Low-end processor support indicates that Chromebooks can get even cheaper

by Justin Herrick on
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Thought $199 was cheap for a Chromebook? Or how about $179 for a Chromebox? Get ready, because the race to the bottom for a Chrome OS device has not even started. Found within the code for the backbone of Chrome OS is support for a low-end processor with the source being MediaTek. Low-end means that the prices would drop; however, do know that performance would also drop. Currently, there are Chromebooks out there that experience problems with multiple tabs being opened at once. That is why Intel stepped forward to support the operating system with quality processors at decent price points. That company has backed Chromebooks with its Bay Trail, Celeron, and Haswell processors.

Source: Chromium
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Google Camera gets another update with Photo Sphere improvements

by Jared Peters on
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Google released an update to the Google Camera on the Play Store just a few days ago that brought some Android Wear functionality. Also part of that update isn’t quite as big, but it does fix a lot of issues that users had with Photo Sphere and related modes.

Photo Sphere has been improved so it has a larger target area, which is extremely helpful in bright sunlight. This change should make creating Photo Spheres much, much easier. Aside from that small tweak, Photo Spheres should use less memory during the stitching process, which will supposedly cut down on crashes in the camera app. That performance change should also affect related camera modes, including Fish Eye, Panorama, and Wide Angle.

source: Google+

[APK Download] Update to Google Camera puts Android Wear devices to work

by Justin Herrick on


Need a way to snap photos with your smartphone without actually touching your smartphone? Don’t laugh, it can be done! The latest update to the Google Camera app makes it possible to do just that. Now, when paired with an Android Wear device, users can use the display as a remote shutter button. In addition to tapping to shutter, the smartwatch can also show a countdown for when the photo will be taken. And finally, the update allows Android Wear devices to display photos that were just taken.

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[APK Download] Gmail app update allows sharing Drive files

by Justin Herrick on
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One of the most common things to do when composing an email is attaching a file. With any email client, this is pivotal. For some reason though, the Gmail app for Android has lacked the ability to attach files from Drive. That changes today with an update that allows users to insert files from Drive. If the file is not already shared with the recipient, you can quickly do so from within the app.

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You can now easily correct a misheard word in Google Now with “no I said” command

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Google Now car rental

Has Google Now ever misheard a word you meant to say?

Chances are, it has. Although the service is pretty damn accurate, it’s still a developing technology and has a ways to go before being perfect. Google knows its product isn’t perfect, and in addition to improving voice recognition in Google Search, it has now added a “no I said ___” command for when the app mishears something you said.

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Google Now voice media controls incoming

by Robert Nazarian on
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It looks like some people are enjoying voice controls for media that is currently playing as part of Google Now. So far the only commands available are “Next Song” and “Stop”, but we can only assume more options like “pause” will be added when it’s officially released. It appears that only a a few people have it now which means the full rollout could happen within the next few weeks.

You can easily check to see if you have it. Just say “OK Google,  Next Song” and you will see the screenshot at the top left if the update has been pushed to your device. If not, you will see the top right screenshot and you will hear, “Media controls are not supported on this device.” It’s also weird that you need to tap your device in order to play the next song. Hopefully that will change.

You can see a video of this in action by jumping past the break.

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Google and MAKE launch 3rd annual virtual summer camp for fun DIY projects

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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maker camp

Google and MAKE have teamed up once again to organize their third annual “Maker Camp” through Google+.

The online summer camp is entirely free and open to anyone, and provides interested participants with fun, summer DIY projects, such as soda bottle rocket fireworks, glowing bikes and LED shoe clips. There are also weekly virtual field trips to places like NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Google [x] and Lego Education.

Those without Internet connection can gather at one of 500 local “campsites” hosted by libraries and community centers  around the world. To get started, just follow +Make on Google+. Hit the break for a promotional video of the camp.

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