Wooden backs on custom Moto X devices may cost an extra $50


If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a custom Moto X with wooden backing, you may want to know that there is a possibility that it’ll cost you a bit extra up front. According to some information found in code of the Moto Maker website, the options for wood backs on a Moto X (teak, ebony, rosewood, and bamboo) are all listed with a price of $50, as opposed to $0 for all of the standard colors that are available. That’ll put you at $249 or $299 on contract, depending on your storage configuration, and that would likely still apply to off-contract pricing.

Wood paneling is cool, and it’s definitely a more complex manufacturing process than just the standard plastic backs. Are any of you going to be willing to shell out the extra few bucks for a unique device in a few months? Let us know in the comments.

source: Droid Life

  • http://twitter.com/7Syon Eclectech

    The wood would definitely make your phone stand out. I would pay the extra 50.

    • GraveUypo

      wow. you WANT your phone to stand out…
      i guess there’s one for everything.

      i’d rather have people not even know i have a phone on me.

      • paxmos

        I tried the phone at the local ATT store, last year’s tech at premium price! I wonder if the wood is treated!!!