Learn how to create your own Android game with tips from XDA


If you’re like me and spend a lot of time gaming on your Android device, then it’s a safe bet that the thought of making your own Android game has crossed your mind at some point. It’s hard to determine if taking on the task is possible with individual life responsibilities and not knowing exactly what is necessary to see it through.

Well, xda developer tjdwowh has decided to put together a guide for interested future Android game designers to aid in cracking the Java code and getting your game on. I have to be honest, if this is your first delve into the computer programming arena, it might take some time to digest what is being discussed, but tjdwowh takes time to illustrate with examples and makes himself available to contact for any questions you may have along the way.

So if you’re ready to see what it’s all about, hit the link below and check out the tutorial for yourself.

source: xda

Nexus 7 tablet set Google back $152 per unit in production

The techs over at IHS iSuppli decided to tear down Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablet to see exactly what was used to produce it and, more importantly, how much did it cost to manufacture. In a nutshell, Google spent $151.75 per 8 GB model and $159.25 for the 16 GB model. As you can see, Google is barely breaking even with the 8 GB selling at $199 and making a small profit of $42.50 per 16 GB model sold at $249, after other various small business costs of course.

What’s also interesting is that the Nexus 7 only cost $18 more to make than the Kindle Fire yet has smoking hot specs in comparison. So a big thanks to Google for working hard to bring a high quality tablet at a consumer conscious price.

source: allthingsd

Amazon quietly working on a smartphone according to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has recently stated that anonymous Amazon parts suppliers have come forward with the news of a  smartphone tablet hybrid in the works. The Kindle Fone, as I like to call it, would look to bridge the gaps between smartphone, tablet and e-reader while no doubt offering Amazon’s awesome services right out of the box.

It would be safe to say that the Kindle Fone would certainly have Android software at heart with a customized UI similar to that of the Kindle Fire. All in all, I feel that there would be a lot of customers very interested in a Kindle Fone if and when it sees the light of day. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: wsj

International Galaxy Note receives minor update with some major changes

Samsung has just released a so-called minor update for the Galaxy Note for our international Android family members. The update takes G Note owners from ICS 4.0.3 to 4.0.4. Along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements are two pretty wicked additions to the software.

First up is the POPup Play feature that was seen at the GS III announcement which enables users to have a video playing while being able to have access to other apps and such at the same time. It’s a really awesome feature for those of us that want to check that email or text that just arrived but don’t want to stop the cinematic action.

The second feature is the Signature Unlock function where one can just simply sign their name using Sammy’s S Pen to gain access to their phone content, taking the place of the traditional PIN or Pattern Lock security features.

So there you have it folks. Not a bad update, indeed. The update is now available OTA or can be downloaded via Samsung Kies desktop software. Let us know what you think when you get the goods!

source: samsungmobile

Verizon GS III pre-orders now shipping July 19

We just reported yesterday that Verizon had pushed back their GSIII launch to July 12 and now the pre-orders are getting hit with delays as well. The latest update from Big Red states that pre-orders will begin shipping out July 19. I’m sure this is a tad frustrating for many customers have been already patiently waiting for their dream phone to arrive. Hopefully we won’t see any more delays in the coming days.

source: droidlife

Galaxy Nexus sales are back in action via Google Play Store

Well it looks like Google didn’t waste any time after being granted a temporary stay of ban on their Galaxy Nexussmartphones. The GSM G-Nex is once again up for grabs directly from Google themselves with an updated ship out time frame of 1-2 weeks.

So if anyone out there was bummed about not being able to pick up one of these awesome smartphones sans contract, now is the time to get on it, and I would certainly do it soon as possible given that the stay of ban is only guaranteed through July 12.
source: google

Samsung granted temporary stay of ban on the Galaxy Nexus

Last week we reported that Apple had won an injunction against Samsung effectively blocking sales of the Galaxy Nexus. It’s clear that this action has frustrated and angered many people in the Android community. However, it seems as if Samsung’s protests have paid off as the U.S. Court of Appeals has now granted a temporary stay of ban until July 12, awaiting a response from Apple on the matter.

It’s safe to say that Google’s not out of the woods yet on this one, so stay tuned for more updates on Samsung and Apple‘s latest tango.

source: bloomberg

Samsung Galaxy Beam now available in the UK through Expansys

For all of you in the UK who were interested in Samsung‘s  lumen projector smarphone combo, the Galaxy Beam is now in stock on Expansys website for £394.99. Just to recap, the G Beam will boast a 15 lumens pico projector, practically allowing users to walk around with a 50-inch screen TV in their pocket, or so Samsung says. The smartphone side will bring a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 5 MP rear-facing camera and 1 GB of RAM.

The concept is pretty cool, I have to admit, however it will be difficult for many to see this device as anything else past a social gimmick. The specs are good, but not as great as Samsung’s latest release, the GSIII, which will make adoption of the G Beam quite challenging. Who here is thinking about biting the bullet and snagging up one of these? If so, what real world applications do you have in mind for such a device?

source: expansys

Liveness Check added to Jelly Bean Face Unlock security feature

We all remember how cool the new Face Unlock feature was for Android 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich when it was announced a while back. Today it’s still a nifty trick to show off to your iPhone buddies or at parties, but we all know that it’s far from foolproof. The fact that one could just simply use a still photo of the phone owner to access all their content was a little disappointing and relegated this security feature to basic social entertainment.

Well Google listened to the constructive criticism and updated Face Unlock with their new ‘Liveness Check‘ function for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices. Liveness Check will wait for the phone owner to blink before proceeding to unlock the phone.

Now I know some of you are going to go out on the highest tree limb and say that someone could just present a video of the phone owner to access the forbidden. Sure, I guess that’s true but how many of you actually have videos of people that are simply looking directly into the camera. If you have that intimate of a video, it’s probably safe to assume that you are close enough to the person that the Face Unlock is not intended for you in the first place.

So all in all, I think Liveness Check is a great additional security measure taken by Google to further protect Android user content.

source: techcrunch

HTC hints at DROID Incredible 4G LTE launch next week

Any of you who are following HTC USA on Twitter may have noticed a tweet yesterday stating “Next week, we’ve got some special fun headed your way. We hear it’s going to be INCREDIBLE.”

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that HTC just confirmed the long awaited DROID Inc 4G LTE release. With all the buzz surrounding the Galaxy S III and the newly announced Nexus 7 tablet, it’s almost easy to forget that this phone was on its way. Who is still excited and waiting for this HTC One S in black in red?

source: twitter


Zombie thriller, Dead Trigger blasts its way onto Android July 2

Zombie-mania has hit many a geek lately, myself included, and Android zombie lovers will get what looks to be a great first person shooter title as soon as Monday, July 2. Dead Trigger appears to be a cross between Resident Evil and AMC’s The Walking Dead, and it looks awesome! You will fight off hordes of undead with many different weapons in your arsenal.

The game is only $.99 and promises to deliver updates with new missions,  weapons, characters and more. Hit the break for the official presser and check out the video below for yourself and see why I will be buying this game on release.

Motorola XOOM ICS update rolling out in Europe

Good news for the Moto XOOM owners across the pond and then some. Motorola Europe announced today that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out to XOOMs in various regions. This OTA update will be just like any other in that the roll out will be dispatched in groups, hitting all targeted regions over the course of the next few weeks. It looks as if Europe will be getting an icy treat just in time for the warm summer weather.

source: motoeurope