Where Is Pinch To Zoom In Gmail For Android?

If you’re a long time Android user, Im sure by now you’ve been wondering and asking the same question that most users ponder after spending some quality time with the OS.  And that is, where is my pinch to zoom in Gmail for Android?  I’m sure by now Google has heard the cry for this simple yet difficult to obtain functionality.  I mean, even on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet you can pinch to zoom in the native email client and Im sure this is the case with the rest of the Galaxy S line or other devices’ native email app .  This all continues time and time again to beg the question, how hard can it be?  We’ve seen Google quickly zip a file together, pack it in the form of an apk and rush it to the Android Market for download before.  I can’t help but wonder why Google hasn’t already implemented this feature in one of the more recent releases?  Well, there’s no greater Android fan boy than me, but every once in a while I get the urge to rant about something, might as well be something important like this.  Google, if you’re reading this, the people request, nay, the people highly demand for pinch to zoom to be quickly integrated in Gmail for Android at your earliest convenience!  

Android is an incredible and robust OS, and I’m very proud to have been an early adopter with the T-Mobile G1 and even now to proudly proclaim it as my primary OS of choice.  But the lack of this simple functionality has got me all bent out of shape.  Google has done one heck of a job in bringing this OS up to speed with its many upgrades over the past few years, you’d think this would have been implemented somewhere around Eclair and definitely, at the very least, by Froyo.  As of now, I’m rocking a Nexus One with Gingerbread and pinch to zoom still seems to be nowhere in sight.  Am I asking for too much?  Is my request unreasonable?  If you share my pain, feel free to fire away in the comments below.  Maybe, just maybe, Google will catch wind of them and we’ll see an update hit the market soon.

About the Author: Joe Sirianni

Joe was born in New Jersey and spent most of his childhood moving around from state to state. He eventually made his way to Pennsylvania where he met his Portuguese beauty and made her his wife. He now has three great kids and full access to all of the Portuguese food he can eat. Joe's love for mobile technology began when he bought his first Palm Pilot, a Palm M130 and left it on top of his car, driving off, causing it to smash into a thousand pieces. Forced to buy a new device, he quickly discovered that specs were changing so rapidly he was buying a new device every six months just to keep up. Since then, he has constantly felt the need to have the latest and greatest. When the "smartphone" revolution began and integrating cell phones and PDA's was the norm, he quickly jumped to Windows Mobile for several years until the first Android device was launched, the T-Mobile G1. Joe began appreciating all of the free utilities Google provided and sold his soul (his precious data) to Google long before they got into the mobile OS business. So, there was no hesitation at all for him to jump on board and ride the Android train as an early adopter. And boy has it been a blast. Joe now works in the Engineering & Operations dept for a major mobile carrier where he remotely troubleshoots cell sites and loves being an Editor for TalkAndroid.

  • James

    I agree, but there may simply not have been enough people asking for it for it to be picked up by somebody at Google.

    Get people to show interest in it (by creating activity at http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=9176, for example) and it may be picked up.

  • rob

    Try K9 the pinch to zoom is flawless when you enbanle it.

  • Joe

    Thanks Rob,that’s cool. However, I would love to see this functionality integrated with the standard Gmail app. No third parties.

  • http://goodlookingdigital.com Phil

    never mind pinch to zoom, where’s the ability to edit quoted text upon reply or forwarding? Incredible that you still can’t do that (unless it’s been fixed in a later version)?!

    I know k9 does that but it’s too much bother to set up K9 from scratch – I’m lazy :/

  • Josh

    I am a recent convert…and the first thing I did when firing up my email was say, “man the html email is huge, let me pinch to zoom and scale it down”… wait… what? FAIL! lol

  • Steve

    Why not simply change the font size in the Gmail preferences?

  • Corey

    Windows Phone 7’s got pinch to zoom, but I almost never use it in favor of something better: double tap to zoom column/object to screen width (or back out to thumbnail). Makes my day almost every day.

    (not trolling. just giving you ideas on how to use your wishes)

  • siddharth

    This might be slightly off topic but we also need android to cloud printing in the native gmail app.

  • me 2

    How about making pinch to zoom as a general control functionality .
    A control function that is consistent through out a device feels professional .
    The font size for android overall is not large enough and most of the places you would be reading a lot have no adjustment , eg ….google news .

  • matt

    I think it’s total baloney this is not integrated into the native app! Google invented the OS, gmail, and the gmail app! How is this a problem to add such a simple and necessary functionality? Get with it Google!

  • James Fetcher

    matt: they actually bought Android; they didn’t “invent” it.

  • Brad

    I’m a recent convert from iPhone to android, but I do miss reading gmail on the iPhone, it was a better email experience. overall I like android better. I’m sure they will eventually get it right as gmail is their own app. After all, Google is still playing catch up on user experience, give them props for doing what they have. They are doing for devices what Microsoft did for computers, no small task.

  • dogsinbrine

    May 2012 now. Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus and still no pinch to zoom for Tue email or Gmail apps. Like many others here, I’m no Android hater – I love it, but this is silly and embarrassing. Thought I’d resurrect this discussion since it’s the top of Google for searches on the subject. Calling Google – we’re all still waiting.

  • dogsinbrine

    Just to clarify – no pinch to zoom obviously not true. What I mean is no pinch to zoom OUT beyond default resolution so that big emails can be easily viewed. I’d say pretty much any email I get with images needs to be zoomed out to view fully and it annoys me every time that I can’t.

  • david

    I agree it is a missing feature of Gmail in Gingerbread, and was disappointed that upgrading to ICS did not fix it.
    Unfortunately now the standard email client has also lost pinch-to-zoom! Arghhhhh ! Google please put it back :(

  • Ofir Oron

    Sep 2012 arrived.
    still no pinch zoom in/out on the gmail app and
    it seems like an android-level related problem. Google, what is goingon?