OnePlus 3 rumored to come in four different variants


We’re getting to the point where we’ve seen and heard it all regarding what to expect for the OnePlus 3. However, a new report suggests that there could be four different variants of the handset. Say what?

We’ve seen only one model in leaks and certifications so take this report with a pinch of salt. MobiPicker suggests there will be four variants, each differently priced according to their memory space and RAM capacity. Two of the models will include 6GB of RAM, while the other two models include just 4GB (still plenty). The handsets with the same amount of RAM are then split into two storage capacities, 32GB and the other having 64GB.

Pricing for the 32GB storage plus 4GB RAM model will run you $349. The 64GB storage option plus 4GB RAM model will be priced at $379. If you want the extra 2GB of RAM, but only need 32GB of storage, the variant for you will cost $409. And the all-in model with 64GB of onboard storage space and the whopping 6GB of RAM is expected to be $425.

Even for the most expensive model, the price tag is far from too high. Many of today’s modern-day flagships from companies like Samsung, Sony, and LG range over $600 when they first release. However, we wouldn’t mind the prices being lower. This can sound like a good deal to you or a bad deal depending on whether you think the OnePlus 3 is on par with rival flagships.

There are lots of premium mid-range handsets in the $300 range sporting nearly all the same specifications one is expected to get on the OnePlus 3. Therefore, there are lots of options to weigh to take into consideration if you want to get the best for your buck. If you decide on the OnePlus 3, you’ll then be faced with the question of what’s of more value to you, storage or RAM, and is it worth paying the added cost.

You can watch all the details get unveiled in VR June 15th when OnePlus introduces the handset via livestream.

Source: MobiPicker

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