Don’t expect to see any more modular smartphones from LG


It seems that modularity in smartphones isn’t going so well for LG. After experimenting with it in the LG G5 and hinting that it would come to the successor of the recently released V20, Korea’s Electronic Times is saying that LG is ditching the current concept and going back to its regular design for the upcoming G6.

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This is an intriguing report, considering that LG spokesman Ken Hong told CNET in early September that the company planned to continue experimenting with modularity, despite poor sales performance.

The Electronic Times says, citing industry sources, LG has realized that people don’t like how complex it is to switch modules. Not only that, but the extra money you have to foot on these sometimes pricey components are a huge downside.

From the Electronic Times:

“It is predicted that LG Electronics will push for ‘change within stability’ as it is going back to integral-type Smartphone from modularized Smartphone. LG Electronics is planning to develop its next Smartphone by applying demands from its customers and markets rather than being buried in creating innovations.”


The publication also noted that LG is a little bit more than worried about this push back to a regular, integrated smartphone, and for a good reason. The company is worried about losing trust from consumers. After ditching their modular strategy in just a year, this would mean the LG G5 would essentially be useless after LG launches future smartphones without this modular concept. We already aren’t seeing many modules for the phone, and a move like this would essentially mean we won’t be seeing anymore modules at all for the smartphone. It means leaving the LG G5 dead in the water, and thus, losing their customers’ trust.

It’s a concern to take into heavy consideration, but at the same time, sales performance was down so much that the shift in gears is necessary, despite the risks. It will put LG in a better position in the future.

But, now that Google has cancelled Project Ara and LG is ditching its modular phone strategy, it seems Lenovo owns the modular market with the Moto Z, for whatever that’s worth.

Maybe the LG G6 isn’t going to be so bad after all, now that we’re getting rid of those meaningless modules.

source: Electronic Times
via: The Verge

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