Expect Nexus devices to receive monthly security updates from now on


Amid the concerns of Android’s Stagefright vulnerability, Google has commented on the protection of its own devices. Nexus devices ranging from the Nexus 7 to the Nexus 6 will now be covered by monthly security updates. The company pointed out that Android being open source means that potential security risks can be identified and addressed by anyone to strengthen the platform.

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Google and MIT showcase photography algorithm that eliminates reflections


If you’ve ever watched an episode of Law & Order or CSI, you have probably noticed some outlandish forensic work involving photographs being used to aid the show’s team of detectives in furthering their investigation. Sometimes it’s clearing up pixelations or using a minute reflection in a window to read some perp’s name tag, which are all things that’s mostly cooked up in fantasy.

Until now…

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Google and AT&T join in Apple iMessage lawsuit


After users discovered Apple’s iMessage platform contained an alleged “bug” that prevented users from receiving some text messages after switching to an Android phone, some former Apple customers filed a lawsuit alleging Apple’s actions were illegal. Apple has been fighting off the claims, mostly in secret, even as they launched a tool to help customers make the transition from iPhones to Android smartphones. The stakes may have ratcheted up a bit recently as both Google and AT&T have filed motions with the federal courts to access materials being filed during the lawsuit’s discovery phase. Read more

Google Apps admins get new controls over YouTube content


As Google continues to extend their reach into the corporate, education and enterprise environments by providing a full stack of services through their Google Apps platforms, they have rolled out a new tool today to help admin achieve a little more control over content accessible by their users. The latest update involves YouTube and gives Google Apps admins the ability to restrict YouTube content their users can access. Read more

Google Play Music celebrates Barack Obama’s birthday with curated radio station

google play music white houseIn celebration of Barack Obama’s 54th birthday, Google Play Music is offering a curated radio station of the President’s favorite songs. There’s a decent bit of variety on the station, ranging from Jay-Z to The Temptation, so if you’re interested in getting some insight into Obama’s musical tastes, this is the best way to do it. Read more

Project Tango development kits get availability details

project tango development tabletIf you’ve been itching to buy a Project Tango development kit, Google has clarified some availability for the tablets. They’ll be available in South Korea and Canada starting today, with many other countries following on August 26th.

Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are on the list slated for availability by the end of the month, joining the US, Canada, and South Korea. That’s a pretty full list of places to pick up one of these if you’re interested in developing for it. Read more

Microsoft wins case against Google in patent royalty battle

Google HQ

Google’s nose has been bloodied slightly with the news that Microsoft has emerged victorious with a court ruling in a case that has been dragging on since 2010. The ruling could result in a decrease in royalty payments paid by electronics manufacturers for patents pertaining to Wi-Fi and video downloads. The case was a tit-for-tat move on Motorola’s part because of the lawsuit that Microsoft filed a month before claiming Motorola infringed on several Microsoft patents in Android smartphones.

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