Sprint steps up the bloatware game in a bad way with BlackBerry KeyOne

Getting a new smartphone from a carrier usually means putting up with the bloatware that carriers install. This can be in the form of the carrier’s own specific apps that it believes you just cannot live without or it can be third-party apps from vendors the carrier has struck business deals with. The bloatware landscape has improved a little bit over the years and users can now disable or remove some apps in many cases. However, reports of what Sprint may be doing with the BlackBerry KeyOne may point to a disturbing new escalation in the field of bloatware.

According to a user on Reddit, the SprintID app that comes on the BlackBerry KeyOne is set to check for the presence of bloatware app approximately every 15 minutes. Upon finding an app missing, it will trigger a re-intall and if it finds an app has been disabled, SprintID will re-enable the app. Besides losing whatever performance gains were achieved by deleting or disabling the apps, the process of constantly re-installing and re-enabling is causing a significant performance hit on the affected devices.

Thus far, neither Sprint nor TCL, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry KeyOne, have responded to requests for comments. Sources do note that the issue does not seem to be affecting all BlackBerry KeyOne owners on the Sprint network, so it is potentially a bug only impacting some people as opposed to an intentional move by Sprint.

source: gigatigga2 (Reddit)
via: Android Police

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • Erik Tyler

    To even suggest that this isn’t intentional from the loser carrier in the US, one that should be shut down for fraud (their claims of network performance and reach are an outright lie), is very naive…

  • Richard Dennis

    Disable SprintID.. That will fix it.. But then you will need to do it again when it updates to the newest version.. About every 8 months..
    My best advice.. Dont buy a carrier branded device.. Get all the devil out of the phone.. A non carrier Nexus will do just fine for me.

  • swtrainer

    Just one more reason I will never use Sprint again…I did years ago and the coverage was lousy. I left it for AT&T and the coverage improved, but was still lousy. I left AT&T for TMO and the coverage was slightly better, then a year or so ago, TMO blossomed! I’m not a TMO fanboy…they offer so much more at so much less…Love TMO!