300: Seize Your Glory sails into Google Play


Warner Brothers invites you to come and get a new game they have released to accompany the upcoming theatrical release of 300: Rise of an Empire. In 300: Seize Your Glory you will help Greek general Themistokles battle on the sea against the invading Persian navy led by Artemisia. The game is a bit on the basic side as far as features go. It does include the ability to link to Facebook to share your success with the leaderboard. In battle, you basically move around and slash your way through the enemy forces with your sword, although you can pull off some combo moves using your shield as well. Initially four battles are included, although all but the first are locked. If you want to check out 300: Seize Your Glory, you can grab it from the Google Play store using one of the download links below the screenshot gallery after the break. It does require Android 4.0 or higher and the initial download clocks in at 46MB. Read more

Dayframe update brings support for the Chromecast


One of the best new apps from last year is getting even better today. Dayframe, developed by cloud.tv, just received an update bringing support for the Chromecast. If you aren’t familiar with Dayframe, it allows you to turn any tablet or phone into a gorgeous digital picture frame. Not only will it display stuff from your device’s Gallery, but it also supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and more. It’s perfect for older tablets that you don’t use anymore. You can create your own playlists or let Dayframe come up with it’s own slideshow.

Now you can cast the content to your big screen by utilizing the Chromecast. Now according to cloud.tv, this isn’t just a “play and sit back” approach. It’s interactive, as in your can control what’s playing on the the Chromecast. You can swipe forwards or backwards, zoom to fit or fill, shuffle, and even like photos. You can check out the video below to see for yourself. Dayframe Prime is required in order to use the Chromecast option, which costs $2.99.

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Motorola schedules event for Mobile World Congress


Motorola has sent out invites for an event that will take place during the Mobile World Congress here at the end of the month. While we know that other OEM’s are announcing new devices at MWC, like Samsung with its Unpacked event, Motorola appears to be doing the opposite. The company rather, will mostly likely be discussing the sale to Lenovo. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside will be on hand to discuss updates on the business.

Given how new the Lenovo purchase is, there are a lot of burning questions that have yet to be answered. Will we see Motorola in other markets besides North America, South America and Europe? Will the Moto X and Moto G be here for the long haul or will see some re-branding of sorts? What should we expect in regards to Android software on Motorola devices post the acquisition? Will we still see a more pure version of Android or will Lenovo’s skin be onboard?

While Woodside may not know the answer to all of these questions, we’re only two weeks away from getting some more concrete information. The event is scheduled for February 25 and you better believe that, like everyone else, we’ll be watching.

Samsung wants iPhones banned at the Winter Olympics

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung is a major sponsor of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and they’re reportedly wanting a ban on iPhones and other competing devices during the games. Specifically, Samsung has requested that all athletes cover Apple and other logos during the opening ceremony while using devices to record video and take photos. This news has also been confirmed by the Swiss delegation.

Samsung has also been offering athletes free products such as the Galaxy Note 3, which is likely to be heavily advertised during the games.

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As Sony sells VAIO PC business, smartphone sales rise


Sony has a lot going on right now and there are a lot of rumors surrounding them, but with the recent release of their Q3 2013 results we should be able to learn a bit more about what lies ahead for the company. Sony enjoyed a 44.8% increase in sales in the Mobile Products and Communication division, with the total sales coming to $4.396 billion. It also managed to have an operating loss reduced by $120 million.

The success in the mobile division is mostly due to a “significant increase” in smartphone sales, and comes despite being put together with the Sony PC business.

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The Korean LG G2 receives Android 4.4.2 with support for ART onboard


The update that was slated to arrive at the end of January, is now pushing to the Korean LG G2. While only a few days late, the OTA comes with the new Android RunTime (ART) onboard. The experimental runtime that will eventually replace Dalvik is said to be better for both battery and performance.

Basically, when you use Dalvik, the bytecode for an app is created after you open said app. With ART, this happens right after you install the app, making apps ready to go before you even open them the first go around. People who use the new runtime have reported an increase in storage use (10-20 percent) but mileage may vary. But I digress.

Korean LG G2 owners should be on the look out for the OTA and this new option. There is still nothing on when US users are to see Android 4.4 on their handsets, but currently it’s slated for the end of the quarter. So those of you who own the phone in the US will have to wait patiently for another month and a half at the latest.

source: Phone Arena

LG G Pro 2 to have smart listening app and high powered speaker system


The LG G Pro 2 is set to come out very soon, and we’ve already heard a number of rumors about it. For example, we know that the device will have a screen that takes up 77% of the front face. Well a few more rumors about the device have surfaced.

The media in Korea is reporting that the device will feature a 1W speaker, far more powerful than most other phones. It also may have some kind of bass booster. Overall the LG G Pro 2 is supposed to have the best sounding speakers from a phone so far. There will also be a smart listening app that will be used to control the output of the device.

Source: ETNews
Via: PhoneArena

LG Optimus G Pro will receive the KitKat update in Q2 2014


A screenshot of a direct message on Twitter between an LG Optimus G Pro owner and LG India surfaced on the internet yesterday. The G Pro owner, Prabhjit Singh Walia, had sent a message to the South Korean’s Indian Twitter account asking when the LG Optimus G Pro will receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

According to a screenshot of LG India’s reply, the device will be receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat update by the end of second quarter 2014, though we haven’t heard of an official statement from LG yet. If true, it means that we might see an Android 4.4 KitKat for the Optimus G Pro by the end of June 2014.

LG will skip the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update and push out the Android 4.4 KitKat update directly to a few devices. These include the LG Optimus F3, LG Optimus F6, LG G Pad 8.3, LG G Pro Lite, LG Optimus F7, LG Optimus L9 II, LG Optimus Vu II and the G2 will receive the KitKat update by march.

Source: GSMArena

Chrome apps may soon work without the entire Chrome process running


A new report by The Next Web hints at Google working towards minimizing the API needs of Chrome web apps. This means that the web apps can be used without requiring the the whole Chrome process to run.

The Next Web discovered an experimental project called app_shell which indicates that Google is working on a minimal environment where Chrome apps can run by using only the Chrome elements that are required by the app to work. The “[App Shell] Add README” includes the following description about the project:

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HTC said to be making a “high-end” Nexus tablet that will ship Q3 of this year


HTC has never been successful when it comes to the tablet market. While the company has only made a few tablets, most notably the Flyer, it never made any ground in that area. In fact, because of this, the company pulled out of the tablet market altogether. However, it appears that HTC is looking to be getting back into the tablet game, and with the help of the Nexus program.

According to the Taiwanese Media, who’s cited the Taiwanese financial newspaper, The Commercial Times, HTC has won a bid to make a “high-end” Nexus tablet. The tablet is said to be shipping in the third quarter of this year. There isn’t any information as to if this will be the new Nexus 7, a new Nexus 10, or something new entirely.  However, HTC isn’t new to the Nexus line as it was the company behind the first ever Nexus phone.

Of course all of this is speculation, but even so, a Nexus device with HTC’s premium design might be a dream come true. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

source: Focus Taiwan
via: GforGames