Duolingo valued at $470 million after new $45 million investment round

duolingoDuolingo, the free app that helps you quickly learn a new language, has announced that they’ve received a new round of investor funding led by Google Capital. This round ended up at around $45 million, bringing the company’s total funds raised to $83.3 million. Duolingo says its valuation now sits at around $470 million.

The service has more than 100 million global users, and Duolingo claims that more people are using its app to learn new languages than the entire US public school system. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Read more

Gmail app gets Oauth support for Yahoo! and Microsoft mail accounts

Gmail-bannerGoogle’s Gmail app for Android has gotten some extra new security features that will be very important for those of you using a Yahoo! or Microsoft account. The new update brings Oauth support for both accounts, bringing the security of using those email addresses closer to what you’ll typically experience with Gmail.

Oauth allows users to take advantage of two-step authentication and Google’s account recovery process, both of which are staple security features in 2015. If you use either a Yahoo! or Microsoft mail account in your Gmail app, keep an eye out for this update over the next few days. Read more

Dropcam successor from Nest inbound according to FCC documents

DropcamNest is holding a press conference on June 17th, and it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll announce their first new Dropcam model since being acquired by Google early last year. An FCC filing for a new wireless camera from Nest Labs Inc. hints at some of the hardware that’ll be in the device.

The filing details support for Bluetooth 4.0, plus the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard that Nest offers in their Dropcam Pro model. Aside from that, the listing does also seem to indicate that the camera will have a circular, flat base, which is typical for Dropcam as it’s capable of being mounted to a wall. Read more

Google working on new interface for Play Store in web browser


Thanks to a sharp-eyed user on Reddit, we have some screenshots showing what appears to be an updated user interface for the Google Play Store when users visit it using a web browser on the desktop. Since the new interface only appears to be available for a small subset of users, it seems likely Google may be conducting some A/B testing before rolling this update out. The new interface takes some cues from the card design concept that is part of Google’s Material Design and brings it over to the desktop. Read more

Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app seeks to peel people away from Android


The battle to switch users from competing platforms will intensity with the arrival of Apple’s Move to iOS app. The app, as the name suggets, will transfer just about everything in some form from an Android device to an iOS device. This includes contacts, messages, photographs and videos, songs, and books. Really, Apple will handle it all for you. Paid apps, however, will have to be purchased once again and Apple will pin them to a user’s iTunes Wish List.

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