Android ‘Key Lime Pie’ to Follow After Jelly Bean?

It may be the weekend but you didn’t expect the rumors to take a break, did you? Get ready for this, because a source close to The Verge is claiming that they in fact know the name of Google’s OS to follow after Jelly Bean. You’re probably wondering how reliable this source may be, but apparently this is the same source to out Jelly Bean well before it was publicly known. Although no release date or version number was mentioned, Key Lime Pie, or KLP as you may decide to call it, is being rumored as Google’s upcoming-upcoming operating system. Obviously this is to be taken with a grain handful of salt, but what better to do on a Sunday afternoon then spread a little gossip?

Sure it seems a bit early to be throwing around future OS names when we still haven’t gotten official conformation from Google about JB. Nonetheless, I wanted to pass this on because I am just dying to hear what you guys have to say. Tell me all about it in the comments below! :-D

source: The Verge



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