Samsung offers wireless charging, S-View flip cover for Galaxy Note 3


Samsung has combined two popular cover options into one with the release this week of the Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy Note 3. The S-View feature gives users access to their phone’s features without having to actually flip open the cover. Users can access information like the clock and phone status, accept or reject incoming calls, quickly access the camera, open the Action Memo menu and even navigate music.

Mated to the S-View cover is a wireless charging compatible back cover. The new cover will work with Qi-compatible charging pads so users can eliminate plugging and unplugging their device every time it needs a charge. The back snaps into place replacing the normal back cover to help keep the device slim and trim.

The new covers are available in black or white and will set buyers back $69.99. If you want to order one, hit one of the source links below.


source: Black cover, White cover

  • Ni Hammad

    Got one and love it so far