Moto X features leak including Motorola Connect, Lost Phone Tracking, Automated Device Migration, and more


We got a good idea of what the Moto X is going to offer from the DROID announcement today, but it looks like the Moto X might have a few more tricks up its sleeve. Motorola Connect (pictured above) allows you to send and receive text messages from a computer with a Chrome Extension.

Another one is Lost Phone Tracking, which is something we haven’t seen as a built in app from other manufacturers.


Next up is Motorola Migrate, which makes it easier for you to transfer information from your old phone to your new phone.


The rest of the leaks include features that were announced for the new DROIDs. They include Active Display, Motorola Assist (Smart Actions replacement), and Touchless controls.

source: AndroidPolice


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  • thecrazy88

    There is a video on android central were the guy talks about Motorola connect on the new droid.