Google IO 2017 Coverage

ZTE Axon 8 may have surfaced on TENAA site

A new device showed up on the TENAA site, the Chinese equivalent of the FCC database with information about device’s submitted for certification, and it may be this year’s ZTE flagship smartphone. The device is listed in the TENAA database as the A2018. The ZTE Axon 7 was originally listed as the A2017. Besides the model number similarities, the design revealed in  photos and overall size point to this device being the successor to the Axon 7, which is likely to be called the Axon 8.

Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and headphones have leaked

We haven’t seen any genuine new hardware from Fitbit since their Pebble acquisition, and after all of the financially troubling rumors about the company, there were some questions about when to actually expect anything.

Well, there’s still no solid info about Fitbit’s next set of fitness tracking wearables, but some new photos will at least give us a glimpse at what they’re working on.

Possible OnePlus 5 camera samples pop up online

OnePlus 5 rumors are ramping up as we get closer to something being officially announced, and the next leak gives us a nice sneak preview of what the flagship killer’s next camera can do. A handful of photos have surfaced online, shot from a smartphone with the model number A5000. Remember that the OnePlus 3 has the model number A3000, and we’re likely going to skip the number 4 due to some complex Chinese cultural issues.