Google outbid itself for Motorola Mobility

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According to a regulatory filing, Google raised its offer for Motorola Mobility by 33 percent over two weeks of negotiations. On August 1st, Google offered $30 per share. Four days later, Frank Quattrone’s Quality Partners, who advised Motorola on the deal, suggested they reject the bid and counter with $43.50 per share.

On August 9th, Google came back with an offer of $37 per share, but Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, said he could only recommend that the company accept an offer of $40.50 a share or higher. On the same day Google came in at $40 per share, and proposed to start due diligence and announce the merger by August 14th.

Ultimately the deal was announced on August 15th, and it is still pending regulatory approval.

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GIT Media announces two new tablets – the PRO and the SURGE

by David Laborde on
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Brothers from a different mother.  That’s how GIT Media is describing their two new tablets – the PRO and the SURGE – with the reference being that the tablets are identical in every way except for the one thing that really matters, the processor.

The SURGE arrives with the latest Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor while the PRO boasts the new Samsung Dual Core Exynos 4210 processor (with Native triple play).  With both processors considered to be the best in the industry, GIT Media is focusing on what many customers really look for when choosing a brand – power, speed, and top end performance. 

Other features include a staggering 250GB Seagate internal HD (same size as the Archos G9), 1280X768 capacitive HD wide screen, 1GB RAM, Honeycomb 3.0, Wi-Fi (3G optional), USB support, HDMI output, GPS, and Bluetooth.

A  250GB HDD paired with either the Tegra or the Exynos will make for one serious tablet and I think GIT Media nailed it in understanding that performance – not flashy looks or slick commercials –  is what customers really look for when choosing a product or brand.

GIT will begin pre-selling these units immediately via their website and all pre-sale units will come with a complimentary gift choice of a leather case and wireless Bluetooth keyboard or an extended warranty (total 3 years), both valued at $100.  This is a limited time offer that ends 10-15-2011.

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Verizon Wireless rolls out $50 unlimited prepaid plan

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Back in April, Verizon Wireless started testing a $50 unlimited plan for prepaid phones in select markets. It obviously went well because they are going to make it nationally available this week.

The $50 per month fee will include unlimited talk, text, and Web use. It will be available in Verizon stores, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target.

As phone prices come down, the prepaid segment is only going to grow. Right now Verizon only has 4.4 million prepaid customers, and in contrast, Sprint has 13.8 million customers.

“This is a very competitive market, and we want to make sure we have a price portfolio to fit a greater number of customers,” Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney said. “In these times, there are some people who would prefer living on a prepaid plan.”

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Gingerbread infused JukeB QWERTY heading to Virgin Mobile

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It appears Virgin mobile is going to get a little taste of Gingerbread in the form of a TCT Mobile QWERTY keyboard phone. A photo has been spotted showing the TCT JukeB Android phone. Not only having a fully exposed QWERTY keyboard, the name JukeB could possibly mean some form of music integration, whether it be upgraded headphones or beefed up internal speakers. It has also been said that “Juke” could in fact be referring to some kind of Virgin Mobile streaming service. At this point, reasoning for the name is merely speculation.

What we can be sure of is the JukeB will have a QVGA display, run on Android 2.3.4 and be 12.43 mm thick. We also know that it is heading to Virgin Mobile North America, but can’t be sure whether it will land in the US or Canada first.

As always, keep checking back for the latest news as it unfolds.

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Apple Says Motorola Acquisition Changes the Current Patent Suit

by Mitch Wright on
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Google’s tactical acquisition of Motorola was a disruptive move in the ongoing patent wars and it appears Apple got the memo. In its suit against Motorola, Apple on Friday asked for a hold on two of the patent cases. The reason? Apple says that the acquisition has resulted in a “fundamental loss of Motorola’s patent rights,” thus completely changing the landscape of the patent suit. Basically, Apple is worried that no matter which party wins in the lawsuit, it could easily be overturned by either of the two participants or a third-party based on changes in criteria in the litigation. That being the case, Apple does not want to spend the time, money, and effort for nothing, right?

According to Florian Mueller, a patent blogger for FOSS patents, it goes deeper.

Note that Apple’s lawyers simply seek to capitalize on Google’s and MMI’s own statements, knowing that Google and MMI can’t contradict them. Nowhere do they say that MMI’s patents are strong enough to serve the stated goal of protecting the Android ecosystem: this is just about the official motivation. In connection with motions to stay patent cases, the patent-centric rationale provided by the parties for the deal simply comes in handy, regardless of what Apple’s management may truly think of those patents.

Bascially, what he’s saying is that Apple is not admitting whether or not they think they would win, but are taking the moment to acknowledge Google’s and Motorola’s statements involving their ties to each other, leaving little wiggle room for a cross-argument from Google or Motorola to block the hold on the patent suits.

Another interesting paragraph involves Google’s timing in purchasing Motorola.

In fact, a key motivation on Google’s part may have been to acquire MMI before it might, for example, have agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft, considering that MMI is in serious trouble against Microsoft. A formal capitulation by MMI — in the form of taking a royalty-bearing license — would have been a disaster for Android at large, presumably resulting in each and every other Android company also recognizing a need to take such a license. MMI’s patents aren’t as strong as many people believe, but it’s much stronger than most of the other Android device makers, so if even MMI had failed to defend itself, that would have been a very meaningful event.

Motorola has yet to reply to the idea of a hold of the two patent suits in question, but we’ll keep an eye on the proceedings.

[via pcworld, original source florian mueller]

Bound to be a bloody good time – Gangstar Rio: City of Saints game (Video)

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What’s up all you gangstas, gangsta wanna-be’s and anybody else who likes a good ol’ drive around and shoot em’ up type of game. We here at TalkAndroid have some fun news for you today!

Gameloft, the Über popular creator of OS games like N.O.V.A and the Let’s Golf! series has announced a new game called Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. By the looks of the Trailer it seems to be very similar to Grand Theft Auto and is sure to be a decent play. Although there is no release date in the video, this should be enough to get you pumped up for when it does eventually come out. Keep in tuned to this channel because you will be the first to know when we have any more details.

YouTube Preview Image

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Firefox nightlies for Android tablets now available

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A couple of weeks ago we showed you Firefox for tablets, but it wasn’t ready for primetime. We’re happy to report that nightly builds are now available, but please understand that nightlies means that it is far from finished. The good news is that with Mozilla’s open-development, these nightlies will eventually result in a finished product as users contribute in the process. So far we are hearing good things about it.

To get in on the testing hit the source link.

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Grab a Sony Tablet S and get a free 32-inch Bravia TV

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The Sony Tablet S launches this Friday, September 16th, and PC World and Currys will give away 100 32-inch Sony Bravia TVs to celebrate.

You need to be at the flagship Tottenham Court Road store Friday morning when doors open at 7:00am. The first 100 customers will walk away with the 32-inch TV for free with the purchase of one of the tablet S models. Pricing is £399.99 for the 16GB WiFi version, £499.99 for the 16GB 3G and WiFi version, and £499.99 for the 32GB WiFi version.

Good Luck!!

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HTC Sensation XE officially announced, Available this October in the UK

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Earlier this month we heard about the HTC Sensation XE, and now it’s official. The Sensation XE will be the first phone to feature Beats Audio technology, which will give studio quality audio. It is not all about Beats as the Sensation XE gets a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor and an extended battery.

“Audio is a crucial part of any consumer’s mobile experience and we are continually pushing the audio boundaries to encompass not only improved voice but music, movies and games,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “The HTC Sensation XE offers a truly incredible experience that demonstrates our commitment to place consumers at the center of their mobile worlds.”

The Beats Audio experience is a combination of software and hardware that allows you to hear music the way the artist intended. The handset automatically switches to the bespoke Beats by Dr. Dre sound profile when you use the exclusive Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones.

HTC announced availability across EMEA and Asia Pacific from late September, but we have already know that Clove will begin to ship the Sensation XE on October 7th for £492 ($777) inc.VAT. Pre-orders will be accepted later today.

Full press release after the break:

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[Leak] Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G User Guide Surfaces Days Before Release

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Chances are, the last thing you’ll be thinking about once you get your hands on the Galaxy S II Epic 4G when it’s released this Friday is flipping through the user guide straight away. In light of this, let’s regard the news of Sprint’s leaked user guide as an unexpected benefit and investment your near future. Hit the link below to familiarize yourself, brush-up on its features, maybe pick up a few helpful tips and admire this very photogenic Android device before it becomes your reality.

Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G User Guide