YouTube TV starts streaming in five U.S. cities

Today, YouTube TV debuts in five major U.S. cities as Google prepares itself for battle in the live television streaming race. It’s a sign that, before fully going against experienced competitors, YouTube TV will be fine-tuned before a nationwide release. Google wants to ensure everything is working properly before the masses can join the service and enjoy live video streaming from major television channels from any device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 won’t play nice with Daydream, Google’s VR platform

Don’t expect to get the benefits of two virtual reality platforms when your Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives later this month. It turns out you’ll only be able to use the Gear VR if you want an immersive experience on the phone. Samsung, though it may have had no choice, isn’t letting its users enjoy Google’s offering for virtual reality on mobile devices.

Final release for Android O tentatively scheduled for Q3 2017

It won’t be too long until you’re looking at Android O on your phone or tablet. Google shared its tentative schedule for the new version’s milestones, and it put the final release in the third quarter of 2017. Up until then, the Android O Developer Preview will see at least three updates. It’s all to ensure Android O is ready for the platform’s massive number of users.