Snap is reportedly holding the bag on a ton of unsold Spectacles

Were you one of the few that jumped on board Snap’s Spectacles craze late last year? If not, don’t feel bad; it looks like the Snapchat glasses didn’t manage to sell as well as Snap would’ve hoped.

After a booming holiday season where the company reportedly moved roughly 150,000 units, Snap ordered a ton of extra parts to create more glasses and then opened sales up to the public. And by “extra parts,” we’re talking hundreds of thousands of Spectacles’ worth. As we all know, demand almost completely subsided after the holidays, meaning there are a literal ton of these things sitting around somewhere collecting dust.

Now, it’s all terrible news here. This order includes parts, which means Snap can use the components for other products, like the drone they were working on. At least, they could’ve used them for the drone, but those plans have apparently been scrapped, too, so honestly, there’s no telling what Snap will do with all the wasted inventory.

Jokes aside, just because they don’t currently have another piece of hardware in development (that we know of) that doesn’t mean the company won’t jump into some other product. CEO Evan Spiegel says hardware is very important in Snap’s 10-year plan, which means there will undoubtedly be something else in the pipeline sooner or later.

Let’s just hope it sells a little better.

source: The Information
via: The Verge

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