Test app shows support for Dropbox streaming to Chromecast


A few days ago we showed you an app that Koushik Dutta created that lets you send video or pictures from your phone or tablet directly to the Chromecast. It’s not something that is available just yet, but he obviously proved that it can be done. Now he has created another app that will send videos or pictures from Dropbox to the Chromecast. He can create a similar app that utilizes Google Drive instead.

Of course all these apps are cool, but the big question is when we can get our hands on them? Koushik said, “Eventually, I’m going to release some open source, free, and paid Play apps. I haven’t decided on what each will be, what they will include, pricing, or anything like that. I’m just playing with various ideas for the time being to gather my thoughts. Prototyping is the most fun part.”

Koushik shows the Dropbox method in a short video. Hit the break to see it.

YouTube Preview Image

source: +Koushik Dutta