Real Meaning of Motorola’s Misread Tweet Regarding ICS Update Plans

It seems that a tweet sent out earlier today by Motorola has gotten a little misunderstood and conclusions were made before the real meaning of the message would be deciphered. Motorola’s tweet read, ” We’ll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it”, and in turn, sent the rumor mill for a fill-in-in-the-blank  hay day.

Two of the most reported rumors were: 1, Motorola was planning on updating current capable devices to Android 4.0; and 2, new devices would be revealed 6 weeks after the final version of ICS was released. Both of these turned out to be false and some clarification was later issued by Motorola to the folks at Android and Me putting all hear-say to rest.

I can’t blame those who began the original rumors as I was thinking along the same lines as they were, but the actual meaning of the tweet was that Moto plans to announce a timeline some time within 6 weeks of the final release of ICS. So basically, don’t expect to see ICS updates before years end, but do expect to hear an announced timeline of device updates. We have already seen proof that Moto plans to update the DROID RAZR, Bionic and XOOM and now we should receive a solid time-frame within 6 weeks after the final version of the OS is released. In case you need it, here is a little more reassurance taken directly from the Motorola Support forums:

A note about Ice Cream Sandwich:

We are planning to upgrade DROID RAZR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola XOOM and DROID BIONIC by Motorola to Ice Cream Sandwich. We will provide more precise guidance on timing after post-public push of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, as well as any possible additions to this list of devices.

In the future, head to Motorola’s Support Forums for official ICS update plans and to see which devices are slated for updates. Moto also plans to unlock as many future devices as possible, you can get all the latest details from the MotoDev site about devices that feature unlocked bootloaders.

Just out of curiosity, tell us which device you feel deserves to see the Android 4.0 update and why?

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About the Author: Stacy Bruce

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  • harga android

    it’s just tweet.. no over guessed.. ;)

  • iFargle

    I just hope my Atrix 1 gets updated to ICS.

  • Curt

    I find it funny that Motorola forum site ( shows the Droid X at 2.2… which we all know that the update for 2.3.4 has been out for a while.

    It more than likely only an oversight or typing mistake, but it leads one to beleive that it might not be up to date for showing the future plans for updating anything other than the Razr, Bionic, and Xoom.

    Just a thought :D

  • rblumel

    MoTo, pls update my Photon to ICS; reason: it has long legs.

  • Steuscher

    Droid x2 please!

  • Pinchbug20

    I know Droid X won’t be on that list. But I’ll be upgrading next July anyway. Trying to decide if I’m sticking with Droid or going to I-phone. I do know I love the Droid; so I’ll probably be sticking with the device I know works well. Many of my friends are trying to get me to go to the I-phone & I tell them they should switch to the Droid.