Intel Ready To Unveil Details Of Medfield-Powered Devices, Taps Motorola And Lenovo As Launch Partners


Intel could not hold itself much longer and has finally spilled the beans on its little project. Of course we already knew they were partnering with Motorola to bring the first of many Medfield-powered devices, but we now know the chipset maker will tab Lenovo as a launch partner as well. What this means is we will finally see some long-awaited devices formally introduced, perhaps as early as next week at MWC.

The devices will not fall short on features too. One of the major highlights of the Intel-powered devices is they are most likely to be powered by the sweetest iteration yet of the Android OS. Intel, MOTO and Lenovo each have yet to confirm this, but we’ve already seen a hint of why we we can expect ICS to run the devices. Also of note is the suggestion that Intel’s Medfield chip will have improved power consumption and energy use. This means we can reasonably expect solid performances and/or solid battery life in the Medfield smartphones.

It’s nice to have the official confirmation from the source itself, but I wonder where the Intel-powered LG device is as well. Maybe we can expect an LG device sometime later in the year.

source: Statesman
via: Android Community

  • Zomby2D

    Since ICS is the first iteration of Android that supports x86 processors, it’s obvious that’s what they will use on those devices. Anything else would simply not work at all.