Google Begins Shipping Nexus 7 Pre-Orders to U.K. and Canada

Last week Google began shipping out the Nexus 7 to lucky customers in the U.S. while our friends up north and across the pond had to sit back and wonder when they would get their turn. Well, it looks like your up to bat folks! If you live in the U.K. or Canada and have placed an order for a N7, be on the lookout for a shipping notice from Google. We are getting reports from people who say they had gotten the notice late last night and Google has even added the following message to the Google Play support page:

We’re now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. All US and Australia preorders are scheduled to ship by July 17th. UK and Canada preorders have also begun shipping in waves.

If you consider the two-day shipping for the device, I would expect N7′s to land in the U.K. and Canada on Thursday and Friday of this week. One thing to keep in mind, though. Shipments are being sent out in waves so if you didn’t place your pre-order soon after the announcement I would guess your device hasn’t shipped quite yet. The folks who placed an order on day one and two are probably those who will see the device this week, but I imagine all orders should be on doorsteps by end of next week. I know, the wait is killing you, huh?

Do you live outside the U.S. and have received a shipping notice? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

Source Says ASUS Netherlands Says Not All Tablets Will Get Jelly Bean Update, But ASUS Germany Says They Never Said Such A Thing


The last few weeks has been quite a nail-biter for owners of various ASUS-branded tablets. While ASUS manufactures the mouthwatering Jelly Bean-powered Nexus 7 tablet, immediate speculation came regarding ASUS’ existing tablets and whether or not they too would get some Android 4.1 lovin’ too. Apparently, ASUS reps at a conference in the Netherlands stated not all of their tablets would get Jelly Bean, which understandably caused major concern for specifically owners of the older legacy tablets like the Eee Pad Transformer TF101 and Eee Pad Slider SL101 tablets. In addition, the same source highlighted the Jelly Bean rollout for select devices is unclear, but could perhaps begin in October.

However, in some expected damage control— ASUS Germany then denied their colleagues from the Netherlands have made such a statement about TF101/SL101. In fact— ASUS Germany believes that the idea ASUS reps in the Netherlands only confirmed Android 4.1 upgrade for TF201/TF300/TF700 tablets is just pure speculation. According to ASUS Germany’s current information, the Eee Pad Transformer TF101 and Eee Pad Slider SL101 tablets will also enjoy Android 4.1 upgrade too.

We’re not sure who we can believe, but we’ll wait for an official statement from ASUS headquarters regarding this. Nevertheless, if you’re an owner of one of the premium model ASUS tablets out there, you’ll want to keep your fingers crossed and hope that you’ll get the Jelly Bean update. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if we hear of any news folks.

source: Pocketdroid

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo coming in August with a low price and decent specs

I really like devices that are somewhat powerful yet affordable because they attract consumers on a budget. With the Acer Liquid Gallant Duo, you get just that. This device is sporting Ice Cream Sandwhich, a 1GHz Dual Core Processor, 5 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash and is also rocking Dual Sim. You will be able to pick it up in either white or black for just under $185 (£150)

I have to admit, when I hear about Acer devices, I kinda turn up my nose and you might be right there with me. After all, their releases haven’t exactly been stellar to date. Maybe we should give them a chance. Who knows, this could this be Acers ‘Diamond in the Ruff’ Only time will tell! Hit the break for full specs of the Liquid Gallant Duo. 
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T-Mobile Officially Announces It Will Carry Samsung Galaxy Note, Confirms Device To Arrive “In The Coming Weeks”


After seeing numerous hints and even a photo highlighting the obvious, T-Mobile has finally come clean and announced its upcoming version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Though AT&T’s version features a 4G LTE chip, T-Mobile’s 4G version will feature HSPA+ 42 speeds— but will be nearly identical to AT&T’s version otherwise. That means customers can look forward to the same 5.3-inch screen, dual-core Snapdragon processor and oh wait— Ice Cream Sandwich on-board alongside Sammy’s Premium Suite which which will feature items like S Memo or S Note.

The popular smartphone is headed to T-Mobile stores “in the coming weeks”, so customers will definitely have something to look forward to. But while you wait for the phone to hit stores, make sure you hit the break in order to see additional details found in T-Mo’s presser.
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Motorola MOTOACTV Price Dropped to $149, Now Comes with a Free $30 Watch Strap


I, like many of you, have this desire in the back of my head to just get out there and be…athletic. Well now is your time–the Motorola MOTOACTV has substantially dropped in price over the last week. The Android powered device was originally launched at $249 for the 8GB model, and today in most stores it’s going for $149 while some stores are as low as $140.  For all of you with massive libraries of music, you can grab the 16GB model for $180 at box stores like Walmart.

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Sprint HTC EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G to Receive Android 4.0 ICS by Early August

It’s been quite a long wait for Sprint EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G users for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to officially come to their device. The wait is almost over folks as Sprint has officially released a statement regarding the ICS update for both devices. According to Sprint, both updates for each respective phone will begin in “early August” via an OTA update. Sprint has also released a small change-log of what you should expect with the much anticipated update:

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Instagram updated with Google Nexus 7 and Flickr support

If you’re one of the lucky few that own a Google Nexus 7, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that the all popular Instagram for Android application has been updated to officially support the tablet. If you attempted to install the application previously, you were greeted with a device incompatibility message. In addition to the Nexus 7 support, the latest update also includes the ability to share photos from Instagram directly to Flickr in the sharing menu after you’ve saved your image.

With its popularity on iOS, Instagram made a huge splash once it became available for Android users. It is safe to say that this is great news for any Nexus 7 owner. Hit up the Google Play Store download link or QR code after the break! 
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US Launch Of Sony Xperia NXT Series Feels Dated With Gingerbread On Board


We reported last week about Sony’s Xperia NXT series (S, P, and Sola models) coming to the US. Sony announced today that, along with the Xperia S and Xperia P, the Xperia U is now finally available, unlocked and SIM-free, in the States. By “SIM-free”, they actually mean it will only work on AT&T 3G and 4G, so be warned.

Now the issue here is that all three of these phones have been available in Europe for a few months, so they’re not exactly brand new. In fact, they are all still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That’s two versions behind Jelly Bean (remember, Honeycomb was a tablet only version). Sure, Sony says that all three phones will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, but come on, at the retail prices they’re quoting, we would expect the phones to already be upgraded to at least ICS.

The top of the line in this series is the Xperia S, which comes with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3, 1GB RAM, 720p Reality Display, 12MP camera, and 32GB of storage. Decent specs deserving a newer OS than Gingerbread. The S comes with a suggested retail price of $559.99 in black or white.

The Xperia P fills out the mid-range with dual-core 1GHz U8500 chip, qHD screen, and 8MP camera. It also features an aluminum body in silver, red, or black for a suggested retail price of $479.99.

Finally, on the budget side there’s the Xperia U with a dual-core 1 GHz U8500 chip, WVGA display, 5MP camera, and interchangeable, multi-colored bottom caps. The U retails for $299.99 and is available in black or white.

Sorry, Sony, but it’s hard to get excited when phones like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III are available at much lower carrier-subsidized prices in the US, not to mention the $350 off-contract price of the Galaxy Nexus, which runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Hit the break for Sony’s full press release.

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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean AOSP ROM now available for the Nexus S

Nexus S owners can now enjoy Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean AOSP courtesy of XDA member legolas93. All you have to do is download  the files from the below links. After that, make a full wipe of data/system and flash in this order: the ROM, Superuser (Chains DD), and Gapps. As always, for more information, hit up the source link.

Download JB release file

Download JB Gapps

source: xda