Google Play offering Frozen soundtrack for free


For fans of Frozen, there is no better offer right now. The film’s entire soundtrack is available for free from Google Play. Both Apple and Amazon have the same package for $6.99, but Google’s does not cost a penny. It has everything from “Let It Go” to instrumental pieces and other versions of some songs, totalling an impressive thirty-two songs.

[Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Google Play Link]

OnePlus One returns to India following brief ban


Last week, OnePlus was banned from selling devices in India. The company was shutout in the country due to the deal that hardware manufacturer Micromax made with Cyanogen. However, the High Court in Dehli found the ban to be unnecessary and has thus lifted it for now. The court claims that OnePlus and Micromax serve different markets. It is true because the quality of a OnePlus device is much better than one of Micromax’s. The lift, though, is temporary and the judge that served the ban is obligated to revisit the case in two weeks.

Source: Economic Times
Via: Engadget

Massive Holiday Android app and game sales roundup [Updated to 130+ titles with over $425 in savings]


We always see a bunch of apps and games on sale for Christmas and New Years, but this has to be the most I have ever seen. Not only are there so many apps and games on sale, but they are discounted as much as 80%. We are talking 100+ titles for a savings of over $350.

I know a lot of other sites offer similar lists, but we also give you the regular pricing so you can decide whether it’s a good enough deal for you. Hit the break for our massive roundup, and be sure to check this post regularly as we will be updating it as more apps and games go on sale.

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Xiaomi’s handset with sapphire display to arrive before Apple’s


In August, Kyocera launched a smartphone with a sapphire display. The specifications were rather mediocre and everyone was left wanting more. It was expected that the iPhone 6 would launch with the technology, but Apple did not make that happen. So the door is open for a company to step forward with a device that has both cutting edge specifications behind a durable piece of glass. A report from DigiTimes pegs Xiaomi as the company to beat Apple to producing a handset with a sapphire display.

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Google, Sony Release “The Interview” Available For Streaming Today


International threats, hacking scandals, a major production company brought to its knees and a hilarious Dr. Evil Saturday Night Live bit later, these past couple of months have been a wild ride for Sony’s film The Interview. Starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, the premise of the film is centered around two talk show hosts being tasked with assassinating the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

It is widely believed, even by the FBI, that North Korea is responsible for retaliating against Sony with a massive data breach that exposed many terabytes of confidential information from Sony’s computers to the world. The data released globally ranged from completed films like Annie to medical records of famous celebrities. Read more

Samsung Experience Store in London closes after decline in sales


Samsung has closed one of its flagship retail stores in Europe just as the year comes to an end. A notice was placed on the store’s window saying it “is now closed.” The inside materials, including tables and shelves, have already been taken down. The closing of the Samsung Experience Store in London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping center, Samsung told The Verge, will not affect any of the nine remaining stores in the United Kingdom. The expansion of sixty new locations across Europe is presumably being revised due to the closing of the flagship retail store.

The reasoning for Samsung’s decision is simple: declining sales. Samsung relies heavily upon its smartphone and tablet sales; however, the company has not met its expectations from forecasts. Retail stores have been facing declining sales for years due to online shopping. The Samsung Experience Store in London is just another victim of that.

Via: The Verge