OnePlus One eyeing mid-2014 release, design may rival Apple’s iPhone


After learning that OnePlus was working on their first smartphone, there was not much information beyond that. But now the CEO has shed some light on the device. Likely named the OnePlus One, the device may feature build quality that rivals Apple’s smartphone. He says that “Appearance wise, we’re confident our phone is more attractive than just about any phone on the market, with the exception of maybe the iPhone.” That is an impressive statement as only HTC has really come close to Apple’s build quality. Read more

Sony Xperia Z1S now available from T-Mobile, $22 per month with $0 down


Just as Sony said, the Xperia Z1S smartphone is available online starting today. For $0, customers can pick one up and pay $22 per month for two years. If buying outright, the full retail price of the Xperia Z1S is $528. Users get a 5-inch, Full HD display and a 20.7MP camera. Under the hood is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz with 2GB of RAM. Also, the handset is water and dust resistant. The Xperia Z1S will make its way to T-Mobile stores on January 22; therefore, heading to the carrier’s site is the only way to get one for now. Hit the source link to do so.

Source: T-Mobile

Insider claims to confirm several Samsung Galaxy S5 specs


A Samsung insider claims to have all the details about several specs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. First up, the idea of the device being available in both metal and plastic versions seems to have been confirmed. This would follow in the footsteps to some degree of Apple and the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s devices, although it remains to be seen whether that will be a winning strategy for Apple. According to this same source, the metal version of the Galaxy S5 will come with a metallic back plate with metal on the sides and front. It is unknown whether the metal version will get a different name. Read more

AT&T Chooses Samsung Smartphones to Test Out VoLTE Ahead of Rollout


AT&T has chosen Samsung devices to test its voice over long-term evolution (VoLTE) service that is scheduled to arrive sometime this year. The Korean Company’s Galaxy line will be apart of the group of devices that are being tested for VoLTE. The service will allow for voice calling that enables clearer quality and faster connections over that of the exist 3G networks. Currently, LTE networks have only been able to support data transmission.

This would be a great move for Samsung as it would secure even more of a foothold in US markets. The company already released a VoLTE device in local markets run by SK Telecom Co. and LG Uplus Corp. This move should certainly help Samsung get a competitive edge over its competition.

source: The Korea Herald

HTC One X and One X+ won’t get any more Android updates


Owners of the HTC One X and One X+ will be disappointed to hear that they won’t be getting any Android updates beyond Android 4.2.2, @LlabTooFer just confirmed it via Twitter.

Many users of the two phones were hoping to be upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, and will now have to rely on custom ROMs created by independent developers to get the latest software. HTC still might release minor updates, but those will be mostly dedicated to bug fixes rather than software upgrades.

Source: @LlabTooFeR

Nokia’s Normandy Shows Up Without Protective Shell

nokia-normandyYesterday we saw a leak of Nokia’s fabled Android phone, the Normandy, showing off the device in a protective cover. Today we see the device naked and in full view. While a previous rumor showed off a blurred out, possibly forked, version of Android, today’s photo shows off the menu in all its glory. From what we can see, it’s a definite far cry from the Android we’ve come to know and love. As Nokia is now apart of Microsoft that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The phone has the one “back” capacitive button and will most likely be based on KitKat.

Given the amount of steam the Normandy seems to be picking up, we should hear an announcement of some kind some time soon. With all the leaks coming out, it appears that the phone is in its semi-final form. I ask this of you, the reader, though. Is this the Android Nokia phone you’ve been waiting for, or is this a let down to what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments below.

source: GforGames
via: Weibo

The Acer Tab 7 features Android Jelly Bean and is ultra-cheap


Acer has a number of devices aimed at lower-priced markets, but that’s not stopping them from releasing another one. Their newest is the Tab 7, and it’s even cheaper than their Iconia A1-830, which was revealed at CES 2014 and priced at$149.

The Tab 7 is already being sold in China for a mere $99. It’s display measures 7-inches, and it has a pixel resolution of 600 x 1024. It also weighs 289 grams, is 9.9mm thick, and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

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LG D830 spotted online once again, more specs revealed


The LG D830 has seen a number of leaks, and each time more specs of the device are revealed. Most recently the device has been seen on benchmarking site HTML5Test, a site which detects how fast a device can render online content.

The device was first leaked in November of last year, and at the time it was revealed that it would sport a full-HD display as well as LTE connectivity. The most recent leak also shows a number of impressive specs including that the device will come with a 13MP camera and the ability to play 4K video. This video can even be played at slow motion if wanted.

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Samsung GT-I9405 appears in Zauba database


Yet another unannounced Samsung phone has popped up, though this one is much more unexpected than other recent Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. A device with a model number of GT-I9405 has made an appearance in Zauba, an Indian database that tracks imports and exports.

Now, you would be forgiven for assuming that this new device is the Galaxy S5. Only one problem though – the model number GT-I9405 is actually lower than that of the Galaxy S4, which has a model number of GT-I9505. The model number suggests that this new device is actually something in between the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy S4. We know that the device also cannot be a new Note, as they have different model numbers (N7100, N9000, etc.). It also appears that the new device will have a 5.5-inch display.

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Samsung demoed foldable display prototype with VIPs at CES


We get to see a lot of new stuff at CES, but apparently there are a few things not shown publicly as well. According to Korean media, Samsung showed a foldable display for smartphones to VIPs at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas during CES.

If you remember, Samsung recently had a patent for a foldable display, so this is no surprise. According to sources, the display is AMOLED, measures 5.68-inches, and is made with a film-like polymide substrate. The display is touch sensitive and might support pen recognition.

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