TalkTalk to offer its customers free upgrades after last month’s cyber attack

TalkTalk – The facts and The Future

TalkTalk, the MVNO carrier in the UK that was hacked back in October (the third attack suffered by TalkTalk in 2015), has today detailed its plans to recover from the online attack that saw the personal details of over 150,000 customers stolen in the incident. The plan is basically to offer free upgrades to all of its customer, including those that weren’t affected by the hack, to help quell the anger caused by charging a termination fee to customers wishing to end their contracts early because of the hack.  Read more

Verizon will introduce a $20 activation fee on all device payment plans

verizon new logo

Verizon has today announced that it will introduce an activation fee on all device payment plans taken out after Sunday, November 15. This means that customers will not only have to pay the full retail price for their shiny new smartphones, albeit over 24-month period, but will also have to fork out an additional $20 to have it activated.

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Android Wear gets cellular connectivity, here comes LG’s Watch Urbane 2 LTE


Every Android Wear device released up until now has required a Bluetooth and WiFi connection to operate. When LG announced the Watch Urbane 2 LTE in September, people awaited Google’s immediate announcement that Android Wear could support smartwatches with ceullar connectivity. Without that support, LG’s newest smartwatch would be pointless. But Google never announced Android Wear’s official support for cellular connective. Both companies decided that tonight, oddly, is the right time to make a move.

Google’s platform for smartwatches now officially supports cellular connectivity while LG is ready to sell its Watch Urbane 2 LTE in the United States and Korea.

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T-Mobile plan changes, price hikes follow Binge On announcement


As the dust settles from T-Mobile’s announcement yesterday that a new, unlimited video streaming option is being created on their network called Binge On, more details about other changes T-Mobile is making to their business have started to emerge. Among the changes, T-Mobile is going to be hiking the price of their unlimited data plans while expanding the data cap before the plans kick down to a slower speed. Read more

T-Mobile’s Binge On unlocks unlimited video streaming


Back in June 2014, T-Mobile launched Music Freedom as way for customers to stream music without ever affecting the capped amount of 4G LTE data allotted each month. Today, T-Mobile announced a video steaming version of Music Freedom. Binge On allows T-Mobile customers to stream unlimited video from services like HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, Sling TV, and Starz. Identical to Music Freedom, none of the data consumed by video streaming touches a customer’s set amount of 4G LTE data.

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