Verizon offering “Red Hot Deal Days” until May 12 on select devices for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is on Sunday and Verizon is helping out all of the last-minute shoppers looking for a deal. Verizon is hosting “Red Hot Deal Days” from today until May 12.

The DROID line is the focus of these deals, with the Droid RAZR MAXX HD being offered at $149, RAZR HD at $49, and RAZR M (all with a contract). With the release of the Galaxy S 4, Verizon has cut the price of the 16GB Galaxy S III to $99.99. If your mom is looking for a tablet, the 8GB Galaxy Tab 2 has been marked down to $199.99.

Check out the deals Verizon is offering via the source link. Free overnight shipping is offered as part of the deal.

Source: Verizon Wireless

Rovio updates Bad Piggies with 15 new levels, 2 new items


Rovio has been making some big moves this week, and they’re adding to them today with an update for their hit game, Bad Piggies. The update introduces 15 new levels, as well as 2 new items, including suction cup wheels and boxing glove boosts.

Here’s the full list of the new features:

  • 15 new sun-drenched levels!
  • Climb walls with the new suction cup gadget!
  • Punch your way to victory with the new spring-loaded Boxing Glove!
  • Go crazy in an all-new sandbox!

Check out the link to the app in the Play Store after the break. Enjoy!

T-Mobile revenues dip, but customer base growing


T-Mobile US released highlights of their 2013 first quarter financial results showing positive growth in their customer base. For the first time since 2009, the carrier experienced positive customer net additions. This was a result of continued strength in prepaid net additions, the seventh consecutive quarter of growth, combined with a significant improvement in postpaid losses. Those losses were down to 199,000, a 61% improvement compared to the prior year when that number was in the 500,000+ range. Overall, T-Mobile added 579,000 customers and now claims 34 million customers. The growth in customers was attributed mainly to the introduction of their new “Simple Choice” Un-carrier plans and the addition of the iPhone to their portfolio.

AT&T adds more LTE markets, on pace to reach 250 million Americans by end of year


Just last week we let you guys know that AT&T was expanding LTE coverage in 9 regions and adding 17 new regions.  It looks like AT&T is at it again, as they activated towers in the last few days, adding a total of 16 new markets. With the new market additions, they’re on pace with their plan to reach 250 million Americans with LTE coverage by the end of the year.  They’re currently at 200 million.  

Featured Android Game Review: Boulder Dash XL [Brain & Puzzle]


HeroCraft has done it again. Fans of the 80s classic Boulder Dash will want to take a look at this one because it not only has the original version, but a new updated version with better graphics and gameplay. Boulder Dash XL was co-developed with First Star Software and is the same exact game that’s available on both the Xbox 360 and PC. You can play either Rockford or Crystal as you dig through caves to collect diamonds within the time limit.

Boulder Dash XL gives you 100 caves to explore that delivers all kinds of obstacles and enemies such as falling boulders, trap doors, magic walls, Amoebas, Wild Walkers, Fuzzy Flies, Fuzzy Walkers, Radical Radiators, and so much more. You get a telescopic arm to move large boulders as well as dynamite for bigger jobs. Control options are a plenty. You can choose touch/swiping or an on screen D-pad. You can place the D-pad on the right or left side or you can split them.

Release dates for Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S 4 Mini, Galaxy S 4 Zoom, and Galaxy S 4 Activ Leaked


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S 4 is expected to be released in a range of different models internationally. We brought news that the Galaxy Mega was officially announced by Samsung last month, while the Mini, Zoom, and Activ are expected to be announced by Samsung by the end of this month. Tentative release dates have been leaked for these phones.

Black and white versions of the Galaxy S 4 Mini, which as its name suggests is a smaller version of the Galaxy S 4, is expected to be released in Week 29 of this year, which falls between July 15 and July 21.

The Galaxy Mega features a larger display for the budget-minded consumer, and will come in variants of 6.3- inches and 5.8- inches. It’s expected to be released in Europe and Russia between now and June 23. The black 6.3 inch version should come this week, followed by the white 5.8 inch version next week. The white 6.3 inch Mega will come the week of May 20, and the black 5.8 inch version will arrive the week of June 17.

Vivo announces high-end, pricey phablet coming in late May



As the size of smartphones continues to increase, so does the demand for phablets. Vivo, a Chinese manufacturer, announced yesterday that it plans to release the Vivo Play, a phablet with a 5.7-inch screen and a 1080p display. It’ll also be fully loaded with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset; but unlike many of Vivo’s competitors, the asking price for one of these phones is likely to be 2,998 yuan— that’s $490 USD.

It’s pretty expensive, but it just might be worth it considering what you’re getting for your money. The Vivo Play’s Snapdragon 600 chipset is the same one that’s in the HTC One, clocked at 1.7GHz with 2GB of RAM. It’ll also feature “Fun-touch” UI rather than leave the job to stock Android. This UI has been said to be similar to the flat-structure of iOS. The 13MP back-facing camera has an F/2.2 aperture lens, and the 5MP front-facing camera has an 88° FoV. At 7.99mm thick, the Vivo Play weights 187g and is packed with a 3,400mAh battery. According to rumors, the phone will also feature some sensing capabilities similar to the Galaxy S 4.

The phablet will go on sale later this month in two colors: black and white, along with two options for built-in memory: 16GB or 32GB. It’ll only be available in China, but you should be able to grab one on eBay if you’re willing to pay the price.


Source: VR-Zone 

AT&T offers the HTC First smartphone for under a buck

HTC First

Fancy the newly-released HTC First smartphone with that unique Facebook Home launcher, but didn’t want to pay the $100 asking price from AT&T? Well you’re in luck as AT&T has announced a special promotion where it is offering the landmark device for a whopping 99¢ for those of you who choose to sign your lives’ away to Ma Bell for the next two years. Yes you read that right— the device is not even going to cost customers a buck for new or existing customers who sign up for the device on-contract! Even more astounding is AT&T also chose to reduce the outright price of the device from $450 to a not-too-shabby $350. So all of a sudden, the 1.5GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor, sexy 720p display and a nearly-stock build of Android 4.1.2 under Facebook Home looks even more attractive than ever before.

If you’re looking for a device for $350, then the First smartphone may very well be a solid alternative to say, the Nexus 4 smartphone for many customers– especially if they are interested in a unique Facebook experience. Hit the source link to grab more details.


source: AT&T


Google Glass sensors revealed, expect a lot of augmented reality apps soon


Now that more and more people are getting their hands on the Google Glass Explorer Edition, the information is trickling in. The majority of specs were revealed a couple of weeks ago, but nothing was released regarding the sensors. Well developer Lance Nanek was able to find the complete list of sensors by pushing an Android app to the device using debug mode. For now the mirror API only allows for getting the location every 10 minutes, but at some point these other sensors will be enabled.

One of the powerful features that Glass offers is the ability to get notifications without having to look at your phone, but where the real stuff is involves other augmented reality apps. Playing games like Ingress, finding hotspots in the city, or getting navigation instructions all sound intriguing.  Hit the break for the complete list and video from Lance showing that they actually work.

Ouya console gets high ratings from iFixit, easily disassembled and repaired

ouya teardown

For some buyers, the ability to repair a device can make or break a sale. Being able to make simple repairs on your stuff is always nice, but many manufacturers are going with new hardware that’s extremely difficult to fix in order to cut costs and keep devices small. Fortunately, the Ouya console doesn’t have that problem. According to iFixit, the Android powered game console is a very straightforward, cleanly assembled device. All the components are easily removed and easily tucked back into the device. This is also good news for people who like to take apart their electronics for thorough cleaning. All of this nets the Ouya a 9 out of 10 on the repairability scale.

One thing that stood out is that the Ouya is actually weighed down with small metal balls. There’s five weights to keep the device balanced against cables from pulling it off a table or desk. In an age of light, portable electronics, seeing a device intentionally add weight is definitely out of the ordinary.

source: iFixit

Sharp unveils AQUOS Phone Xx SoftBank 206SH with 5-inch 1080p CG-Silicon display and two-days of battery life


We have another 5-inch phone to tell you about, but this one has a feature that everyone can appreciate. The Sharp AQUOS Phone Xx  SoftBank 206SH can hold up for two full days on it’s 3,080mAh battery. Other than the sheer size of the battery, some of the power consumption improvements come from the continuous grain (CG) silicon display as opposed to amorphous silicon found on traditional LCD TFT panels. This not only allows for a thinner display and better graphics, but also reduced power consumption.

It also includes a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, a 13.1MP camera with f/1.9 optics, 1-Seg digital TV, IR blaster, LTE, and Android 4.2. It’s also waterproof. No word on pricing, but expect to see this bad boy in late June.

source: Sharp

New color of the DROID RAZR M and DROID RAZR HD on the way to Verizon stores



Looks like we have some new exclusive colors coming to the Verizon DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR M smartphones. As seen in the above image courtesy of serial leaker evleaks, a metallic sky blue-ish color of the the DROID RAZR HD is on the way, as well as the same color variant of the DROID RAZR M, according to sources. Specs-wise, each device will feature the same internals as the original—- so it just looks like Verizon is just going probably unleash the new color of the smartphones as a limited-edition model.

No word yet on when we’ll see each model, but we suspect it will be soon… very soon.

source: evleaks Twitter

ImaGination Begins on May 30 at LG event


LG has an event scheduled for May 30 in Macau, and although fans might be hoping for the Optimus G2, it probably won’t be the featured star. There really isn’t much to go on from the invitation other than the prominent “G”, which could bring you to the conclusion that it will be the G2, but it is still too soon for the G2 to be unveiled. I expect the recently leaked Optimus GK to be the star of this one. It’s a smaller version of the Optimus G Pro and it features a 5-inch Full HD IPS display, a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, microSD for expanded storage, 13MP camera, 2MP front camera, and 3,100mAh battery.

Who knows, it could be something completely different as well. What do you guys think?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 to receive new color option


Like the Galaxy Note 8.0, but not really fond of that white color? Samsung is reportedly prepping a “Brown Black” version of the device for a mid-June release. Unfortunately, they didn’t release any sort of pictures, and Brown Black is a pretty ambiguous name for a color, especially since Samsung made both a brown and black version of the Galaxy S III. Either way, more options is always a good thing. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any leaks of the new color for the tablet.

source: SamMobile

Samsung to release Galaxy Tab 3 in in Eastern Europe in June


According to SamMobile, Samsung will be releasing their newly unveiled Galaxy Tab 3 this week in Eastern Europe. The 3G/WiFi model can be expected around June 10th. The 8.0 and 10.1 models of the Galaxy Tab 3 are expected to drop around June 3rd, with the 3G models of those just a few weeks after that.

These aren’t the high end tablets Samsung is expected to bring to market this year, but the Galaxy Tab line has always been a mid-range series of tabs, which isn’t a bad thing. No word on American availability, but I’m sure it won’t take too much longer. Anybody planning on picking up one of these tablets?

source: SamMobile