Google testing out new interface for Android’s calendar app

by Jared Peters on
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Google calendar new UI

Google has been internally testing out a new design for the calendar app in Android, and some screenshots of the new interface have leaked out for us to take a look at. The app is picking up a much cleaner look, abandoning the grids and lines that we’re used to in favor a slightly more colorful, flat, minimalist design. There’s a daily agenda feature and a heavy dose of social integration thanks to Google’s massive push with Google+.

The daily agenda feature rounds up all of your events for the day, including contact birthdays and information from G+, and pools them into one place for you to look at. Many other third-party calendars and OEM skin calendars have been doing this for a while now, so that would be a very nice addition to the stock Google calendar. There’s also a new separate birthdays menu that will show you upcoming birthdays from your contacts. It looks like a nice way be able to keep up with your friends’ birthdays without having it clutter up the rest of your calendar. » Read the rest

Google targets Windows XP users with Chromebook promotion

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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With the end of Windows XP support by Microsoft, Google is trying to take advantage of this opportunity by focusing more on hardware, especially the Chromebook, and to make it popular among enterprises.

The company announced today that upon buying Chromebooks for Business, it will offer a $100 discount off each managed device purchased. In addition, Google has partnered with Citrix and VMware to offer two more promotions as well. A $200 discount will be provided on Chromebooks for Business for those who buy it with VMware Desktop as a Service. Citrix is also offering a 25% discount off its Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition, which includes AppDNA software to help speed up migration from Windows XP to the newest versions.

Source: Google Blog


Google Glass might have saved this patient’s life

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google Glass certainly has an uphill battle with consumers and their perception of privacy, but aside from the fear of someone filming them while they sip a coffee at Starbucks, Google Glass could be a valuable tool in so many other ways. Take the medical profession for example.

Five doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston are part of a pilot program in which they regularly wear Google Glass. Dr. Steve Horng was helping a patient suffering from massive brain bleeding, and thanks to Glass. was able to see that the patient had severe allergic reactions to blood pressure medications. This kind of information is usually only found on another computer or tablet. The doctor would have had to leave the patient, find the info, and scrub again. Because of Glass, Doctor Horng was able to start the treatment immediately. He went on to say….

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Functional Project Ara prototype will be finished this month

by Justin Herrick on


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review recently spent some time with the Project Ara development team and it seems like the modular phone has come a very long way. The team’s project leader, Paul Eremenko, says Google is providing the “endoskeleton” for all of the modules users can input. The amount of modules? Eight on the back and two up front. The two on the front will be for a display and a button panel in addition to power and data modules that use MIPI UniPro technology. And modules will not be clicking or snapping in. Magnets hold them into place. » Read the rest

Google I/O registration pushed to next week

by Robert Nazarian on
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If you were looking to register for this year’s Google I/O today, you will have to wait until next week. Originally scheduled for today, Google has pushed it until April 15th – April 18th.

According to a post on Google+, they are making the registration process easier. That is always a good thing right? It will still work just like previously explained. Applicants will have 3 days to enter their registration, and there will be a random drawing shortly after the registration closes. Applicants will also get an email notifying them if they won.

source: +Google Developers

Google may be returning to your living room with Android TV

by Justin Herrick on
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Google TV is long gone, but Android TV may be resurrecting Google’s plans to own your living room. The Verge has obtained documents that spill the beans on what Google plans to do with Android TV. It is nothing like Google TV since Android TV is merely an interface to sit over a display and not an actual platform. So Android TV will be more like Apple TV, Roku, and even the new Amazon Fire TV. Android, of course, can be found at the core. » Read the rest

Google removed the SMS feature from Gmail Chat

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Google‘s experimental SMS feature which was released for Gmail Chat back in 2008 has now been removed. This means that users can no longer send an SMS to their mobile contacts via Gmail Chat. Google said users can switch to Hangouts and choose to receive messages in SMS settings.

However, US and Canada users can send an SMS through Google Voice or switch to Hangouts and “continue receiving SMS messages as follow-me (i.e. if you’re offline and receive a Hangout message, you’ll get an SMS message).” The company said that “by streamlining our services, we’re able to focus on creating the best possible products for our users”. » Read the rest

Google Play Store’s new ‘People’ option gives you recommendations based on your friends

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google is updating the Play Store with a new option called “People.” This section will give you recommendations based on what your Google+ friends are using. This includes apps, books, music, movies, etc. The higher they rate them, the more likely you will see them.

The good news is that it’s not in your face. You will only see these recommendations if you open the section. You find it by tapping on the hamburger menu at the top left, which reveals the main slide-out menu. Just choose “People” under “My Wishlist.”

What is strange is that this new option appears in the current version of the Play Store app (version 4.6.17), but it’s being rolled out slowly. I have checked at least 5 or 6 devices, and neither of them have it yet. So if you don’t have it yet, be patient because there is no APK download that I know that will force it.

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Google takes us behind the scenes to peek at Project Ara development

by Jeff Causey on
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As Google prepares for a developers conference later this month for their modular smartphone project, known as Project Ara, they took some time to share a peek behind the scenes of some of the ongoing work. The video that was released focuses on a few areas of development, like the electro-permanent magnet system that has been designed to hold the modules in place. They also showed a little bit about how they will be utilizing 3D printing to produce parts with different colors and textures. » Read the rest