Android 5.0 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked For Galaxy Nexus


You gotta hand it to the folks at XDA. They always seem to be three steps ahead of everyone. Today thing bring a huge leak for owners of the Galaxy Nexus… Android 5.0 Jelly Bean! Keep in mind, this is an early experimental build, not for daily use. Here’s a list of what’s working and not working:


Not Working
-Basically everything

So if you’re brave enough to flash this very early build, visit the source link below. Please let us know how it works!

source: xda

Toshiba Introduces the ‘Shapes’ Line of Tablets [Video]

Hot on the heels of the Excite 10 LE, Toshiba has a new line of tablets that are about to change the mobile tech game entirely. Meet the “Shapes” line of tablets. Toshiba’s attempt to create “a new and exclusive line of tablets designed to match your personality and style”. Don’t let technology threaten your individuality!

The video below outlines the three new “Shapes” slates from Toshiba. The Oblong – “technology that’s come full circle.” The Rhombus – “More than just a convex quadrilateral.” And the Amore – “This is one heart you can play with.” While the video clearly shows us how creative Toshiba can be when it comes to manufacturing displays, they forget to fill us in on any specs. I can imagine at least a 3.67 GHz quint-core processor in the business minded Rhombus but as for the other two? I dunno? Check out the video after the break and let us know what kind of specs you think these tablets will ship with. :-D 
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April Fools and Google 2012: A complete list of all the antics [Updated]


Google loves to have a lot of fun on April Fools. Remember last year’s Gmail Motion? Yesterday we already showed you their 8 bit Maps, which was just the tip of the iceberg. This year Google really got into the festivities with a whole bunch of stuff. To make things easier for everyone, we thought we would give you a quick roundup of all their antics. Make sure and let us know which ones are your favorites. [We will be adding to this as more stuff gets uncovered]

Gmail Tap

YouTube Preview Image

Hit the break for the rest

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[Deal] Pick up the fabulous doubleTwist Alarm Clock quickly. It’s half price for the first 10,000 users.

doubleTwist, the developers behind the mega popular music player and AirSync Android applications has released a new feature filled Alarm Clock app into the Google Play Store. The doubleTwist alarm allows you to access your music library and chose exactly which song you’d like to wake you up on any given day. Perhaps more interesting is the ‘Sleep Cycle’ option which allows the user to entrust the application with choosing the ideal time to get up in the morning, I’ll personally be sticking with setting my own time the evening before a big morning meeting! In typical doubleTwist fashion, the app is a visual treat with a choice of digital or analogue clock faces that look glorious on an HD Super AMOLED screen.

The first 10,000 downloads will cost only $1, after this the full retail price will be $2. You can also enter a prize draw for a Biegert & Funk designer clock worth $1100 by tweeting or liking the application on Twitter and Facebook respectively.

Check out the full list of features after the break and be sure to click the download link below before the price goes up!

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CM9 Nightlies return – Galaxy S i9000/i9000B, Captivate and Vibrant all covered

It is a truth universally acknowledged that many of the most talented Android designers and developers don’t work for the giant manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC. Some of the most impressive Android ROMS come from the independent developer community and it’s safe to say that CyanogenMod is the most reputable of all.

Only a couple of days ago we reported that the CyanogenMod team had been busy bringing Android 4.0 ICS to the HTC Sensation, LG Optimus LTE and LG Nitro HD by way of the CM9 ROM. It’s time for owners of the original Samsung Galaxy to take notice as, although Sammy itself won’t be bringing you some sweet Ice Cream Sandwich, CyanogenMod has added CM9 links for the i9000/i9000B, Captivate and Vibrant  to its downloads webpage.

As a reminder, you need to be rooted to pick up these ROMs and if you’re not rooted, perhaps today is the day to change it. Hit the source link below to get started. Happy flashing!

source : CyanogenMod

Motorola DROID RAZR Android 4.0.3 Build Leaked, Then Pulled

We know a soak test for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX is incoming, and now it looks like a leaked build of Android 4.0.3 for the DROID RAZR has just been outed on Don’t get too excited yet as it seems the files have temporarily been pulled for now, citing “an error with sideloading…

Apparently, there have been some good flashes of this leak, and it is now known to be Android 4.0.3 with a new ICS Motorola UI, updated radios, updated kernel, and WebTop software. If you’re really itching to try installing this, and are ok with the risks, read through DroidRazr’s thread as it seems some users have managed to find alternate methods of downloading it.

source: droidrzr
via: phandroid

French Authorities Seize HTC One S Handset From Fan Blog For Posting Unboxing Video

Yesterday we showed you a video of an HTC One phone that French blog HTC-Hub obtained through a confidential source, and now HTC France has taken legal action against the site, while French authorities seized the phone in the process. HTC-Hub Editor in Chief, Bruno Miguel, approached Hopscotch, HTC’s PR agency, a few weeks after Mobile World Congress to ask about getting demo units of the HTC One series of phones. Normally, HTC sends out demo units to the press several days before they launch with an embargo agreement not to publish any information until a pre-determined, agreed-upon date. Bruno was informed that France would not get demo units until after the launch a week later.

HTC-Hub managed to acquire an HTC One S anyway from a confidential source outside of HTC or their PR firm, so the embargo agreement was not in effect, but it seems HTC France does not agree. It’s unclear right now what legal charges have been brought against HTC-Hub.

Check out an image of the T.G.I. (Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris), a legal document issued by the French Superior Court, after the break.

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Two day old LG Lucid already set to receive software update

Here is some interesting news for you new LG Lucid owners out there. Verizon and LG are now pushing out a software update for the Lucid just two days after its release this past Thursday. This is not entirely uncommon as the Galaxy Nexus had an update pushed out just moments before its actual release on Verizon back in December. The support page states that the update will disable the Enhanced Caller Name ID app that comes preloaded on the phone. I don’t know about you but that app sounds like it would be a great feature, so why would they choose to remove its function? It sounds like there were probably some serious issues with the app and rather than attempt to repair the bugs in an update, they voted to squash it immediately, no pun intended. Are there any Lucid users out there who have experienced any noticeable problems within the last couple of days? If so, this may now be the fix. Click on the source link below for update options.

source: Verizon

Google’s April Fool’s Joke So Epic They Debuted It a Day Early

A throw back to all of you out there that have experienced the frustrations and joys of owning Nintendo’s first console, the NES; Google has come out with a tool for you that will help you find places you need to go on your 8-bit system. They announced today that they will be releasing a Google Maps 8-bit cartridge for the NES. You can plug in your dial-up connection directly into the cartridge and you’ll see the world in 8-bit goodness. If you have problems with it a fix is as easy as blowing the dust out of the cartridge.

Rather than take my word for it you can check out the debut video for this awesome new product. If you can’t wait for the cartridge to be released though you can experience a trial version by pointing your browser to followed by clicking the quest option in the upper right hand corner. Check out the debut video for this awesome product after the break. While it may be a day early… April Fools
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Meizu Releases Public Beta Vanilla ICS ROM for the MX and M9

This probably isn’t going to apply to many of you but if you own a Meizu MX or M9 you are going to dig this. Meizu has just sent out a press release announcing that after a month of private testing, the public ICS beta is ready for the masses. One great thing about this ROM is that Meizu decided to keep their grubby mits out of the UI and have left it a bone stock ICS experience. No cumbersome UI overlays here! Just pure vanilla Android. If you own either of these devices and are ready to get into some 4.0 action, hit up the link below. Also, you can jump past the break to read the presser I mentioned earlier.


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