The FCC isn’t pleased with Verizon’s new policy to throttle unlimited data customers


Last week Verizon Wireless announced that they are updating their Network Optimization policy to include 4G LTE customers and would start throttling the heaviest users. This new policy is clearly aimed at their unlimited data customers and will go into effect on October 1.

It’s obvious that customers aren’t pleased with this, but more importantly, The Federal Communications Commission isn’t either. They sent a “strongly worded letter” to Verizon warning that these changes might violate federal regulations, and is a sign that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler could apply new net neutrality rules to wireless carriers.

The problem here isn’t even the throttling, it’s the fact that Verizon is discriminating against their unlimited data customers. Basically, Verizon has no plans on throttling tiered data customers. Why would they? Those customers have to pay for whatever data they use.

Buckle in everyone, there is still two months to go before the plan goes into effect. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more to this story in the coming days.

source: Washington Post

  • Jacub22

    What does it matter? I’ve had att unlimited for the past 8-10 years and have been throttled for at least the last two and I haven’t heard the FCC say anything to att about throttling their grandfatherd unlimited customers.

  • bolski

    We’ll see how this goes. Not holding my breath. As for ATT not being sent a warning, that might change. Seems like a lot of hot air though. Still, with the throttling, it’s a ploy to get you off of unlimited data. Not sure why they just don’t force you onto another plan, but maybe that’s because they can’t knowing force you to the tiered plan, but maybe if they make the unlimited plan more cumbersome, then people might switch ti the more expensive plan.

    I checked it out. If I were to move my family off of the old plan we have right now and go to the share plan, the monthly cost would go up over $40, even though they preach savings .

    Pretty sneaky, Big Red.

  • Mike

    Vz is already slow as molasses in St. Louis anyway. Should be illegal for them to constantly change their terms on a signed contract. If they do it should legally allow everyone out of the contract immediately. Why are these companies not being held to their end of a signed bargain?