Republic Wireless To Give You Unlimited Talk, Text And Data Starting November 8th

We love our Android phones, but loathe the expensive monthly plans. Most of us pay what can be an arm and a leg monthly to use our devices. Here’s something that is sure to be an eye-opener for all: paying $20 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data courtesy of Republic Wireless. The carrier is fed up with the excessive prices for Android users and argues we’re “overdue for a serious evolution”.

Republic Wireless works in a unique way. Using specific Android-powered phones equipped with a technology similar to T-Mobile’s UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), RW allows you to make phone calls over WiFi networks as VoIP (Voice Over IP). In addition, you will have the ability to text over WiFi as well. As you leave the WiFi signal, RW users will then use a cell tower from Sprint for talk, text, and data. No word yet on the data speeds, but expect to see 3G technology as RW will be providing uncapped data for its users.

There are no details of which phones will be compatible with RW. However, we suspect we will see special variations of lower-end phone models from manufacturers. One major clue is the company’s preview page presenting clear images of what looks to be an LG Optimus One entry-level phone being taken apart. Be sure to share with us if you want to take it to The Man and go for the $20 monthly unlimited buffet when it becomes available next week.

[via Republic Wireless]

  • bmp

    Reports now coming out suggesting the $19 is for data only and that you will still need to buy min from Sprint.We shall see.