Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) Will Get The Official ICS Update on March 10th

We recently told you that the international Samsung Galaxy S II would receive the ICS update on March 15th, but according to Samsung they are actually a little ahead of schedule. Now, March 10th is the new date that the GT-I9100 will gain access to the latest version of the Android operating system and the update will be available through Kies 2.0. Although the update will be accompanied by the TouchWiz overlay, you can expect to see familiar features such as Android Beam, data usage and Face Unlock, as will some apps be improved.

If you own a Galaxy S II other than the global version, you will have to wait a bit before your respective carrier pushes-out the update themselves. It can still take a little time before your carrier completes the required testing before all devices get the update. If you see the update hit your device, be a pal and let us know, will ya? For you GT-I9100 users, hit up the source links below for further instructions.

source: Samsung / FAQ
via: Engadget

  • Heatfan1214

    Thats great….no update in the u.s. in the foreseeable future……

    • Mbamber01

      If anyone comes across any posts that advise the dates for the different regions, (UK, US, North America, etc….please post….
      I really thought with an international unlocked GT i9100 we would get the update first before Carrier specific models would like the ATT, T-Mobile variants, etc…..but I guess not…..? If anyone else knows anything that can help us please post….
      I saw a post that the UK would start roll out week of 3-19…..basically today/tomorrow……

  • Jimmy-mac

    My galaxy note (UK Vodafone) is getting a 73.50 mb update now. Any ideas what that is?

    • Ben

      My note has also just received the update, from what i can tell its the update that was released a while ago that brings the 5 line keyboard with numbers always on show and one handed typing.. Not much else has changed…

  • Jimmy-mac

    No ICS. but they fixed the slow wakeup and swipe to unlock. Still playing with it.

  • Jimmy-mac

    New keyboard layout too. Numbers up top. More responsive

  • Cmfornar

    What is up with US GT i9100? I bought a global phone for a reason but I guess I have to put up with disappointment from Samsung…again….