Lenovo’s new ads for the Moto Mods are out of the ordinary


Lenovo this week launched two new ads for its Moto Mods, covering the JBL speaker enhancement and the pricey projector mod.

Hit the break for details.

If you haven’t heard of Moto Mods before, they’re a form of modules for the Moto Z family. A Moto Mod can add extra functionality to a handset. Right now, Lenovo only has a few Moto Mods available: a speaker enhancement, a battery pack, a projector and the recently debuted True Zoom camera enhancement from Hasselblad.

As mentioned above, the embedded videos below cover the projector as well as the JBL speaker enhancement.


Lenovo is selling the JBL SoundBoost Speaker and Insta-Share Projector mods for $80 and $300, respectively. The battery pack will cost you as little as $60, but the True Zoom camera enhancement mod from Hasselblad won’t be available until sometime in October.

Lenovo not that long ago detailed what all goes into making a Moto Mod for the Moto Z.

All Moto Mods, excluding the aforementioned True Zoom, are available from Motorola.com or straight from Verizon, the carrier that has gotten an exclusive run on most of Lenovo’s new Moto Z handsets.

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