LG V20 set to launch in Urban Grey, Sweet Silver, and Romantic Pink


We’re very, very close to the launch of the LG V20, but that’s never stopped new rumors from trickling in before. This time around it doesn’t have anything to do with the specs of the device, but instead the different colors we can expect from LG’s second flagship of 2016.

A patent filing in South Korea has hinted that the V20 will be available in three different colors: Urban Grey, Sweet Silver, and Romantic Pink.Black, silver,

Black, silver, and pink are the de facto colors to launch smartphones with, but it’s surprising that a gold version is missing. LG could still launch a gold variant in other markets, just not South Korea, so there’s still hope if that’s your thing. Personally, I’m a little disappointed that we won’t see a return to the baby blue color that the V10 was available in, but, again, there’s still a possibility that we see that color make its way to other markets.


Oh well. With just a few days to go, we won’t have to wait much longer to see what tricks (if any) LG still has up its sleeve the V20.

source: GSMinfo
via: GSM Arena

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