AT&T rolling out pseudo-5G in Austin, more cities later this year

The next generation of wireless data speeds are on their way and we will all have to get used to referring to 5G. Before that happens though the standards for just what constitutes 5G have to be established. AT&T decided to get a jump on things with the announcement today that they are launching their own 5G Evolution service in Austin, Texas and will light up 20 more metro areas before the end of 2017.

Software update rolling out to T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8

Before its official release date, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 for T-Mobile is getting a software update. It’s actually a substantial one, too. T-Mobile is preparing the year’s most popular device for showtime on Friday despite a number of customers receiving their phones early. The software update rolling out tonight is merely to ensure everything is set for when the masses begin using the Galaxy S8 in the United States.

[Deal] Two-for-One Samsung Galaxy S8 through Sprint

Riding on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 hitting retail stores on Friday, April 21st, Sprint announced a special deal to try to bring customers over to their network. For one week, from April 21st through April 27th, users who activate a new line with Sprint can lease not one, but two Samsung Galaxy S8 devices for the price of one lease, which is currently $31.25 per month.

Sprint ends 50% off deal, simplifies on Unlimited plans

Only a few weeks ago the wireless carrier market saw a sudden shift to unlimited plans when Verizon made the move to offer them again. They were followed by AT&T and joined T-Mobile and Sprint, who already offered unlimited plans as a way to entice customers. In the aftermath of that change, Sprint today announced that they are making additional changes to the plans offered to customers. They will be ending the 50% off promotion they have been running since 2015 and they are dropping their Better Choice tiered plans, so the new Unlimited Freedom plan will be the only option for consumers who want to switch to Sprint.