HP Announces Slatebook 10 x2, a convertible tablet with Tegra 4

HP Slatebook x2

HP probably didn’t time this product announcement very well, as it’s about to get completely overshadowed by Google I/O, but their new Slatebook 10 x2 is a solid tablet regardless. It sports a 10-inch 1080p screen with detachable keyboard dock, pretty similar to ASUS’s Transformer line, and is one of the first devices to use NVIDIA’s Tegra 4, aside from Project Shield. Aside from that, it’s running almost pure stock Android 4.2.2, so that’s always a plus.

The keyboard dock is the defining feature of the tab, and pretty similarly to the Transformer dock, it adds an extra battery in the dock, two USB ports, and a standard SD card reader in addition to the actual tablet’s microSD slot. Pricing is said to start at $479 in August, but no word on if that includes the dock or not. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we get more details from HP. Hit the break below for the press release.

Former Nokia consultant launches Adaia, aiming to make the first fully seaworthy Android phone


Former Nokia consultant Heikki Sarajarvi loves everything about being out at sea. Unfortunately, four of his smartphones didn’t share the enthusiasm and all fell apart from sea-spray alone. Sarajarvi, fed up by wimpy smartphones, enlisted the help of sixteen others (including eight former Nokia employees) to form Adaia. Adaia’s sole purpose is to build a sea-ready Android phone that still looks slick and performs well.

Sony Xperia Z smartphone receives minor software update



A quiet software update has surfaced for you Sony Xperia Z smartphone owners out there. The firmware update keeps the Android software version at 4.1.2, but brings the device to version firmware number 10.1.1.A.1.253 and brings performance tweaks, along with the display calibration tool, new software key and navigational bar colors going from grey to black and the ability to disable the pesky notification light. For now, it’s looking like devices in the French markets are getting the update first, but devices in other markets should follow sooner than later.

source: Xperia Blog
via: Phone Arena

Google planning to launch subscription-based music service to compete with Spotify


Google is planning to introduce a new subscription-based streaming music service to compete with Spotify and other similar services. The feature will be integrated into Google Play and could be introduced as early as this morning at Google I/O, Google’s annual developer-centric conference.

The service has been in development for some time now, and when launched will put Google at an advantage over competitors like Apple and Amazon, who have yet to launch an integrated streaming music service to their platform. And with the lackluster sales the Play Music Store has accrued, this could be the jump-start to help them catch up with iTunes, the largest retailer of music in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 breaks the S 3 record by selling 4 million units in 5 days



It doesn’t appear that any of the recent court problems that plague Samsung across the globe, have slowed it down any. Chosun Ilbo is announcing that Samsung has eclipsed their own record held by the Galaxy S III of 3 million units shipped worldwide in 21 days. The new record holder is their Galaxy S 4 which shipped 4 million units in 26 days. When asked for comment by Chosun Ilbo, Samsung had this to say:

“As of Friday, we have sold more than 6 million units, and we predict that we could break the 10-million mark by as early as the end of this month.”

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, and it doesn’t seem Samsung is phased by Apple’s recent addition of the S 4 to the pending 2014 trial of infringing devices. Like always we will keep an eye on this and let you know as soon as Samsung crosses the 10 million mark, which as it sounds shouldn’t be too far away. 

Source: Chosun Ilbo

New concept video surfaces, showcases how awesome, yet practical the head can truly be



We certainly have an idea of the awesome potential the Google Glass headset can offer— but most of the tech world hasn’t gotten the opportunity to see some of the practical abilities the device can bring, until now. Among the noteworthy things that can be done are utilizing the Maps app and viewing/replying to emails, all while biking through windy roads; using the device’s built-in camera to scan all sorts of information and heck— even hailing a cab if necessary.

I mean sure some of the more practical uses won’t be as life-changing as others, but it’s looking like Google Glass will be more than just a gimmick for the general consumer. You can check out the video for yourself below.


TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 14, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Blackberry Messenger officially coming to Android devices this summer!

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 launches with full Android support

Pinterest app for Android receives update

Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app updated to allow streaming away from home


Google announces Gladstone, Missouri will be receiving Google Fiber

Google Glass

MedRef aims to help the medical field better, oh and it brings facial recognition to Google Glass in the process

Google I/O

[Rumor] Galaxy S 4 “Google Edition” to be debuted tomorrow at I/O 2013

Modaco Toolkit enables easy multi-user access for rooted 4.2 phones


One of the coolest new features in Android 4.2 was multi-user supports. The feature is only available for tablets, although a bit of modding will enable it for phones as well. The new easiest way to get multiple user accounts enabled is the Modaco Toolkit, at least on rooted phones running Android 4.2.

First, you’ll need to download and install the Xposed Framework, which is a fairly new tool for Android developers to add tweaks to system framework. The Modaco Toolkit is a module for the Xposed Framework. Installing the Toolkit will enable all of the multi-user options after a reboot. This mod definitely works on AOSP 4.2 ROMs,but no word on if it’ll work on skinned versions of Android. Hit the links below to test it out on your rooted device, after making a backup, of course.

source: XDA



Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app updated to allow streaming away from home


Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app for Android has been updated to allow users to view over 4,000 hours of on demand video and live TV streaming away from home. Streaming outside of home networks is currently limited to certain channels and Verizon customers. Right now, only ten live channels are available, but that should surely increase. Other features added in this update include TV mini guide filtering and support for increased devices on Android 2.2 Froyo and higher.

The full change log and download link for the free app can be found after the break.

[Rumor] Galaxy S 4 “Google Edition” to be debuted tomorrow at I/O 2013


If the Nexus program is any indication, there is a group of people out there that prefer vanilla (stock, AOSP, whatever you feel like calling the pure Google Experience) Android over those skinned versions that manufacturers bloat their devices with. Some have even gone on to wish and hope that there was an ability to turn these user interfaces off and just run pure Google software. Well if current rumors ring true, we’ll see that very thing tomorrow.

The newest rumor is that Google will be showing off a Galaxy S 4 with vanilla Android. You’ve read that right. The newest flagship from Samsung could very well run a pure version of Google’s OS. It’s rumored to be released on T-Mobile’s network in June with no love for any other carrier at the moment. Either way it brings up the question of whether or not this will be a Google Play Store exclusive or be sold in stores.

I love rumors as much as the next person and sincerely hope that this one becomes a reality. This wouldn’t be the first time that Google and Samsung have debuted a product variant running pure Android. Remember the special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 given out to folks at I/O? Although it would be the first time that such a product would make its way to the general public. We’ll know soon enough.

source: Geek

Pinterest app for Android receives update


Popular social media network Pinterest updated their Android app today adding some new features to help improve interactions between users. Mirroring a change made to their web based site, Pinterest will now alert you via a push notification whenever someone likes, comments, or repins your stuff. The app will also let you “mention” friends in comments, a feature that is popular with other social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The app will also start to provide users with suggestions for search terms as they type in the search box. Hit the break for some screenshots of the new features and download links.

If you are interested in giving Pinterest a try, use the link below to grab it for your Android device.

QR Code generator

Google Play Download Link

Video of white Google Nexus 4 surfaces


Yesterday, only a couple days before Google I/O is scheduled to open, a new photo of a white Google Nexus 4 device surfaced. Today, things ratchet up a bit with the discovery of a white Nexus 4 at a Qualcomm booth at The Mobile Show in Dubai. The folks at TechView even took the time to video the device which was presented to them as a demo unit. One thing that is apparent now is that only the back is white with the face still sporting black panels surrounding the screen. Since there is no information on a timeframe for a retail release, or if that will even happen, there is always the possibility the whole thing could end up being white, not just the back. Hit the break to check out the video.

Verizon offering HTC Droid DNA for free through new coupon code promotion


Verizon is offering their HTC Droid DNA absolutely free (with a 2 year contract, of course) thanks to a coupon code promotion they just began which will run through May 21. To take advantage of the deal, all you need to do is head to Verizon’s website via the source link below, and type in your email address. Verizon will then email you a promo code which you can use to purchase the Droid DNA at no cost from a Verizon store or through their online shop.

In addition, as part of the new Verizon Referral Rewards Program, if you refer a friend to switch to Verizon from another provider, you and your friend will each get a $25 Verizon Wireless Visa Debit card for free.

Source: Verizon Wireless