Android 3.2 update for Sony Tablet S is rolling out now

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Android 3.2 update for the Sony Tablet S appears to be rolling out. This update brings support for Sony’s Video Unlimited store, which won’t launch until October 10. By the end of October, Sony will launch the Entertainment Network, The Sony Reader Online Store, and the Sony PlayStation services that allow Tablet S and Tablet P owners to play their PS3 games on their tablets.

If you haven’t received the update check Settings/About Tablet/System Updates, and let us know if you got it.

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TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X (aka Hercules) caught on video

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We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S II X (aka Hercules) is coming soon to TELUS, but we want to see more. Well our friends at Mobilesyrup got some hands on time with it recently.

As a quick reminder this baby has a 4.5-inch (800 x 480) screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 1850mAh battery, Android 2.3.5, and could possibly reach peak download speeds of up to 42Mbps.

We still don’t have pricing or exactly when you will be able to get your hands on one, but for now check out the video

YouTube Preview Image

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Cricket Will Be Introducing Unique New Phones To Best Buy Locations Nationwide

by Harold Williams on
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Cricket, with it’s fast growing Muve Music service, will be introducing themselves into 1,300 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations nationwide. The Samsung Vitality and the ZTE Score will be availble first at Best Buy with the ZTE Chorus becoming available before the holiday season. With the Vitality available for $199.99 and the Score at $129.99, both will be able to take advantage of the $55/month Muve Music Rate plan to enjoy unlimited song downloads, unlimited TXT and MMS, unlimited 3G, and 1,000 nation wide minutes. The ZTE Chorus seems to be on Feature Phone plan at $45/month giving the same exact benefits as the previous. Sounds interesting enough to check out. Check out the full press release after the break and let us know what you think.

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Samsung could be preparing legal attack to block the iPhone 5 in Europe

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Samsung and Apple have been in a heated battle across the entire continent for a while now. All you have to do is search “Samsung Apple” in our search bar, and you will find numerous stories from Korea, Australia, Europe, and the U.S. It has mostly been Apple on the attack, but anonymous sources, “close to the matter” are claiming that Samsung is getting ready to block sales of the iPhone 5 in Europe.

There is no question that a block of the iPhone 5 will be difficult, but they could cause a lot of problems for Apple which would be a nice reversal of fortune. We’re also not clear on what Samsung’s complaints will be, but if you remember, they asked to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, but the request was denied.

News came out last week that Samsung plans on blocking the iPhone 5 in Korea. If Samsung has any success in Korea, it is a lock they will take the battle to Europe.

So what do you guys think? Apple started this mess, so it would be refreshing to finally see Apple getting attacked.

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HTC and Dropbox team up to offer 5GB of storage

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The is no question that HTC is on a mission to differentiate itself from other Android manufacturers. First they teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre, and now they are teaming up with Dropbox.

The deal will allow an extra 3GB of Dropbox storage for owners of HTC phones running Sense 3.5. Normally, Dropbox gives out 2GB of storage for free, but this deal will now bring the total to 5GB. At this point we don’t know if there are plans to make the offering to older versions of Sense, but lets hope so.

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Verizon Blocking Some Apps in Market from Being Downloaded or Updated

by Mitch Wright on
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Verizon has frequently been referred to as Big Red, but apparently Big Brother is an apt moniker as well. Having made clear their stance on being able to download certain apps on their network, they’ve now moved to blocking those apps from being updated as well apparently. This includes apps that have been paid for, so be careful spending any of your hard earned cash on “questionable” apps. Of course, by this I mean besides the hard earned cash that you’re already paying the carrier that won’t let you download the apps in the first place. The good news is that there is a workaround by downloading or updating the app by turning off mobile data and updating via a wifi network. Has this happened to anyone? Let us know your thoughts and any tips you have in the comments.

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Verizon chief supports AT&T/T-Mobile merger

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Late last month the U.S. Justice Department sued to block the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile for $39 billion. While AT&T tries to work on concessions, Verizon Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdam said AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile “had to occur,” at event in New York.

“The AT&T merger with T-Mobile is kind of like gravity, it had to occur. If the government wants to stop the takeover, it needs to have a plan to distribute spectrum and ease the crunch some carriers are facing, he said. “We’re going to watch that very closely.”

The U.S. Justice Department feels this deal is a threat to wireless competition. AT&T said the deal was made to gain the capacity it needs to ease network congestion, and accelerate the rollout of next generation technology faster.

“If you look at the path that wireless is on, clearly we need to have more spectrum in the marketplace,” McAdam said.

So what do you guys think? I think the block by the U.S. Government is only to force AT&T to make some concessions. In the end this deal will go through.

[via bloomberg]

Xperia PLAY 2.3.4 Update, Stock Camera Now Records 720p With Continuous Autofocus

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According to members over at the XDA forms, the stock 2.3.4 update for the Xperia PLAY brings 720p recording with continuous auto focus. It doesn’t seem that the 2.3.4 update has hit everyone just yet, but the word is coming from a batch of users that have gotten it already. Nice job Sony Ericsson, keep up the good work. Hit up the break for a sample video from XDA poster Nhialor. Any readers out there able to confirm from their devices as well?

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Droid Bionic Receives First Deodexed Version ROM

by Axl Logan on
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So, you finally got your hands on a Droid Bionic and you’ve only had to wait since last CES for it.  So now what?  How about a little Root & ROM action?  The initial ”Deodexed” version is now available for your downloading pleasure and there’s promise of more action to follow.  Thanks to Kejar31, you can hack the Blur based device and start customizing until your hearts content.  Tweaks are at a minimum, but like we said, more is to follow and we should encounter some big changes in future releases.  If you’re feeling frisky and ready to give a try (at your own risk, of course) then hit the break for the full download instructions and source link which heads over to the thread.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what the developer’s community produces in the weeks to come.   » Read the rest

TBS and TNT apps coming to Google TV, Will require authentication

by Robert Nazarian on
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Turner broadcasting confirmed that it has TBS and TNT apps in development for Google TV, but they will be limited. Both apps will require viewers to sign in with an account linked to a traditional TV service to watch. We have seen authentication with mobile apps, but never for the TV, mostly because of limited third-party apps.

We know Google is readying Honeycomb for Google TV, so it’s probably a safe bet that we will see these apps when that is released. According to a representative at Google, this could “bring more content to users.”

We know Google TV has been dismal so far, but are you guys excited for this next release?

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