TalkAndroid Exclusive – Download Angry Birds Ringtones and SMS / Notification Tones

Angry Birds for Android

Angry Birds for Android has been a huge hit for Rovio. They got over 1 million downloads on their first day of release, got hacked to unlock levels – heck, there’s even some plushies from the game out there.

Now, we here at TalkAndroid are huge Angry Birds fans. So much, in fact, that we can think of nothing better to listen to on our devices as they go off all day than sounds from the game. And now, we want to share them with you.

Below are links to download a couple ZIP files with some MP3’s that we’ve picked out as the best from the game. The notifications file has sounds perfect for SMS alerts or system notifications, such as launching a bird, slingshot stretch back, pig noises and more. The ringtones file has sounds like level complete, the game intro and others.

All you have to do is download the ZIP files, unzip them, and then follow the tutorial here to get them onto your device.

Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below!

UPDATE: Download links were removed at the request of Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

  • joe

    zips wont unzip for me. corrupted or some junk

  • joe

    someone mind sending me these? zips wont unzip for me…thanks.

  • Scott Young

    both downloaded & unzipped just fine for me :)

  • Dustin Karnes

    Confirmed. I just re-downloaded these files and they unzipped just fine.

    If you’re having trouble, just try erasing the zip file you downloaded, re-downloading and trying again.

  • Greg

    Sorry guys, corrupt zip files.

  • kottonface

    They opened perfect for me….no trouble here. :-D

  • abe

    corrupt for me too.

  • Suellen Carvalho

    Only worked for me when I downloaded with Firefox ;)

  • Greg

    What are you guys using to unzip?

  • WLabrador

    Waaaaaaa!!! Loved it! THANKS!
    I specially like Bird 01, I’m going to use it as SMS notification :D

  • OrganizedFellow

    :) making a new ringtone with RingDroid.

  • Espresso_King

    on 12-3-2010, trying to douwnload the zip files, but once downloaded, can’t open — error messsages say the zip files are corrupt. anyone have a solution here? or alternate website to download good zip files?

  • Rossco

    Didn’t work for me when downloaded in Explorer, but worked fine when downloaded with Chrome.

  • Sarah Sanford

    The SMS link doesn’t work. I click it and get, “Download does not exist”

  • Chris

    download does not exist. re-upload the files please?

  • kcat

    the 2nd link for messages says “does not exist”. you might waant to check :)

  • Sarah Sanford

    SMS file link says “Download Does not exit”

  • Sarah Sanford

    And… the zip file for Angry Birds Ringtones has several ringtones, but none of them are Angry Birds.

  • ksfno1

    Angry Birds Notification / SMS Sounds doesn’t work :(

  • Bethany

    Hiya, the sms file ‘does not exist’ when clicked upon, is there anywhere else to get them? Or could you re-upload them? Thanks