AT&T LG G3 only supports PMA wireless charging, no Qi charging available

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AT&T’s LG G3 does support wireless charging, but if you’ve invested in any Qi charging mats, don’t expect them to work. The AT&T version of the device will only work with PMA (Power Matters Alliance) charging pads, which includes offerings from Duracell and a few other companies. AT&T has pretty publicly tried to support PMA charging instead of Qi, so this move makes sense for the company, even though it’s not great for customers.

According to an official response from LG, AT&T did not certify Qi for use in the G3, opting instead for the PMA standard in the device. Since this version of the G3 is completely lacking that particular hardware element, you won’t be able to swap out backs or batteries or anything to get it to work with Qi. That’s pretty unfortunate since a majority of the wireless charging materials being sold do use Qi, not PMA. If you visit Starbucks a lot, there is a silver lining, however; the Duracell power mats that Starbucks is installing in its coffee shops all use the PMA standard, so they should work with this variant of the G3.

Have you tried using any wireless charging accessories with your G3 yet?

source: XDA

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  • Alan Goldman

    Well first you have to get an “enabled” back for US carrier phones. Mixed results I hear. Would it have killed LG to standardize and enable this in the USA?

  • J G

    Initially like many others on the forums I was disappointed with AT&T for that move. I already have Qi chargers from previous phones (one of them an LG). Since there is no work around I ordered a PMA mat. I hope it works well. Sucks I had to spend more money.

  • renegad3

    Official Circle cover and a Duracell PMA charging mat works fine here. Wish of course it would have been Qi to work with existing mats I already had, but it wasn’t to be.

  • sickbird

    Is the hardware actually missing from the phone, or does it have dual mode capability on the IC, with Qi disabled? If Qi is simply disabled, maybe there’s a hack to enable it.

    • dewiaeon

      The article states “this version of the G3 is completely lacking that particular hardware element”. I guess this clearly answers your question. I’m very disappointed about this.