Gmail introduces custom theme sharing option

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Gmail is offering a new feature much similar to the Gmail Shelfie April Fool’s joke. The new feature now allows Gmail users to share their custom theme with their friends, families or anyone. That said, you can now go to Settings, and under Themes, you’ll find the “Share your theme” option which requires you to choose how you want to share your custom theme…. either by sending an email, by Google+, or even by copying and sharing the link provided.

Google will be sharing some of their favorite themes as well on Google+ every Thursday so be sure to check it out. » Read the rest

Here are the new features Google is working on for Gmail

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Gmail just turned 10, and it has evolved a lot over the years. That evolution isn’t going to stop, so what new things can we expect? A few screenshots leaked that show more tabs, a new pin system, and a new snooze feature.

Last year, Google introduced tabs, which include Social, Promotions, Forums, and Updates. A future update is likely to include additional tabs such as Travel, Purchases, and Finance. I’m not a big fan of the tabs, so we will have to see how this works out.

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Privacy concerns regarding Google’s Street View headed to Supreme Court

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Last September, an appeals court ruled that Google’s Street View Wi-Fi sniffing tactics violated the Wiretap Act, and now Google is asking the Supreme Court to overrule that decision.

In order to get accurate Street View data, Google sniffs unencrypted Wi-Fi networks such as nearby homes and businesses. Some people see it as wiretapping, but Google thinks capturing unencrypted Wi-Fi is not wiretapping. After further investigations, it was found that an engineer was electronically eavesdropping as part of a 20-percent project, but he also urged the company’s legal team to “weigh in” before deploying the code to the Street View fleet.  That request “slipped through the cracks,” and Google apologized with the understanding they would destroy the never used data.

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Google’s improved camera app will focus on portrait shots and effects

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Google has been focusing a lot on their camera app on Android, and they are almost ready to show off exactly what they’ve been working on. Sources close to Google have revealed that the tech giant is testing the new app, sporting a refreshed UI, a background blurring effect for portrait photos, and improved panorama shots. Google is also reportedly fixing issues with the default photo framing, and users will be able to take photos with a 100& no-crop viewfinder.

Not only will Google make the improvements outlined above, but they will also make the app more easily extendable, allowing for third-party filters. The update will be released through a standalone update to the camera app, rather than through the Android 4.4.3 update.

Source: Engadget

Breaking: Google buys Samsung Electronics for $200 billion in cash and stock

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If you thought for a second that Google was out of the hardware business, then think again. In what came out of nowhere, Bloomberg is reporting that Google just made a deal to buy Samsung Electronics for $200 billion in cash and stock. We aren’t talking just the mobile division folks, we are talking the whole shabang, including TVs, appliances, display panels, and semiconductors.

We found it hard to believe that Google would buy Motorola and turn around and sell it to Lenovo pretty quickly, but I think it’s clear that Motorola was too limited. Motorola only dealt with the mobile side, but in order for Google to bring Android to the next level, TVs and appliances need to be in the mix as well. Owning both companies at the same time would certainly be an antitrust issue.

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Google likely to play key role in latest Apple patent trial with Samsung

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Apple and Samsung were scheduled to return to the courtroom today in the latest round of legal disputes between the two smartphone giants. Unlike the first trial that focused heavily on hardware issues, this new round will emphasize software, especially features found in the Android and iOS operating systems. That focus on software features found in Android means Google will play a much larger role this time around. » Read the rest

Google+ adds view counts to user profiles

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talkandroid_plusGoogle+ has added another metric to user profiles. You can now see how many views a profile’s posts and pictures have received. The number is visible in the header of the profile, right next to the number of followers. If that’s not really your style, you can hide the number from your profile in the settings, the same way you can hide the number of circles you are a part of.

While you’re checking out the new feature, go ahead and put +Talk Android in your circles.

Source: +Eddie Kessler


Google April Fools’ Day jokes for 2014

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[We will update this post as more jokes come in]

To check out last year’s antics, click here.

Google seeking the best Pokémon Master to bring Google Maps to the next dimension

Using Maps on their Android or iOS device, applicants need to find each and every one of the wild Pokémon. All applicants that are able to collect every Pokémon will be invited to the Googleplex for the final round of hiring. The winner will be deemed, Pokémon Master, and will start employment at Google on September 1, 2014. Now, yes, this is a joke, but the best part of it is that if you go into Google Maps now on your Android phone or iPhone, tap the search bar and press on the “Press Start” link, you will start seeing Pokémon now. I kid you not. You have until April 2 at 2:00pm PST to capture all of them. Good luck and check out the video below…..

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Bill reminders and payment links might be coming to Google Now

by Jared Peters on
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Nexus 5 Google Now

Android Police recently decompiled the latest Google Now .apk file and found some pretty interesting bits of code that may turn into a helpful Google Now feature in the near future. According to the teardown, there are some strings and information that indicate that Google will be able to remind you about when you have bills coming up, and will even offer quick links to pay them online.

A reminder might, for example, show you a credit card payment that’s due soon, complete with the total balance on the account, the minimum payment due, and a link to the card’s website for payment. Sounds great on paper, but as with any other financial information, it’s some pretty sensitive stuff. It looks like Google will at least hide some of the account numbers for things like credit cards, and you can turn the feature off completely, of course. » Read the rest

Google is cleaning up the Play Store’s sexually explicit material, naughty apps no longer welcome

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Google is done letting people get down and dirty with the Play Store. The Google Play Developer Program policies are getting revamped and it should expel any “erotic” content from the store. So your eyeballs will need a new storefront to glean upon as you wipe the drool from your face. While there was nothing very raunchy found in the Play Store, there was certainly some content that should not have been there since it is a store for everyone. For example, there were some wallpaper apps with scantily clad women. There is a time and a place and the Play Store just isn’t that place. » Read the rest