T-Mobile launches #hate2wait promotion



We already know T-Mobile hates the idea of having contracts for its subscribers, but its newest #hate2wait promotion is giving wireless users out there 730 reasons to share why they hate contracts too. In this awesome promotion, the #hate2wait campaign asks customers to showcase why they “hate to wait” 730 days (2 years) for upgrades. Customers will then have the chance to use the hashtag and share their story via Facebook or Twitter, where they are given the chance to win one of 730 free Galaxy S 4 smartphone units. Oh and that’s not all— T-Mo will also give one lucky participant a chance to win a full year of paid wireless services and have their story shared in various advertisements as well.

We know there’s at least a few of you out there who are interested, so head on down to the source link below and check it out.

source: T-Mobile Facebook

LG supposedly to launch G2 smartphone in Korea on August 20th… oh and probably plans on bringing the Nexus 5 along later in the year too



Yes friends, it’s looking like the second half of 2013 is going to be a busy period for LG. In making no effort to hide its excitement for its upcoming G2 smartphone, reports out of Korea confirm that not only will LG will indeed launch the new flagship on August 7th (see— we told you so), but LG plans on following up with an August 20th launch of the smartphone in Korea. The new device will probably launch just ahead of Apple’s (iPhone 5S) and Samsung’s (Galaxy Note III) upcoming offerings.

Oh and that’s not all either— a special variant of the G2 will likely be on the way as well. If you recall, we casually mentioned something about a mysterious Megalodon smartphone earlier in the year which featured roughly the same specs as the G2 which includes, Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), a larger display (likely at 5.2-inches this time around), a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM among other things. Well the same report out of Korea confirms that LG is working on what looks to be the Nexus 5 smartphone— roughly based off the Megalodon smartphone. Oh and the wait wouldn’t be too bad either as it’s due for an October arrival.

So yes friends, feel free to go ahead and start salivating at LG plans on showcasing its newest flagships to the world.

source: Ruliweb
via: Phone Arena

Bluebox Security releases app to check if your phone has been patched or not from Android security exploit



We told you about a recent observation where 99% of all Android devices out there are vulnerable to major security threats, so it should come as no surprise that there is now a way to check and see if you have an affected device. Bluebox Security recently unveiled its newest app to allow device owners to see if they have received the coveted security patch or not. Additionally, this app will check if your system settings allow non-Google Market application installs and if any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of the security flaw.

Of course there are some phones out there that are on their way to being fixed, but for the rest of you out there, it may be a good idea to grab the app ASAP and ensure your device is safe and secure.



Play Store download link


source: Phone Arena

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series of tablets now available nationwide



In case you’ve forgotten— the latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy Tab family are officially here with the arrival of the full Galaxy Tab 3 series of tablets. While each tablet model bears an uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy S 4 per se, the new tablets come in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch varieties— allowing for topnotch flexibility for a wide range of customers by including items such as a built-in IR blaster and expandable memory up to 64GB for each model. Oh and Sammy went ahead and tossed in some nice goodies for added measure:

“In addition, each of the devices in the Galaxy Tab 3 family comes with added value through pre-loaded content and Galaxy Perks available at www.samsung.com/us/galaxyperks. Specifically, hundreds of dollars’ worth of content, including a $10 voucher for the purchase of apps, books, movies and music in Google Play; one year of free access to the Boingo Wi-Fi network in North America, including more than 35,000 hotspots in the United States, Canada and Mexico; three months free Hulu Plus service; and two years free Dropbox Service with 50GB storage space.”

Don’t think all of the cool content will cost you a pretty penny either. Samsung is offering some pretty competitive pricing too as the tablets are priced at $199, $299 and $399, respectively, so the Korean giant is placing a bet that all that nice content and freebies will be enough to woo in customers by the masses.

More deets can be found once you hit the break and check out the full press release.

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Latest Motorola X leak shows a dual-SIM variant is likely on the way



Boy oh boy— if we didn’t know any better, we’d think that Google is purposely trying to tease the public since we keep seeing all these different leaks of its upcoming X smartphone. As you can see in the photo above, the back and front plates of the X smartphone seems to indicate that there will be a dual-SIM set up, thanks to the SIM 1 and SIM 2 identifiers located at the top and bottom sections of the plates. In addition, it appears there are some cosmetic or physical differences with the dual-SIM model as well. A second leaked photo shows 3 different colors of the single-SIM X’s body, while highlighting the placement of the speaker on those three cases is on the opposite side of  than where the speaker is located on the dual SIM model.


At this rate, Google might as well just go ahead and show us the final product already. Sheesh.

source: NWE
via: Android Community

Rumor: Motorola set to launch European variant of the X Smartphone in Q4, will give it Nexus-esque pricing in the process



So you think Google’s Nexus line of smartphones are impressive in setting the bar for quality phones at affordable prices eh? Well you’re about to even more impressed at this tidbit of news from ADSL Zone: Google’s Motorola unit is rumored to bring a variation of its imminent X smartphone that will arrive in Europe for an astounding 250 Euros (roughly $250 here in the States). Moreover, Europe’s version of the X smartphone will have a different name than the U.S. version and will be completely subsidized— meaning European customers will be able to take advantage of the low price point without having to be locked under contract for a period of time.

Of course this is all hearsay for now and there’s no word on when exactly the new version will arrive (all indications are pointing to a “Q4 release”), but if this is true— then Google is certainly positioning itself to take over the smartphone world… one country at a time.

source: ADSL Zone
via: Phone Arena

Latest CyanogenMod nightlies allow Google Voice users to send texts through any messaging app



With each forthcoming CyanogenMod update, we see more and more welcome additions to the popular ROM— further solidifying it as perhaps the most complete ROM out there. To that end, CM’s Koushik Dutta recently confirmed that he and his team have figured out a way to actually send Google Voice messages with a more traditional SMS app:

“The app will sync your existing Google Voice messages into your messaging store. New Google SMS will be received as if it were a normal SMS. When you send a message out from your messaging app, it goes out via Google Voice.”

So there you have it folks— one of the long awaited Google Voice features is finally here for CM users. You folks getting giddy yet?

source: Koushik Dutta+


LG confirms August 7th G2 launch with new teaser vid



As we get closer and closer…. and closer to the LG G2′s upcoming release, we are finally starting to get an idea of when the masses can finally expect the device to hit store shelves. In its latest teaser video, a fine gentleman is seen roaming through the various New York City boroughs, seeing various “To me, you are perfect. From G.” hints. As if that isn’t enough– the end of the teaser sees LG going ahead and confirming it will have an event in New York City on August 7th, indicating it would be “Great 2 Have You” and pretty much confirming what we already knew. It looks like it’s a pretty safe bet that LG has pretty much given up trying to keep its new toy a secret and is as giddy as we are about the new smartphone.

So there you have it friends, go ahead and mark your calendars for the August 7th unveiling of the G2 smartphone.

YouTube Preview Image

HTC One in Glamour Red surfaces in hands-on video




We already had an idea of its imminent arrival, but we’re finally getting our first live glance of the HTC One smartphone in its Glamour Red color, thanks to the gang at BestBoyz. While the Glamour Red edition of the One is pretty much identical to the original, it showcases an awesome finish– while giving off a sort of bold character in the process. Unfortunately for those of us out here in the States, we probably won’t see this edition anytime soon, though UK residents will be able to order the phone through online retailer Phone4U sometime in a few weeks at least.

You can check out the full hands-on video below.


YouTube Preview Image


source: BestBoyz
via: Android Authority

MEGA cloud storage solution app officially hits the Play Store



In the wake of all those questionable government practices lately, Kim Dotcom and his MEGA cloud storage solution app officially arrived to the Play Store— providing extra layers of security and peace of mind for users of the app and service. The app comes jam-packed with tons of features such as the ability to browse your MEGA storage account, create public link to files in your MEGA account and download, delete, rename or even move your files. And speaking of which— users of the service can grab 50GB of free storage when they sign up, allowing for all sorts of personal content to be stored safely and securely. Best of all– the app provides topnotch encryption— ensuring that your files will be safe from most unauthorized parties.

The app comes in at 2.1MB and is available in the Play Store today— so be sure to head on down at the link below and grab a copy ASAP.



Play Store download link