A Guide To Setup Up Exchange Email, Calendar & Contact Sync on Motorola DROID

Released back in November, the Motorola Droid contains a number of features and is known for its convenient and helpful office capabilities, such as Microsoft exchange based email, a calendar and synchronization of contacts. Despite its basis on Google services, it is indeed possible to set up Microsoft exchange based services. This article aims to provide simple instructions that anybody could follow with ease.

Setting up Exchange Mail, Contact Sync and Calendar

The basic email application that is already present on the Droid will set up these services simply. Before you can begin you must already have an Exchange server in place with active sync and OWA configured. It is also recommended that you have SSL configured for security.

  1. Open the application menu by tapping the upward arrow.
  2. Tap the email icon towards the bottom of the list.
  3. Enter your full email address name@company.com and account password and tap Next.
  4. Three options should be listed on the side: POP3 account, IMAP account and Exchange Account.
  5. Select Exchange Account.
  6. Now you need to enter your exchange username in the form of domain\username then enter your account password if it is not auto-filled from step 3.
  7. Next you need to enter your exchange server name. This will be in the form of mailserver.domain.com
  8. Also remember to check the box next to Use Secure Connection (SSL) then tap Done. (Note: you may also need to check Accept all SSL certificates)
  9. Continue configuring the remaining options as desired then tap Next. These options should be how often the email is checked, the amount that should be synchronized, to sync contacts from the account in question and whether or not to notify the user when new mail arrives.
  10. Assign an account name if desired.
  11. Assign a display name for the email account.
  12. Tap Done.

If all of the credentials were entered correctly, the email and contacts should synchronize immediately. Emails will show up in the inbox immediately. In this section, more options can be changed if desired. Simply tap the Menu icon, which is directly left of the icon labeled Home. Then tap Account Settings. Options that may be changed are as follows:

  • Account name
  • Your name
  • Email check frequency
  • Amount to synchronize
  • Default account if desired
  • Email notifications
  • Select ringtone
  • Vibrate
  • Incoming settings to modify server settings
  • Sync contacts
  • John Elliott

    I have just tried to load a second email address to receive my mail from another work site but do not seem to have any clear instructions on how to add a 2nd address.

  • j

    I need help setting up an exchange email on a droid 2

  • Pete

    Just had my driod 2 delivered and also need help with settig up exchange. When setting up a new account I have the options of Pop3 and IMPA, not exchange. I’d actually just want to sync with my webmail.domain.com account. Any ideas?

  • http://www.stafforddev.com Tom Conner

    They have changed this on the DROID II. They have an icon for Corporate Sync that takes you straight to configuring an Exchange email account.

  • Mark

    I just got off the phone w Verizon Wireless tech support. Sam says the data plan that costs $30/mo does not cover exchange email. You need to upgrade to the Corporate Smartphone Data Plan for $44/mo.

  • Matt Burdusis

    not true. exchange sync works with the $30 data plan. I’ve been doing it for over a year and I just set my boss up on a Droid2 with exchange sync.

  • Brett R

    Active Sync would stopped working for me. The email would sync only if I force updated it. THe calendar and contacts would not sync. After following these instructions to get into the recovery mode. I was able to wipe the cache and reboot. Once I rebooted everything worked great again!

    1. Turn Droid 2 Off

    2. Press ‘X’ on the physical keyboard and then Press and HOLD Power button until the Exclamation Point/Android picture shows(after motorola symbol).

    3. To access menu options Press the “Search” button depicted by the Magnifying glass on the Keyboard and the menu items will show up.

    4. Browse options with the Volume Up and Volume Down keys and select option with the Camera button all on side.

    5. Select first option of “Reboot phone” or risk messing up your brand new Droid 2!

  • http://www.drunkonwriting.com Robert L

    Hey Brett, Thanks! I was just randomly surfing and came on this page and by chance, I had the same problem as you, just hadn’t given it any thought. Nice to get a solution that easy. And it worked perfectly!


  • JPM

    After a long period of frustation, I finally realized that in order to input an Exchange email account, I did not have to go into the little red “email” icon, but INSTEAD from a

    -Add Account
    -noticed 2 blue arrows (CORPORATE SYNC), (similiar to the green recycle arrows used in our society’s recycle programs).

    -I tapped on the blue corporate Sync, and put in the required information hit next.

    It came back with a “notice” which I then had to actually add the server info from the email account I was adding. Pretty simple. It tells you “success” if you do it right.

  • smb

    That’s exactly the info I needed. All other instructions say go through the email icon. Thanks.

  • SteveO

    Just use the Corporate Sync

  • Jared

    Took me weeks to find a way to sync my corporate account. Finally someone posted it right. Thank you

  • Kelly

    I followed the steps that JPM suggested. It’s asking to put in server info…This may be a stupid question but how do I know/find my info name?

  • Kelly

    I followed the steps that JPM suggested. It’s asking to put in server info…This may be a stupid question but how do I know/find my server info?

  • Jack J

    I had this working fine on my Verizon Droid 2, then it died and I got a replacement. The software in the new phone is a little different.

    When I go to Corporate Sync there are 4 fields: Email Address, Password, Domain (not required) and Username (not required). There is no place to enter the server address. If I fill in my Email Address and Password and press Next, it says “Adding your Corporate Sync account” for a while, then “Error, Login the the account failed, please try again”, with an OK button.

    How do I enter the server address?

  • Lisa

    JMP, THANK YOU for those easy to follow instructions!! I finally got this working.

  • Lisa

    OOPS, that should have said THANKS to JPM!

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  • David Kolberg

    This totally does not work on the Droid 3! There is no option for an Exchange e-mail account on my phone.

  • Kevin

    How do i set up a shortcut for the corporate sync

  • http://www.northernnevadachamber.org Jesse

    I have a user in my network with a droid 2 with a corporate email. We upgraded our work connection to a T-1 and all of a sudden the phone stopped getting emails. I had our provider open up port 25 to allow emails but still no go. When i delete account and re-add it even lets me get to the “success!” screen, but the phone still doesnt download emails… any ideas?

  • http://bit.ly/List_Of_Ratblats_Themes ratblat

    New theme added.

  • Tim

    Note to Jack J. Did you get that issue resolved? I have the same issue and have not enough fields as before. I need to enter a webmail address and cannot figure out where to do it. There were more fields in the old setup – Help. Tim

  • Jack J

    Yes, I finally figured it out.

    From the initial Add Account screen in Corporate Sync I pressed the Menu key and then “Set up manually”. It then shows the extra fields that previously were always shown.

  • Tim

    To Jack J: Many thanks – works for me now. Tim

  • Daniel B

    Well here is another useless piece of information that pretty much just outlines the obvious. The only reason I decided to respond to the thread is because I am feed up with intelligent people taking the time to write a post and not really paying attention to what they’re writing. This was not only uninformative but a waste of time.

    Regards Daniel B.

    • rev


  • David

    Do you have to have a valid certificate for Corp Sync to work as we have a self signed cert? The reason that I ask is that I can’t connect to our SBS server no matter what permutations I choose. Active Sync is working and all users are pointing to that policy. I can get in through OWA but I can’t get Corp Sync to sync. What am I missing?

  • Jack J

    The Exchange server I’m connecting to uses a self signed cert, so I don’t think that is your problem.

  • Carl

    Okay so how do you set this up if you ONLY want to sync your Calendar(s) from Exchange?  I moved from iOS to Android recently, and am battling to find this specific switch.  In iOS you could independently sync Calendar / Mail / Contact … is there a switch like this in Android (I am running 2.3.6)?

    • Anugrah

      I also have same query. Only want to sync my calendar.

  • Thall17

     I get a login to account failed, please try again. Others in my compnay are connecting fine, seems only to be the Verizon phones that are having this issue?

    Any ideas? When I look in the even viewer on the server it shows my ID all uppercase with an error of invalid username or password. I have reset my password and even tried to configure wiht someone elses known good id…..

  • Zydrow

    Plz answer this,after i write in my e-mail account and password this comes up, write exchange server. Where do i find the name of the server i need?

    • John Mohler

      If you use Outlook web access, you can use that same address for here as it represents the autodiscover address for OWA, ActiveSync, etc.

      • John Mohler

        For instance, in OWA and for device setup I use mail.domainname.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000776239945 Jason Johnson

    Why does it tell me I need to activate and give the exchenge server the ability to remote access my phone and do a factory default and all sorts of other ridiculous things?

    • John Mohler

      It is likely due to the exchange activesync policies in place on the server you are connecting to. The Exchange console includes a remote wipe ability and it is notifying you that the admins there can remotely wipe your device.