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Lollipop is now the most used Android variant


Google has released Android distribution numbers for March 2016, and it looks like Marshmallow is slowly increasing. It is up 1.2% from last month. A very slow increase for an operating system that was released last year, but at least it’s increasing.


March 2016 Android distribution

Also, Lollipop has once again grown from 34.1% last month to 36.1% this month. It just barely beat out KitKat, which sits at 34.3%. This makes Lollipop the most installed Android version in the world, currently.

Jelly Bean has dropped from 23.9% to 22.3%, while Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and Froyo make up only 5% combined. Froyo only has 0.1%, which means it will probably be dropped next month. Google never lists any distribution with less than 0.1%.

Source: Android