Google Music Manager adds options to download songs to your desktop and YouTube music video sharing via Google+

Google Music is awesome right? Even if you don’t use it, I always recommend everyone to upload their tunes anyway because it’s a free and safe backup for your collection, not to mention you will have access to your music from anywhere in the world. The only problem with the backup argument was the fact that you couldn’t download your tunes back to your desktop if you computer crashed. Well Google just took care of that because with the latest update to the Music Manager, you can download all your music back to your desktop, including tunes you uploaded and tunes you purchased. Now we can feel safe knowing we can restore our music if we ever need to.

Google also added the ability to easily share YouTube videos for the songs you’ve uploaded. As you know you can easily share full plays for songs you’ve purchased to your circles on Google+, but this gives us an option for the music we already own.

[via android –  google+]



  • raitchison

    I always give Google Music another try whenever they release a new version, I don’t use it currently because when I upload my music most of the album art gets stripped out (especially for music by independent artists) when it gets converted from FLAC to MP3.