Tune Pop will show you song information automatically


XDA member rbtconsultants has developed the perfect way to interrupt yourself when you’re trying to surf the web, or text a friend, or follow driving instructions…kidding. The app is a neat idea, and its called Tune Pop. When you’re around any music playing, your Android device will pop up a little info bubble about the song name and artist so you can be the first to know what the heck that crazy song is the DJ started playing at the club.

This app is free, and also has a Pro version for $.99 USD. Advanced preferences in the Pro version include how often you’d like to see the pop up during songs, text sizes for the pop up, pop up shape, and the pop up position on your display such as center, bottom, or top of the screen. The App also includes a ticker if you’d like it to appear at all times.

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If you like this app and would like to give some feedback to the developer, follow this thread.

[via XDA Developers]

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  • http://happyvampire.net Happy Vampire

    Minor correction to this story. The app shows what song is playing on the music player running in the background on the phone while you are doing something else, like driving with GPS, or emailing or texting or browsing the web. It doesn’t report the song playing around you.

    A very useful app, particularly when driving.