OnePlus tweaks name of next device, feeds the Snapdragon 810 monster


Although OnePlus may have annoyed some buyers with their invite system and some marketing gaffes for their inaugural smartphone during 2014, the company succeeded in creating quite a bit of demand for their OnePlus One. That success has led many to watch the company to see what 2015 will hold for a successor. Sources have revealed some information about the name for the next device and some release schedule projections that feed into the issues swirling around the Snapdragon 810 processor.
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Next Coolpad Ivvi handset could be just 4.7mm thin


Mobile devices have become extremely thin within the last two years. Hardware manufacturers are figuring out how to pack so much into a slim figure. Coolpad, through its Ivvi brand, has teased a handset that is just 4.7mm thin. Measuring that thin would separate itself from the pack and be known as the thinnest phone in the world.

Aiming for a thin construction is something that Chinese companies have competed in. The Vivo X5 Max (4.7mm) and Oppo R5 (4.85mm) have each spent time as the thinnest phone in the world, the former being the current champion. Consumers, while appreciating good design, are probably not purchasing a device for how thin it is; however, the title does allow it to be marketed easier.

Source: Weibo
Via: GizmoChina

Samsung to use their own camera module in the Galaxy S 6


Rumors have the Galaxy S 6 sporting a 20 MP main rear camera along with optical image stabilization (OIS), but that’s not all that surprising. What might be surprising is the fact that Samsung is going to use their own camera module.

Samsung has been using Sony modules for the past few flagship phones so this is a major change. This news comes from a report in which Korean analysts were talking about Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM) in that they will benefit from a 20 MP module for smartphones that will be available during the 1st half of the year when the Galaxy S 6 will be released.

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HTC has more phones in the pipeline for your desire according to latest leak


Although much of the latest rumor frenzy surrounding HTC involves the forthcoming HTC One M9 smartphone, a new leak from Twitter leakster @upleaks shows an HTC Desire 626 is in the works. Earlier this month at CES 2015, HTC announced a couple new devices for their HTC Desire line of budget smartphones. The HTC Desire 826 is heading to Asian markets while the HTC Desire 320 is off to the U.K. and Germany. Presumably, based on the model number, the HTC Desire 626 will fall in the middle of these devices spec-wise.
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Can Samsung really ditch Qualcomm completely?


Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Samsung will drop the Snapdragon 810 from the Galaxy S 6 in favor of the Exynos. Utilizing the Exynos is no surprise, but the fact that they would use it for all device variants is.

As you know, the Exynos processor is Samsung’s own processor, so one would think that Samsung would want to use it exclusively. However due to possible supply issues and/or the fact that it doesn’t play well with LTE, Samsung has always used Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for many regions.

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LG Says There’s No Snapdragon 810 Overheating in the G Flex 2


Yesterday we learned that Samsung has elected to drop Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor from its upcoming Galaxy S6 in favor of its own in-house Exynos series of chips. Industry sources cite overheating as a major issue with the S6 and the Snapdragon 810 is to blame. Bad Snapdragon! Very bad!

LG and Xiamoi have also announced devices using the 810 processor, the G Flex 2 and Mi Note, respectively. And now, LG is attempting to quell any rumors that it, too, will drop the Qualcomm chip from its upcoming niche phone.

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HTC One (M9) Plus leaks with home button and fingerprint scanner


We had a glimpse of what could very well be the HTC One (M9), and now images of what’s called the HTC One (M9) Plus has leaked. Rumored specs of this device (aka Hima Ace Plus) were reported last week. It’s expected to be a bigger version of the HTC One (M9), but it’s also not expected to be released until much later in the year.

As you can see in the image above, the overall look of the phone is the same as the basic M9, but you will notice that the rear camera port isn’t the same and there is a Duo Camera setup. It’s highly unlikely that one of these devices will get the Duo Camera setup while the other doesn’t. This means that we are dealing with prototypes of either or both with these leaks.

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