AT&T all set to quietly revamp its GoPhone prepaid plans for customers



Those of you AT&T GoPhone customers are about to have a few less options when it comes to your data plans in the near future. The wireless carrier recently confirmed to CNET said that it will eliminate a few of its more affordable data plan options from June 20, while following up with “additional plan options” instead:

“We’re making some changes to our AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans to simplify our offers and better align with what customers are choosing and telling us they want. We’ve begun letting customers know about the changes in advance, and we’ll have more information on new, additional plan options soon.”

So as it stands, there will be a $25 monthly plan which includes unlimited text messages and 250 minutes of voice calls, but will only include a $5, 50MB data plan— not exactly appealing. So unless AT&T comes out and highlights its “additional plan options”, it appears the only other option will be a $65 unlimited talk/text + 1GB of data plan.

Here’s hoping this upcoming change for GoPhone users won’t be too bad.

source: CNET

U.S. Cellular announces the latest edition to its mid-range family, the LG Optimus F7 smartphone



U.S. Cellular customers looking for a sweet mid-range device are in luck as the wireless carrier has officially announced its latest offering— the LG Optimus F7 smartphone. In case you’ve forgotten about the basics of the phone since its original launch a while back, let’s give you a little refresher: the Optimus F7 comes with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on-board storage, microSD slot and a spiffy 4.7-inch 1,280 x 720 display. And yes— the device’s software is up-to-date for the most part as it not only features Jelly Bean loaded up, but some of LG’s awesome software too such as the implementation of the QSlide multi-window feature. The device will also come jam-packed with with the usual 3G and LTE radios built-in, giving users of the device quality network speeds when available.

The device is available now on the U.S. Cellular website and at U.S. Cellular retailers for a smooth $99 on-contract or customers who don’t want to feel tied down will have the option of purchasing the device for $399 outright. You’ll find more deets once you hit the source link below.

source: US Cellular

Gameloft releases its first Modern Combat 5 teaser video ahead of E3



As easily one of the most popular franchises in the Android gaming world, Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is one that we hold dear to our hearts. So it’s only fitting that developer comes out and teases us with its first trailer of the latest installment of the series: Modern Combat 5. Much like the previous games, this Modern Combat 5 teaser showcases fast gameplay, an awesome assortment of weapons, some pretty crafty AI and maybe even a mission or two from the not-so-friendly skies. The key difference here: an improved graphics engine.

Of course the teaser is exactly just yet— a tease. So unfortunately, we can only have a small taste of the latest action for now. Fortunately, the latest installment seems to be destined for a release date sometime this month— so we won’t have to wait too long. Hit the flip to check out the teaser vid for yourself.

U.S. Government secretly orders Verizon to provide call logs of all customers [updated with statement]



Generally speaking, whatever the U.S. government wants, the U.S. government will get— and obtaining information from U.S. wireless carriers is no exception. In a classified court order obtained by the folks at The Guardian, the National Security Administration (NSA) requested call detail on all Verizon Wireless customers. The court order specifically highlights the NSA wants all call data within the U.S. and abroad— so the requested call log data isn’t just limited to phone calls made to numbers within the mainland U.S— while also looking for specific identifiers such as a device’s IMEI number, trunk identifier and of course, the time and duration of any given call. So in essence, the government will pretty much have an open book full of sensitive information that could allow it to more easily keep an eye on select customers.

What’s surprising is that the NSA clearly intended that this court order should not be disclosed to the general public, with no apparent reason. Perhaps the NSA is trying to use the court order to get a leg up on any potential threats to the general public, but this is a potentially troubling decision that has been made. Here’s hoping that not too much will come out of this recent news.

Sony and Google rumored to secretly be working on Xperia Z Google Edition smartphone behind the scenes




We know that Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone is one heck of a smartphone already, but it’s looking like Sony is joining the ranks of HTC and Samsung by having a Google Edition of its flagship in the works behind the scenes. According to an insider confirmed that Google and Sony are currently collaborating on an Xperia Z which would feature stock Android and be released sometime in July. This new model should be fairly identical to the existing version and arrive with a quad-core processor, 5-inch TFT display, 13MP camera and be fully dust and water-resistant– but the main difference is that it will come with the latest version of pure, unmolested Android (which could be Android 4.2.2 or possibly Android 4.3).

The fact that this device is in the works shouldn’t be too surprising considering Sony is a staunch supporter of the AOSP and is often very friendly with the developer community. Of course we will need to wait and hear about a confirmation from Sony and/or Google directly— but all indications is that we’ll hear something sooner than later.

source: Android GS


The latest comScore results are in folks, Android platform still reigns supreme, but Apple continues it’s quiet upward trend



It’s the first week of June gang— so it’s time for us to go through the latest comScore report with you all. Based off the the latest data, Apple continues to hold steady as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with a 39% market share (a minor increase from the previous month-end period), followed by Samsung at 22% and HTC at 8.9% (a 0.8% decline from the previous period). Despite Apple’s cemented status as the top dog in smartphone manufacturing king, it’s the Android platform that is still the overwhelming leader in the mobile world. Google’s popular platform currently holds over half of the overall smartphone market with a comfortable 52% share, followed by Apple (with a 1.4% increase in the market) at a 39.2% share and Blackberry at 5.1%.

Samsung announces the Galaxy S 4 Active smartphone



Well that certainly didn’t take long. After tons of speculation, a leak here and another one there, Samsung has finally come out of the dark and introduced the Galaxy S 4 Active smartphone to the general public. Identified as a more rugged version of the existing Galaxy S 4,the Galaxy S 4 Active features full IP67 certification— so the device is fully water and dust-proof, allowing users to do things like take some sweet photos underwater thanks to the device’s Aqua Mode feature or use the device during those difficult hikes. Complimenting the rugged exterior is a 1.9GHz quad-core processor, a 5-inch Full HD TFT LCD screen, 8MP camera + 2MP FFC and of course— Android 4.2.2 (accompanied by Sammy’s suite of software). So all in all— we’re looking at a rougher, tougher and stronger version of the Galaxy S 4, which is certainly welcome out here in the Android world.

The device will initially launch in 3 colors (Urban Grey, Dive Blue and Orange Flare) this summer in the U.S. and Sweden, followed by a more formal global rollout. You can find more details once you hit the flip and check out the full presser.

Intel executive: lack of LTE support is the reason why Intel-based devices haven’t become more popular in the U.S.



Intel may be making headwaves by rapidly penetrating the Android world, but it certainly realizes that it has a long way to go before it wins the hearts of the general public in the world. According to Intel executive vice president of sales Tom Kilroy, the “absence of LTE is the reason” is the sole reason for why Intel hasn’t been able to fully gain much traction here in the U.S. Kilroy also adds that “we can’t get ranged by U.S. carriers without LTE, so once we have multimode LTE coming to market later this year, we have an opportunity to compete in that business.” The good thing is this: Intel has finally realized this and has begun developing multimode processors with LTE technology built in since 4G LTE continues to grow and grow at an extraordinary rate. Oh and don’t under-estimate this either direction either it should put a scare into competitors like Qualcomm and even NVIDIA, since each company certainly adopted LTE integration into its chips for some time now. So the overall hope is that with Intel’s new direction, we should see not only faster and more power-efficient chips, but who knows— we may even see a new wave cost-effective devices.

source: Fierce Wireless

Sony introduces the Xperia M and Xperia M dual smartphones




Sony is continuing its 2013 assault on the mobile world by introducing the Xperia M and Xperia M Dual smartphones. Both handsets are your typical run of the mill mid-range devices and will come with a 1GHz dual-core processor, a 4-inch scratch-resistant display, a 5MP rear camera with HDR and dedicated shutter key, a microSD card out and of course, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running the show. So while both devices will be nearly identical, there is one key difference: the Xperia M Dual will utilize dual-SIM technology, allowing certain customers to operate on two wireless carriers simultaneously. And for those of you that care—the device will arrive in a trio of colors: black, white and purple.

No word yet on how much the device will cost just yet, but expect the device to launch sometime in Q3 of this year for those of you living out in European markets out there.

source: Sony Mobile Blog

ARM introduces the new Cortex-A12 core for upcoming mid-range smartphones



In an effort to get expand its presence beyond premium-level smartphones, ARM has officially introduced the Cortex-A12, a brand-new mid-range core to be used in future mid-level smartphones. The Cortex-A12 will feature none other than the energy-saving ARM big.LITTLE™ technology that was previously found only on high-end devices, but now can be designed into mid-range smartphones as well. As a result, the Cortex-A12 processor offers ARM partners up to a 40 percent performance improvement, compared to the existing Cortex-A9 processor. Complimenting the new core is the Mali-T622 GPU and Mali-V500 video engine, giving the future mid-range devices superior graphics and videos in comparison to the high-end counterparts. So the hope is perhaps in the immediate future, the upcoming mid-rangers will have some pretty sweet capabilities without customers having to compromise on the price.

We know at least some of you are salivating right now, so why not hit the break and check out the press release for more details?


ASUS announces the Transformer Book Trio, a tablet that can run Windows and Android simultaneously


Tablet computers are no doubt sweet, but you know what’s even sweeter? Devices like the ASUS Transformer Book Trio that happen to run two operating systems at the same time. Yes, you read that right folks— the ASUS Transformer Book Trio is a special tablet that utilizes more than one operating system at the same time. So here’s the quick rundown of this new toy: it’s a tablet that can connect to a special keyboard dock, allowing it to function as a de facto laptop. Once the tablet is connected to the keyboard, all users will need to do is literally push a button and the dual-OS mode is then enabled— otherwise, the standalone tablet will function as your typical run-of-the-mill tablet.

In order to power two OSes at the same time, you have to have some meat on the inside— and ASUS certainly delivers. Right off the bat, the tablet features a Intel Core-i7 4500U processor in order to handle the Windows OS, while the 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 chip will power the Android OS. Rounding out the device are a sexy IPS display Full HD display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and up to 64GB storage standard. There’s no word yet on pricing and availability just yet, but expect additional details to be revealed as the device gets closer to hitting store shelves.

Hit the flip for the full presser.

ASUS announces new Transformer Pad Infinity variant with Tegra 4 processor



The original Transformer Pad Infinity was one hell of a tablet when it was introduced with the blazing fast Tegra 3 chip running the show, but ASUS felt that Computex 2013 was time to introduce a new variant of the device with updated specs. Right off the bat is the inclusion of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processsor and its 72 GPU cores to help provide some insane graphics. And speaking of which— ASUS has upped the IPS display by including a resolution of 2,500 x 1,600, placing it in direct competition with other premium tablets like the Nexus 10. Rounding out the improvements are a redesigned keyboard dock with a multi-touch touchpad, USB 3.0 and an SDXC card reader.

No word on pricing or the release date just yet, but we’re hopeful that the tablet won’t be too unreasonably priced and will have a release date within the next few months or so.

source: ASUS

New HTC One update brings Android 4.2.2 along with additional goodies… but still keeps Sense 5.0 in the process



Those of you early adopters of the HTC One smartphone are certainly in for a special treat as a new update is being pushed to the masses as we speak. This latest update doesn’t bring an unmolested version of Android, but will bring the latest Android version to One owners… well for the time being at least. Users of the smartphone can expect to see Android 4.2.2 which includes the Quick Settings notification bar among other things, while keeping the Sense version at 5.0. Additional cool changes to the software include a new battery level indicator, as well as some minor changes to the app drawer and hopefully— some welcome performance improvements.

No word yet on how long it’ll take for the latest update to hit the general public, but hopefully it will be a relatively quick and smooth process.

source: Android Revolution
via: Engadget

Surprise, surprise: HTC to develop an Android-based 7-inch tablet, drops support for full-sized Windows-based tablets in the process



HTC is certainly going through a pretty sweet period right now thanks to the massively successful One smartphone, so it’s only natural that the Taiwanese manufacturer turns its attention to the development of other types of devices out there. According to a report by Bloomberg, HTC is looking squarely at the emerging mini tablet market and is in the midst of working on a soon-to-be released an Android-based 7-inch tablet that will be unveiled to consumers sometime in September or October. This is exciting news because HTC previously turned its attention to the development of Windows RT-based tablets for a while now, but fortunately realized what some of us already knew— that full-sized Windows RT-based tablets probably aren’t as profitable or worthwhile compared to tablets based off other platforms. So now, HTC will place all of its resources and energy into developing smaller tablets instead— as it will launch both a Windows-based and Android-based 7-incher instead.

Here’s hoping that HTC makes a huge splash with the introduction of its latest device because after all— there’s certainly no more room for error for the brand.

source: Bloomberg

Oppo shows off the Ulike 2S smartphone, still comes with a sweet 5MP front-facing camera— but now with a bigger battery and 720p display


Oppo isn’t content on just having one decked out smartphone with a decked-out front-facing camera, so it’s gone ahead and released a successor called the Ulike 2S. while we don’t know most of the specs including what processor is going to be used or what version of Android it will utilize, this new device is similar in appearance to the original Ulike 2, but this time Oppo is tossing in a 5.5-inch 720p display and a 3,000mAh battery to give you power users out there better battery life. Additionally, prospective customers that operate on more than one wireless network will be excited to hear that the Ulike 2S will also arrive with dual-SIM capabilities, giving users much more flexibility with the device.

That’s all the info we have for now kids, but expect to hear additional Ulike 2S details to surface as we get closer to the device’s imminent release.

source: CNMO
via: Unwired View