How to change your Google app Home or Work locations

When you first configure the Google app, you can add Home or Work locations so that you get better contextual feedback on driving distances, traffic and so on. But, what if you move or change jobs? You need to update your personal information so that Google can adjust itself accordingly.

Let’s show you how to keep locations updated on your Android device.

1. First, if you haven’t already, check to make sure the Google app on your Android phone or tablet is updated. Go ahead and launch the app if it’s ready to go.

2: In the top left corner, select the menu button (or swipe from left to right). Head into Customize and look under the Places section. This is where you can update your information for locations.

3: While you can’t delete your Home or Work locations, you can tap either of them to change the address.

Need any help? Let us know in the comments. We’ll see if we can lead you in the right direction.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • jcauseyfd

    I think the most useful thing I just learned is that Google finally added a way to get to “My Places” from the new Maps interface in the desktop browser. Granted, it just drops you back into the classic maps product and it is hidden in the settings gear icon. Still, that is a little bit of an improvement compared to when the new maps first rolled out.

  • anto

    Yes but it’s annoying that there’s no way to choose a placemark or gps coordinates for your home or work address especially in those cases where the maps are not as accurate as they should be as it happens in some countries or small towns – in Italy at least…

    • Tehpriest

      Same here. New build but no way to mark it out. CF32 8PH. Shown as other side of road 200 meters further on

  • MtnM4n20

    You can now change those location simply by pressing the search button on the phone, then scrolling to the bottom of your screen with all the cards. Press the wand in the corner and you can customize all sorts of stuff. Anybody know how to add a work and school address? It only let’s me add my home, then a work or school address, but not both.

  • BadgerBoy

    In your desktop browser, Right Click to bring up menu and choose “Directions to here”. In my case it brought up GPS coords. Copy these and then go to “My Places” and choose either Home or Work and Edit. Paste in the GPS coords and hit save.

  • linguafranca

    tarded. i see no simple way to add/ change/ set home, work, school, whatever

  • Tom Kelsall

    Google Now has decided that I work at the local supermarket and offers me a “Directions to Work” card every day. It asks me “Use this as your daily commute?” but doesn’t offer “No” as an option. This is SHIT, google. SORT IT OUT.

    • Mex5150

      Same problem here, I’ve even manually set work to the correct location, but it still keeps trying to send me to the place it has picked. Bloody annoying!

  • Debbi Hogan

    I don’t have a “work” location and a random address was somehow added. How do I eliminate this category?

  • Anon

    Thank you!

  • Nitish

    Why can’t we have an option to set the current location as home/work address?

    • Apoph15

      Why would you need to? Do you not know your own home/work address?

      • IronHeart

        But google doesn’t recognised my road correctly and google now always point me that I am 7 minutes away from my home.

      • kmdavisjr

        You would need to if you wanted to set one of your trusted places to “home” to bypass the lock screen on your android phone when you are at home. So there’s that…

    • fee

      I know right. I need this too, Google doesn’t recognize my exact home address. It points at someone else’s house which is approximately 50 meters away from mine.

      • Jerome

        You can touch and hold at your location to drop a pin, remember the address that shows up, an then type it in

      • Joff

        Of course you Gen Y’ers ‘know’ right…..LOLOLOL

    • Tony

      Just wondering if you figured out how to do it?

      • Tony

        Only asking because you can do it, just don’t want to go to the trouble of explaining if you already know. :)

  • Tom Barrister

    Thanks. That’s just what I needed.

  • Tim Housden

    I moved house about 4 weeks ago and I set my new home as “home” in Google Now. However, Google isn’t having any of that and repeatedly shows me a card based on my old post code and asks if I want to set that as my home. There isn’t an option to say no, just Set and Edit. It’s a minor annoyance but an annoyance none the less. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to get rid of this?

    • Joff

      Google are up their own arses….

    • Ellesmere Vale

      Worked for me by selecting the edit option then entering the new data.

    • Kel

      Go to Google Location Settings instead of Edit Home or Work. Then select My Places and change your info in there.

  • Joff

    Fucking useless Google! Sooner Google are fucked off the better! No time for this ARROGANT entity!

  • Keith Rowcliffe

    I’m retired and don’t want a work location at all but there’s no obvious way to get rid. And it won’t let me set home because it thinks I live along the ro

  • Sherry Holliday

    I have two different addresses I use as home, depending on the day. Is there any way to set a home 1 and home 2?

  • Lynn

    why why why why can’t we delete these addresses already? I was searching for an answer and found comments going back to 2012 asking for this simple change.