ASUS Transformer Prime Receives OTA Update, More Than Just Minor

Great news for Transformer Prime owners, as I woke up to an OTA update notification this morning! The new update is currently without a changelog, but from my experience and others on XDA, the device receives a new kernel ( and updated versions of Wi-Fi ( and Bluetooth (9.26). Folks are reporting a solid improvement, with random reboots, screen flickering, and  app crashing being a thing of the past. I have been lucky and haven’t experienced the random reboot/lock-up issue so I cannot confirm the fix. As for better app stability and screen flashes, I can honestly say I have noticed an improvement over the past hour of use.  Also, Wi-Fi is noticeably better with a slight increase in download and upload speeds. I have yet to experiment with Bluetooth.

This new update WILL BREAK ROOT so for those of you who are rooted and want to remain that way, I suggest running Voodoo rootkeeper before installing the update. You can find the Voodoo app in the Android Market.

The OTA update will bring your Transformer Prime up to version, and should be waiting for U.S. residents right now. People outside of the U.S. are reporting that the update hasn’t shown up yet so this is probably going to roll out in stages. If you haven’t seen the notification yet, you can try and force the update by going to Settings -> About Tablet -> System Firmware Update. There you should be able to download the goods. For those of you who get the update, be a pal and report your finding in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I just grabbed it and it appears to be at least 3 packages. I have 3 seperate FW downloads happen before getting notification that new firmware is ready to install. I am excites as Asus updates are usually quite solid, even though I have no reboots, freezes or screen banding. I would love working GPS but that’s likey just wishful thinking.I get some GPS function, but it is inconsistent, and woefully under a useful amount of reception. Oh well, one can drem right? One interesting fact is my new replacement Prime, a C1 serial number STILL says “GPS” on te box. If it SAYS it, I will hold Asus’ feet to the fire on that one.

  • Donnaj63

    Updated to ICS and new firmware update. So far working perfectly. Love it!

  • Nulldaddy

    Still randomly crashes, mostly while browsing the YouTubes…

  • Mbspiritwolf

    I am unable to update with new firmware with rooted transformer. Each time I try it says update failed will return to original configuration. I’m running firmware Any suggestions?