Google may separate Photos from Google+ in the near future


Google’s Photo features are some of the most attractive aspects of Google+, including automatic backup, aut0-awesome effects, stories, sharing, etc. The Photos section of Google’s social network is extremely robust and offers one of the best solutions for cloud backup on Android. In an attempt to gain more users, however, it looks like Google might be planning on spinning off Photos into a standalone service separate from Google+.
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Google Now Launcher appears to support a few new devices {Update – all devices with Android 4.1+]


Since its release, the Google Now Launcher has only officially worked with Nexus and Google Play Edition devices. It’s not difficult to sideload the app to work on many other devices, but if you wanted it through the Play Store, you had to own one of Google’s “compatible” devices. With the latest update to the launcher, though, it seems like Google is opening up the application to many more devices.
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Google Workshop project looks to bring customization to Nexus accessories


Google appears to be working on a new method to custom accessories for Nexus devices that is currently dubbed Google Workshop. From the looks of it, Google may have learned a few things from their Motorola experiment, including the Moto Maker platform for creating customized Moto X devices. Google Workshop takes some of those same concepts and applies them to the production of cases and live wallpapers for the Nexus 5. It is unclear whether it would expand to other devices if it goes live.
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Android gobbles up 85 percent of global smartphone shipments in Q2 2014


According to new industry data from Strategy Analytics, Android is doing pretty well.

The numbers show that the operating system shipped on roughly 85 percent of all smartphones in Q2 2014 — the total shipments came out to 295 million units worldwide.

This can’t be good news for Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry, although their numbers are most likely much better when the statistics are including only American shipments.

To see the full report, hit the source link.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Google Hangouts made more business-friendly with latest changes

google_hangoutsGoogle really wants businesses to use Hangouts for video chat, but the problem is that there are so many different alternatives with different features. Google is trying to get a leg up, by announcing that anyone with a Google account can now enter a video Hangout, regardless of whether or not the user has a Google+ profile. In addition, another big change is that up to 15 Google Apps users can be part of an HD Hangout.

In addition to those two big changes, there are numerous other updates, including additional markets for the Chromebox for meetings hardware, and increased customer support. They are outlined in the source link below.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog

64-bit support for Chrome now in beta for Windows users


If you’re running Windows on your computer, you’re in luck.

In Google’s most recent beta version of Chrome, the browser added 64-bit support. The support had been previously available in the Canary and developer editions of the browser, but it was a bit buggy.

Now, the capability is pretty solid (of course there will be a few hiccups), but this is the closest we’ve been to a stable 64-bit browser from Google. If you’re interested in getting the beta release, just head to the source link.

Source: Google Chrome