Motorola Announces Ice Cream Sandwich Update to Select Devices

Today, Motorola provided more information on devices that will receive an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola had promised to release an upgrade timeline for ICS last October. The WiFi Xoom tablet was updated in January. Motorola states that the US Family Edition Xoom will be upgraded sometime in the second quarter of 2012, as well as the MOTOROLA RAZR, which is available in Asia, Europe and Canada. In the third quarter, the ATRIX 2, the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G (AT&T), and the PHOTON 4G will be next in line. Motorola also has slated the DROID BIONICDROID RAZRDROID RAZR MAXXDROID 4 and ELECTRIFY to have further details released. It looks like 2012 will bring ICS to many more devices.

source: Motorola

  • TechJunkie69

    Finally, the Atrix 4G is confirmed for ICS.  Right on the edge of the 18 month update pact, but I’ll take it.  Thank you to Google for purchasing Motorola Mobility.  Hopefully with Google buying them, all of their new phone releases will have similar or better update cycles as the nexus phones, along with scrapping Moto/Gingerblur.  No doubt that they’ll want to come out with a true powerhouse iPhone killer (I don’t hate the iPhone, just Apple).

  • Motorola Atrix

    Thanks Thanks thanks Motorola! Thanks for giving ICS support for the original Atrix4G! 

  • Stacy Dean

    “Rule All Machines”, MOTO said about my Bionic. Utter hogwash. MOTO (and VZW) prove again and again that their focus is solely on new product development and sales, and not supporting supposed “flagship” devices. They lied about when ICS would be available to us, and then after recalibration, lied again about providing an update schedule within 6 weeks of ICS release.  I fully expect I’m being lied to again, and am just waiting for the inevitable renege where they declare they will not, in fact, update Bionic and Razr.  Or worse, they will finally update near the end-of-life to give the illusion of a customer support-oriented organization so the easily duped will want another of their products.

  • Seth

    I like Motorolla phones but im going to stop buying them now that its obvious they don’t give a shit about updates. Droid 4 is to get ics in Q3.. around the time jelly bean is released. So it is, and always will be, running an outdated os