Google Fixes Broken Motorola Market Links With Play Store Update

With the recent update that turned the Android Market into Google Play, some users were confused when their Market icon disappeared. But that was just user confusion. Users of some Motorola devices had a more serious problem with the new update… it broke their special MotoBlur link to the Market in the app drawer. Of course, there was a new working link labeled Play Store, but many users didn’t know of it and were still expecting the regular Market link to work.

Luckily, Google just pushed out update 3.4.7 to all devices, which should fix the broken link issue for Moto users. If you don’t get the update automatically, you can try to force it by going into application settings, selecting all apps, click on Play Store and hit the clear data button. This should initiate the update on next launch.

Any Moto users out there get the update yet, and did it fix your link issues?

source: droidlife