Google recaps education efforts in 2015 while looking ahead to 2016


The Google for Education team posted a letter today to their “Friends and Family” recounting the success that Google had in the classroom during 2015. The biggest news for Google in the education market is most assuredly the fact that they have captured such a large portion of the market in a very short time frame. Analysts had noted last month that Google had captured a majority of the market for computer devices used in educational settings. The Google for Education team reiterated in their letter today that customers are activating an average of 30,000 Chromebooks every school day. Read more

Google Now Launcher update brings landscape mode and normalized icon sizes


If you’re a fan of the traditional stock Android interface, you’ll be glad to hear that Google will be pushing out an update for its Now Launcher through the Play Store over the course of the next few days. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade bundles compatibility for landscape orientation of the home screen, together with a new normalized icon size, which is guaranteed to keep your display looking neat and tidy.

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Google shuffles execs to improve focus on VR, enterprise space


Google has confirmed, although they have issued no comment, that business unit assignments have shifted around some within the search giant impacting two key executives. The moves signal an apparent desire by Google to ramp up its focus on virtual reality solutions and at the same time move some consumer oriented solutions to be better positioned for the enterprise space. Read more