leading the smartphone industry in multiple categories right now.

Today, the company launched a “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app, which will highlight their newest flagship, showing off its key features and letting users interact with them to test it out for themselves.

If you want to learn more about the Galaxy Note 3, definitely get this app as it’s the next best thing to actually testing the actual phone out in your hand.

This latest investment may be a bit cheesy, but going off their track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if this boosts sales for them.

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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Google Keyboard 2.0 with Kit Kat features rolling out in Play Store


The Google keyboard (version 2.0) that was announced with Kit Kat that has Emoji, among other new features, is currently rolling out in the Play Store. The update will bring the ability to trace out sentences by brushing over the spacebar, Emoji capabilities, and a new gray theme.

You can see if it’s available for you yet by heading the download link past the break. If not, be patient, as the update is still slowly rolling out, in true Google fashion.

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Best Buy exclusive Blue Arctic Samsung Galaxy S 4 coming November 14

blue_galaxy_s_4If you’re thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the near future, you have another color option to consider. Samsung’s flagship phone will now come in Blue Arctic, available exclusively from Best Buy. The glossy blue version, which you can see above, will be available beginning next Thursday, November 14, but pre-orders will be available beginning tomorrow for Elite and Elite Plus members, and November 10 for everyone else.

Check out the press release after the break for more information.

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AT&T will preload Lookout security software on their devices from now on

LookoutBloatware that comes preloaded on Android devices is usually quite annoying, and include apps that most people will never open. Regardless, Lookout says that from now on, they will be preloading their security software on all AT&T devices. Lookout has a 4.5 star rating on the Play Store, and has for a long time been a top notch security solution, so it’s definitely a welcome addition to bloatware, if that exists.

Google continues to say that anti-virus and malware prevention is unnecessary, but many other companies insist otherwise, as evidenced by this announcement.

Source: The Verge