Google Nexus 8 may come with an 8.9-inch screen


New indications from Asian news source DigiTimes suggest Google is working on a 2014 Nexus device, the rumored Nexus 8, that will come with an 8.9-inch screen. The last two versions of the Nexus tablet from Google, in 2012 and 2013, have both been 7-inch devices. They have proven to be very popular, albeit sales of the 2013 version have been a bit disappointing, and helped drive the tablet market to the 7-inch class size. Meanwhile, larger tablets have lagged a bit, accounting for only 30% of the tablet market. Apparently Google thinks this move will help entice manufacturers to move to larger devices, even at the lower end of the range, as opposed to extremely large tablets. This move could also help differentiate tablets from phones as the line between them, at least based on size, continues to blur as phones get larger.

Earlier this year Samsung released several tablets in the large tablet category, including the recently released 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro devices. However, other manufacturers who had been looking at the extremely large tablet market have started to back off. Supposedly Apple was considering a 12.85-inch tablet, but that has now been scrapped. Meanwhile, Asus has delayed a 13.3-inch tablet. All these signs point to interest in extremely large tablets not being as large as expected.

Do you think 8.9-inches is a good choice for Google for their next Nexus tablet or should they have gone for some other size?

source: DigiTimes

South Korea decides not to label Samsung Galaxy S 5 as a medical device


When the first buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 get their hands on the new device, one gadget they may want to check out will be the heart rate sensor included in the device. Rather than relying on tools like the camera, flash and apps capable of interpreting the data, Samsung went ahead and included a dedicated sensor for users who want to monitor their heart rate, especially when exercising. This small nod toward a portion of their market has the potential to put Samsung in the position of dealing with a slew of regulations related to medical equipment. Read more

2K display devices may be limited in 2014


A few days ago we reported on some analyst predictions for market penetration by 8-core processor devices during 2014. More research shows that another component key to the next iteration of “flagship” devices may not see much adoption until 2015. According to reports, production of 2K displays will be constrained while producers continue to ramp up production, so widespread adoption may not occur until 2015. While many of the major vendors made noise about 2K displays during MWC 2014, it seems likely they will continue to promote full HD resolutions running at 1920×1080 for most of 2014. Read more

Vodafone offering gold Samsung Galaxy S 5 in the U.K.


Gold special editions of smartphones have become a bit of a luxury item for tech-loving consumers in recent years, and Vodafone will add to hype with a gold Samsung Galaxy S 5 in the U.K.

The device will be an exclusive in the region, starting on April 11. If you want your hands on this phone, you’ll have to switch to Vodafone.

Pre-orders will begin March 28. The gold color will make it a total of four color options for consumers: Copper Gold, Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Shimmering White.

Source: Vodafone

ZTE teases full-metal body and extremely high-resolution camera for its Nubia X6

ZTE Nubia X6

ZTE is building up hype for its latest flagship device, the Nubia X6, by releasing some vague press renders and camera shots from the device. The press render, as seen above, doesn’t show off the entire device, but from what we can see it looks like the device will sport a metal body. Metal is a fan-favorite choice for premium smartphones (as we’ve seen with the HTC One) so it’s nice to see ZTE putting build quality at the top of the list of features for the X6.

Aside from that small glimpse of the physical phone, there were also some photos leaked that are supposedly from a Nubia X6. We already knew the camera was going to be impressive, but the photos show an extremely megapixel count in their details. Similar to what we’ve seen with Oppo’s Find 7, the X6 photos show the resolution of a 74.6 megapixel camera. Now, the phone may not actually have a 70+ megapixel shooter, but it may have some kind of new camera optics that can take extremely high resolution photos like Oppo’s latest. Read more

Pocket Casts now comes with Chromecast support

Pocket Casts

Users of Pocket Casts who have been wishing that the app would add Chromecast support will be happy to know that their wish as come true. In an update to v4.5, shiftyjelly has finally added support for the Google dongle. As the developer puts it:

“__Finally__!!! Pocket Casts 4.5! Chromecast support! Up Next Playlist which you can re-arrange items in! New Interface that’s sexy, and picks up podcast colours! Soooo Many Enhancements! More Exclamation Marks! Capitals in Odd Places!

One does not simply update an app like Pocket Casts. One has to take the One Codebase to some silly mountain and do so in epic 3-part triloginess. Heck one might even make more movies about a dragon too. But hey, we have hairy feet so we’re as Hobbit as they come.”
As we can see, Chromecast support isn’t the only feature to be added. Pocket Casts comes with a new coat of paint and some visual enhancements on top of a new UI. You can now also re-arrange items in the “Up Next Playlist.”
We have the QR code and download link for you after the break if you’re looking to download the app.

The Moto X is finally coming to Australia


The Moto X has slowing made its way around the world, and the next stop is Australia. Unfortunately there is no Moto Maker option and we don’t know exactly when it will launch. Plus, the price isn’t all that aggressive at $549.

It will be compatible with 4G LTE on Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, but the frequencies of the devices are limited to 800, 1800, and 2600 MHz. That means no niche networks like Optus’ 4G Plus network, which operates on the 2300 MHz frequency.

We do have to ask the question….is it just a little too late for Motorola to make any noise down under?

source: Ausdroid

Google Play Games will have multiplayer support in both Android and iOS


Prior to the start of the Game Developer’s Conference, that starts today and runs through March 21, Google accidentally released a blog post announcing some new features coming to Google Play Games (GPG).

The first aspect that’s new for GPG is the fact that players can send in-game items as gifts to other players. This can be done with people in your Google+ circles, or through a player search aspect. On top of that, GPG will feature 18 new categories that will make it easier for gamers to discover new games.

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Galaxy S 5 camera has a new six-lens optics that Samsung is having trouble producing


It seems that almost every year, with a new generation of the Galaxy S series, there’s always a story involving Samsung and its struggle with keeping up production. First it started with a fire, that all but destroyed the factory that made the printed circuit boards used in the S5. This time around, Samsung appears to be struggling with the six-lense optics on top of the camera sensor.

This new 6-element lense requires fitting into the same camera lens as before. The issue here is the molding of the optics to be precisely centered. As an industry insider put it:

“On a thin lens, even the slightest flaw results in a considerable optical distortion. To make plastic lens thinner, a more accurate mold technology is necessary.” 

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HTC Desire 816 gets more than 1 million pre-orders…kind of


Today it was announced that HTC‘s new midrange device, the HTC Desire 816, received more than 1 million pre-orders. This news comes after the upcoming Nokia X also reached a similar number of pre-orders.

While that may seem like huge news, there is a rather big catch to it. Pre-ordering the device doesn’t actually commit you to anything. While it is great for generating interest in the device, the number of people who actually buy the device will be far lower than 1 million.

Source: Weibo
Via: GforGames