Is this Blackberry’s first Android smartphone?

Blackberry's first Android smartphone leak

Evan Blass or “Evleaks” came out on Twitter today to announce Blackberry’s new phone the “Venice”. He also said it was heading to AT&T soon. He later posted the picture you see above which looks to be a Blackberry Passport, but has a Android keyboard. The entire image is not clear as to exactly what the phone will look like, but one thing that is strange is it features a physical keyboard and an onscreen keyboard.

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Rumour: HTC’s new flagship will allegedly feature ground-breaking camera technology


HTC’s recent flagship devices have often polarized opinions when it comes to discussing their cameras. While some have criticized the UltraPixel experiments, others have managed to see the positive side of things. Even the return to mainstream technology such as the Toshiba made 20MP sensor as found in the One M9 has drawn negative comments, despite HTC issuing software updates to improve the sensor’s performance. Today, it has been rumored that the Taiwanese company’s upcoming next flagship, the HTC Aero, will feature ground-breaking camera technology.

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Samsung is awarded trademark for ‘Galaxy S6 Edge+’ by USPTO


In recent weeks, we’ve seen various stories about the impending announcement of a larger Galaxy S6 handset with dual edges, and most recently seen its leaked dimensions and specifications. In yet another hint that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus handset is more than just a rumour, here we have Samsung being awarded a trademark for the ‘Galaxy S6 Edge+‘ moniker.

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Samsung’s Galaxy A8 gets manhandled in Quick Start video prior to its release

Galaxy A8 (2)

We’ve heard rumours for a couple of months now that Samsung were in the process of readying its Galaxy A8 smartphone for launch, and this is surely the clearest hint yet. A quick start video has been released of the handset being manhandled by China’s TENAA (China’s version of the FCC), showing off its various features and specifications.

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Samsung sees bright future with Tizen


Samsung plans to expand its line up of Tizen smartphones later this year thanks to the success of its launch in India. The success of the Z1, Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone, shows a promising future within certain markets and maybe even globally. Sales have been booming in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka as well, even becoming number the one smartphone sold in Bangladesh during the first quarter of 2015.

Samsung plans on releasing several Tizen phones of different prices most likely to suit different budgets and needs. Which demonstrates some sort of success. This leak is directly sourced from inside Samsung so its credibility seems to be high. If all goes well, we should be seeing more Tizen phones in the future and maybe even in your pocket.

Source: Reuters

Unannounced Motorola ‘Kinzie’ (XT1585) phone packs powerhouse specs


The longstanding relationship between Verizon and Motorola received new life in 2014 when the two released the DROID Turbo. The device, which was available exclusively to Big Red’s customers, had everything that a spec-obsessed consumer could want right down to long battery life. And this year Motorola will produce another device for Verizon being referred to internally as ‘Kinzie’.

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Leaked photos of OnePlus 2 show both sides of the device

oneplus 2 frontWe all know the OnePlus 2 is coming sometime this year. The company may be able to surprise us with some features of the handset, but the actual device itself shouldn’t shock anyone. We’re still trying to pick up on what kind of hardware to expect, but today we’re getting a good glimpse at the front and back of the phone ahead of its official unveiling.

The photos are a little blurry, but they give you a clear look at the front and back of the device. This particular model has wooden backing and a very large screen with small bezels. There’s also some kind of button or mechanism on the back of the device below the camera and flash, which might end up being the fingerprint scanner. Read more