For a limited time get a free Google Home with your LG G6

The upcoming LG G6 is the South Korean company’s return to simplicity after last year’s not-so-successful attempt at modularity with the G5. With a focus on just making a great phone, paired with a larger 18:9 display that covers almost the entire face of the device, the G6 looks to be one of the phones to beat for 2017. Now for a limited time, early adopters of the LG G6 will also score a Google Home smart speaker free with their order.

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Cricket feels pressure from new unlimited plans, rolling out new Stream More feature

With the major carriers making a sudden move in the last month to jump big time into the unlimited data plan market, you may be wondering how prepaid wireless carriers will respond to these moves. Cricket Wireless is one of those carriers feeling the heat and today announced a new feature to try to keep users from jumping back over to the traditional carriers. Cricket’s new Stream More feature employs some video compression technology to help users stretch their data allotment while enjoying streaming content.

Major U.S. carriers confirm LG G6 availability this spring

Five major U.S. carriers have already revealed that, yes, they will be selling the new LG G6 within the next few months. While none provided a release date, they all appear to agree that the phone will be offered to customers beginning this spring. It follows the same distribution order as last year where South Korea, LG’s home country, gets the flagship before other markets.

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