LG’s True HD IPS Displays – Better than Super AMOLED?

The LG Optimus LTE recently launched in Korea. While a noteworthy device, the screen is what will really catch your eye. That’s because the 4.5” screen on board packs a 720×1280 resolution, and on top of that, it’s powered by True HD IPS technology.  The True HD IPS display “offers advanced resolution, brightness and clarity and shows colors in their most natural tones, as they were meant to be seen.” For those of you thinking that LG’s IPS display doesn’t hold a candle to your Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen, you may be interested, read disappointed, to find studies suggest the IPS screen to be better in basically every category. For example Intertek — an international product testing and certification agency — just published a report suggesting IPS technology to be superior to AMOLED in terms of color accuracy (3x more accurate), brightness, battery efficiency (624mW of power as compared to 1,130mW) and performance. According to LG, True HD IPS display takes the viewing experience on mobile handsets to the next level by offering:

  • More information at a glance with genuine 1280 x 720 HD resolution and 16:9 screen viewing without  distortion, which are the same standards used in the television industry;
  • Sharper and crisper text thanks to 329 ppi real RGB resolution;
  • True natural colors that are the most comfortable to eyes;
  • Automatic color adjustments applied by LG’s exclusive Mobile HD Graphic Engine;

[via lgnewsroom]

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  • John

    Isn’t this a larger iPhone screen? Funny how all the Android guys say AMOLED is better than the retina until an Android comes out with IPS.

    • mike

      the AMOLED and IPS is better then the stupid retina !!!

      • trymybest

        Are u stupid? Retina is ips, they only call it retina because of the ppi with true colors accuracy.

  • http://www.talkandroid.com Jim Farmer

    Well, Super AMOLED does offer real/true blacks currently impossible on IPS screens the likes of the iPhone.

    However, it should be said that they’re both pretty beautiful in their own right.

  • Piret Halif

    I still prefer Super Amoled.

    • Book Noble

      super amoled is fake color….
      true hd ips is pure and natural color…

  • Alex

    IPS screens are in my opinion better than amoled.
    And the reason is battery efficiency. Amoled drains that battery like there’s no tommorrow

  • athir

    i compared those same images with my lg 4xHD to an S3 and the S3 shows the images much clearer. does your lg 4x HD has lines across the screen for the pixels?