Latest Android distribution numbers show KitKat slowly climbing towards 10% of all devices

Android distribution May 2014

The latest Android distribution numbers for May show that KitKat keeps climbing at the expense of older Android software. The numbers for 4.4 put it on 8.5% of all Android devices, showing over a 50% improvement from last month. Jelly Bean is still holding strong, but 4.1 took a dip to make room for newer versions of Jelly Bean, which all saw some slight improvements. Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread both fell about 1%, but Honeycomb didn’t change at all, and Froyo still accounts for 1% of devices. It’ll disappear completely one day, right?

KitKat really looks like it’s picking up steam, with newer devices (like the popular Galaxy S 5 and HTC One launching with KitKat on board) coming out and older devices finally getting their promised 4.4 updates, things aren’t looking too bad for the most recent version of Google’s software.

source: Android Developers

  • Laza Ciprian

    i have kitkat on my note 3 since march , and its been a great experience so far , but i dont see any improvement on my device . It doesnt eat less ram how i expected and the device overheats more quickly now , but overall it is better than jelly bean.