[Leak] ASUS Transformer Prime keyboard dock surfaces

There was a plethora of Android tablets available this year, but as far as I am concerned, the ASUS Transformer was the one to buy. Even if you weren’t into the keyboard dock, it was still priced right, and they were very timely on updates. We already reported that their follow up will be known as the Transformer Prime, which I know is going to be as hot as the original Transformer.

The new Prime will be thinner and have a better design with the brushed aluminum. Now we get a glimpse of the keyboard dock thanks to Netbook Italia, which resembles the Macbook Pro. With the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich and a Quad-core processor, this one won’t be priced as well as the original, but I am still excited. How about you guys? 2 more pics after the break.

[via notebook italia]

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