Motorola Xoom Ad Airs During The Super Bowl, Xoom Site Also Goes Live, Provides An In-Depth Look. Best Buy Also Says Xoom Tab Will Run You $800

As expected, Motorola took their shot at the iPad with their full length commercial during the Super Bowl Ad extravaganza.  Give it a gander below and let us know what you think.  In addition, Motorola has launched the official page for the Xoom and provides tons of pics, videos, and an in depth look at the features.  Check it out here.  And lastly, the guys over at Engadget caught wind of a Best Buy circular showing the Xoom to initially come in at $800.00 with a Feb 24th launch date.  Will you get one, or will that price tag deter you?  Hit the break to check out some more pics and to view the Xoom ad aired during Super Bowl XLV.

About the Author: Axl Logan

Born and raised in New York City, Axl Logan is an avid tech junkie and Starbucks attendee. He enjoys everything digital from the latest cameras, tablets and mp3 players to the hottest smartphones on the market. He considers there to be no greater honor than to rock an Android phone and to be reporting the latest and greatest on Google and the hottest OS to ever hit a handset. Making the move from Windows Mobile to Android, functionality and productivity have never been better. Armed with a passion for Android, his Droid Razr and a cool as hell name like Axl, he aims to report everything and anything Android related. Axl currently works as an IT tech for a major firm in NY and loves to ride bike, play video games, and read a good book in his spare time.

  • FredOak

    Too rich for my blood. Get the damn things WiFi only for about $300 and then we’ll talk.

  • TheGeek

    Holy Overpriced Tablets Batman! Did they even consider TRYING to competitively price the Xoom vs the iPad? Sure the Xoom is an awesome piece of hardware, but I could get a fully functional laptop for that price.

    They need to have a wi-fi only version and no more than $499.

    $800! They think they can out Apple Apple? :V

  • The_Omega_Man

    Looking at the product it looks like they have out apple’ed apple.

  • TheGeek

    The Android tablet makers need to take a play from game console makers: sell your hardware low or at a small loss to get a large install base. Then come out with high-end hardware for big profits. Without a significant market share, Android on tablets isn’t going to get the developer support that it needs to succeed vs the iPad.

  • Justin

    Ain’t nobody buying that for $800.