Prepare for The Force Awakens with ‘Star Wars: Uprising’ on Android and iOS


Star Wars: Uprising has made its way to the Play Store in anticipation of the upcoming Disney-made Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. The game can be downloaded for free in the Play Store, and initial reactions are quite positive.

Star Wars: Uprising is the RPG prequel to The Force Awakens, which aims to get people up to speed before the film comes out this winter. Players can engage in Sector Battles to “dictate the expansion of in-game content,” create their own heroes and crew, participate in real-time co-op, and explore both classic and new worlds.

Participating in Sector Battles will unlock new planets, special gear for your hero, higher level caps, and even unlock unique crew members. As we get closer to the film’s launch, Star Wars multimedia is becoming commonplace, with Electronic Arts getting ready to release their own Star Wars game, Galaxy of Heroes, soon.

The game is a free download and will be enjoyed by Star Wars fans around the world. If you haven’t picked it up yet, be sure to hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

About the Author: Brad Ward

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